Interviewed by United to Heal Congress from Germany

Interviewed by United to Heal Congress from Germany

Mr. Mathias Berner in ‘United to Heal Congress’  kindly contacted Torako
on Thu 9 April 2020.

It would be our pleasure to invite Torako Yui to an online interview to our German speaking audience.
Out of the current situation we decided to interview experts on the current Corona topic and how to deal with the social circumstances.
We know that you are very experienced and popular in Japan.
It would be a great help if you could contribute your view to this event an interview with me …”
The interview was promptly held on Thu 9 April 2020.

Their vision is constantly evolving…

To provide people who are already interested in homoeopathy with knowldege.

Also inspire professional homoeopaths with varied input.

Reach health-conscious people and provide them scientific backgrounds.

To support a medical revolution in which allopathy and complementary medicine can find their place next to eachi other – for the benefit of mankind and our planet.

Establish a network for sustainable health.

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