Dr. Torako Yui was invited by Sukul Institute of Homeopathic Research

Dr. Torako Yui was invited by Sukul Institute of Homeopathic Research


Dr. Torako Yui was invited as a speaker for 2nd World Congress ‘Homeopathy & Traditional Medicine: Zero Molecule to Macromolecules’ by Sukul Institute of Homeopathic Research in Bangkok, Thailand on 2 November 2019.
She gave a presentation ‘ZEN Homoeopathy – leading intractable diseases to be cured and enhancing spirituality’that was well received.

Sukul Institute of Homeopathic Research (SIHR), Kolkata, India is a renowned registered Institute under Government of West Bengal under West Bengal Act XXVI of 1961, has been conducting laboratory based research in its Santiniketan Laboratory, since 2000 in association with Visva-Bharati University, Santiniketan. SIHR has also technical association with Bose Institute, Kolkata.

Dr. Anirban Sukul got to know about Dr. Torako’s contribution to homoeopathy in Japan when he visited Osaka three years ago and requesed her to talk about ZEN Homoeopathy for his congress.

She was awarded by a future governor in Bankok, Thailand in prior to her presentation.

Her presentation was began with singing Kimigayo (national anthem of Japan)’.
Then, she shared how she started to spread this wonderful healing art, homoeopathy to Japan motivated by her miracle cure in ulcerative colitis.

She developed ZEN Homoeopathy to materialize Dr. Samuel Hahnemann’s real intention ‘Heilkunst’ that cures people in an integrated manner.
Dr. Torako encouraged Japanese people to regain faith that they lost after the war and heal Inner Child in order to be happy in a spiritual level. Her presentation touched participants heart deeply.

She showed her clinical case that a 3 year old girl who was suffering from cluster seizures in epilepsy that occured approx. 50 times a day at most. The video showed how the case was complicated as the causes were mixed with iatrogenic diseases, karma, bad effects in spiritual aspect and a spiritual gap. The girl was improved significantly just after the first prescription by Dr. Torako. Since then, the mother of this girl and Dr. Torako chanted Shinto prayer and Heart Sutra for her. She was blessed by gods and Buddha, her intractable disease was miracly improved. The mother said ‘When I and my family heard every single word by Torako sensei and felt her warmth and strengh and her deep love, our souls shivered with pleasure.’

Dr. Torako also introduced her activity in Nippon TOYOUKE Natural Farming as she believes its necessity to materialise people’s health and happiness. The farming is the source for our nutrition, thus it should be natural. It seemed that this presentation also appealed to participants. She receive a roar of applause.

It was impressive that many practitioners agreed that a deep approach that can even cure a soul such as ZEN Homoeopathy is being required.

< Feedback from Overseas participants >

●She showed a very very integrative approach of medical practice, including all factors that actually matter to the patient. It is a deep aproach for the patient to cause a miracle with great respect and setting the best of it.

●We are overwhelmed by the awsome lecture by Dr. Torako Yui’s practice of treatment. Herbal homoeopathy has now grown as an equivalent branch of modern system of medicine. The treatment method as presented by Dr. Yui has got no side effect and it can be used safely to the children. If they are applied the correct medicine studying their mental attitude and other concomitant symptoms it is sure that they will recover.

●Thank you for your informative and significant deliveration with us. The system of your diagnosis patient and selecting medicine as the accurate point of view is very charming and scientifical as it’s requirement though it is most similimum to the rule of Organon of Homoeopathy. I support it through different reasons. One of my exceptional thinking through practice and other individual ideology of my own.

●It was an wonderful presentation. It’s subject explained informative in the learning point of view. It mortivates the homoepathic doctors in the process of their treatment. I appreciate it.

●Very informative. I would like to consult with Dr. Torako Yui for a patient of severe depression back in Karachi Pakistan. If she can be able to provide online cunsultation.

●The case presentation of epilepsy was very encouraging. The various approaches to beat a severe case of epilepsy – using different medication to give from suffereing of the child & family reaching to peace & health of patient & family. Plant’s & homoeopathy was also very interesting to learn. Dr. Torako Yui has a healing touch.

●Your presentation is so much nice over all. Case study also fine.

●Totally agree with your concept of discasc development & treatment. My introduction of DYNAMIC SCIENCE explain all these in modern scientific perspective. Wish to have more scientific & research & development collavorations in future.

●Dr. Torako Yui’s lecture seems to me a very new idea of homoeopathy. Through her lecture, I have become interested in ZEN Homoeopathy. Globally, agriculture transforms from GMO to Non-GMO, because GMO proved a none of treats to mankind. I shall keep in contact with you. Thank you.

●It was a very nice presentation for me. Her mode of deliberation was beautiful. I got a broad case on epilepsy and its remedies. Organic farming by ZEN homoeopathy is so interesting. The session formed on the application of homoeopathic priciples in a very right scientific way.

●A very good and impressive class. The cases ware so convincing. Thank you so much mam.