was established by Ms Torako Yui who is also a leading person of homoeopathy in Japan. It is a Japanese agricultural production corporation, based on Yui’s philosophy;-

I have an ideal. That is about how people can live happily and healthy. What can we do for this ideal? The answer is that we live with nature and we provide safe and secured products without destroying nature along with natural flow.

We do not need to get profits by destroying nature because humans are lived as a part of nature. Our products and farm products are thoroughly safe and secured, high nutritional value to foster humans without hurting them.

No Agricultural Chemicals

No Chemical fertiliser


No F1

No Additives

No Animal Testing

We started to work on providing raw materials of skincare products in 2002 and developed to our original natural farming in a full scale by turning into an agricultural production corporation in 2011.
We are farmers who are working on sixth-sector industrialization efforts (i.e. we grow raw materials by ourselves, branch out into processing and distribution and so forth.)

We provide fresh vegetables and herbs grown by our natural farming, sticking to seeds and healthy soil without using any agricultural chemicals and chemical fertiliser. We also create and provide living goods that are gentle to environment and our lives, such as skincare products, processed retort food, drinks, tooth pastes and so on that main ingredients are our vegetables and herbs and the other ingredients are also carefully selected based on our strict standard of safe and secured measures.

Our company name:

We are always feeling gratitude to blessings from Mother Nature, the Sun, the Moon, rain, wind, energy of plants themselves, various collaboration in the ecosystem such as soil bacterium…

Our company name ‘TOYOUKE’ is named after ‘TOYOUKE Okami (Shinto god)’ who is the deity of food, clothing and housing in Japanese mythology.