The 7th Japanese agriculture and food symposium

The 7th Japanese agriculture and food symposium


The 7th Japanese agriculture and food symposium is going to be held in Kyoto on Sunday 13 May !

Dr. Torako Yui serves as the chair of the symposium and released her message as it shown below.

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The 7th Japanese agriculture and food symposium

‘Seeds are vital – Proposals for safe food and future for agriculture and forestry in Japan’

Torako Yui, the chair of the symposium and representative of Nippon TOYOUKE Natural Farming


– What humans need for living –


What humans need for living are food, clothing and shelter. If we lack of them, our minds become unstable. It is hard to live under fear of death. Therefore, stable food, clothing and shelter are essential for people to live happily. Only after we have stable ‘clothing’ and ‘shelter’ that protect us from foreign enemies and severity of environment and stable ‘food’ that protect us from starvation, we can have comfortable life. What will happen if there is no warmth nor peace at the ‘shelter’ = ‘family’?


It will also make our minds to be unstable and suffer. Therefore, a warm and peaceful family is essential for human to live happily. The warmth of a family is represented in ‘food’ as it is daily basis. The core part of bringing warmth and peace in the family is female. We receive supports of warmth and peace through loving meals cooked by female that nourish our body, mind and soul and give energy to live. Eating food is not merely intaking physical substances but the cook’s mind (appreciation) and soul (love).


Appreciation and love are born from maternity. Maternity is born from pure soul and altruistic mind. This means males also have maternity. In this way, food is very important. If vegetables or grains that become meals are grown from seeds and land that do not have warmth and peace, they will not contain enough nutrients. The land represents mother and the seed represents father. The most important food for humans and other creatures should be born from pure land and seeds.


Therefore, we, TOYOUKE Natural Farming collect home produced seeds and mix fallen leaves compost with soil without using any agricultural chemicals nor chemical fertilizers. We appreciate home produced seeds, oak leaves and the land. We are the farmer who shower the land with love and affection, repeat the same thing steadily every day. We keep protecting the lands and seeds in natural way with care, accepting what they provide us with gratitude. ‘The Japanese agriculture and food symposium’ has been held every spring and becomes the 7th time this year.


We have invited Mr. Masahiko Yamada, former Agriculture Minister and an adviser of an association for protecting Japanese seeds, Mr. Tomoya Inyaku, a researcher of food and agricultural issue in the world, Mr. Zenko Onagi, a researcher of Japanese history, Ms. Setsuko Yasuda, a president of Vision 21 that organizes consumer campaigns for safety food in Japan and other guests who share their experiences and ideas to solve the issues in this field.


I would also like to suggest some solutions that I learnt from my practices in Nippon TOYOUKE Natural Farming and natural therapy. This symposium is a great opportunity for everyone to find out the solutions and how we can practice. I would like to propose ideas for what we should do in order to regain Japanese natural food, agriculture and mind and promote them at this symposium.

I am heartily wishing everyone to live with peaceful mind.

Let’s get together in Kyoto on Sat 12 and Sun 13 May!