Miraculous recovery from Gas Gangrene, inner child healing and spiritual approach to karma

Miraculous recovery from Gas Gangrene, inner child healing and spiritual approach to karma

By Torako Yui Ph.D.Hom.

Case of Gas Gangrene】

K. A. Male 32 years old

On 12 March 2016, A student of College of Holistic Homoeopathy (CHhom) that I serve as the principal contacted me to seek help as her husband developed a very dangerous disease ‘gas gangrene’ and was hospitalized emergently.

According to her, he started to have sore throat about 4 days ago. She gave him homoeopathic remedies at self-care level but his condition could not improve at all. He had intense pain. He went to his GP near to their home but a doctor said that he had never seen such symptoms, then he was referred to a bigger hospital. He had various examinations and was diagnosed ‘gas gangrene’ in his throat.

What is ‘gas gangrene’?

It is a lethal disease that muscles cause necrosis (cell death) as bacteria invade from pressure sore (wound). A disease that causes infection in skin, subcutaneous tissue or muscles is called soft tissue infection. The gas gangrene has characters that the infection develops in muscles mainly with releasing gas such as methane and carbon dioxide. If it is left, the affected part gets gangrene.

It advances very quickly. It is normally developed in a foot and sometimes requires amputation. It is quite rare to develop in a throat. As it cannot have amputation, it enters a very dangerous situation.

In the beginning, he felt a little discomfort in his throat. He thought that he might have caught cold and took Acon. and Ferr. However, the discomfort around his neck became more abnormal. The intense pain started to be accompanied even when he just swallowed saliva.

The swollen part in his throat as if a golf ball became red little by little. The swell and pain were increased badly and he had to exert himself to the utmost when he vocalized. For the time being, I advised him to repeat Ars., Merc., Sulph and take Lach., Led., Hyper., Bell. and Acon. as required from his wife’s remedies at home.

On that day, he could escape from an emergency operation as it had not filled with pus although he had blood exam, X-ray on his neck, electrocardiogram, and CT with contrast agent.

As a result of the blood exam, he was diagnosed as gas gangrene because the values of leucocyte and CRP were quite increased. The doctor in the hospital seemed to have doubts about his case that the advance of the gas gangrene was significantly slow although gas was accumulated in his throat because gas gangrene is a disease that the development is considerably fast in general. As it was required a prompt action, I repertorised his case using The Boenninghausen Repertory (TBR). (Boenninghausen is a person who created a repertory faithfully from Materia Medica by Dr. Hahnemann. His repertory is the most accurate.)


Repertorisation with TBR


Result of TBR


In emergency case, mother tinctures and homoeopathic remedies are combined together and are repeated in liquid form that work more rapidly and effectively.

As he had already taken Acon. and Bell. from homoeopathic home kit, I chose another remedies for the gangrene.


Arsenicum album : CK335: Gangrenous sore throat in the Chronic Diseases (CK) by Dr. Hahnemann

Echinacea mother tincture is good for infections.


Explanation about Secale

Secale is No.1 remedy for ‘gangrene’ and ‘necrosis’.

Ergot alkaloid shows various toxicity on circulatory system and nervous system.

On nervous system, it gives burning sensation on hands and feet.

On circulatory system, it induces vasoconstriction and may lead to necrosis on hands and feet.

Mental disorder, convulsion, unconscious due to lack of blood stream in a brain. Furthermore, it may bring about death. Miscarriage due to uterine contraction may also happen.


 ‘Necrosis’ in Secale Cornutum from PURE MATERIA MEDICA By TIMOTHY F. ALLEN, A.M., M.D.

Allen686: The parts affected by gangrene spontaneously separated from the body

Allen692: Some lose their fingers or toes from cold gangrene without pain, and find them in their stockings or gloves

Allen694: ….the pain extended by degrees from the toes to the legs and thighs, and from the fingers to the arms and shoulders, till sphacelus supervening, the affected parts, dead and black, dropped from the trunk or the adjacent members

Allen790: Gangrenous death of the feet and legs as far as the knees

Allen959: Petechial exanthema and furuncles on the lower limbs; outer parts of the limbs, especially the fingers, turn dark blue, become gangrenous and died altogether; the gangrene rapidly extended over other parts of the body, was not confined to fleshy parts but affected the bone, so that often the gangrenous parts fell off

The CHhom that I run uses Materia Medica (M.M.) by Dr. Hahnemann and his disciples that they did proving with a small amount of original substances in order to return to the origin. We regard the M.M. as the most accurate. Provings by homoeopaths in recent years were often done with potentized remedies. In this case, it tends to have many symptoms in mind and sensation and less symptoms in physical. As Hahnemann and his disciples took poisons and deleterious, putting their lives on the line, accurate symptoms in physical, mind, sensation and regional could appear. Therefore, Materia Medica Pura and Materia Medica in the Chronic Diseases are the most accurate.

By the way, the reason why I prescribed Diphtheria nosode remedy to this patient was because he has kept repeating infection in his throat and had a problem in his heart. Tetanus nosode remedy is for arresting a death of nerves because if it happens, the entire tissue will die.

Diphtheria is an upper respiratory tract infection caused by Diphtheria bacillus and sometimes proves fatal. Diphtheria is developed by bacterial infection and is a rare disease in developed countries.

The typical symptoms are sore throat, dissolution of whole-body, fever with swollen lymph node, grey and thick pseudomembrane in throat.

Diphtheria bacillus spreads by airborne droplets and multiplies and brings inflammation on mucosal surface in a mouth and a throat. Some Diphtheria bacillus emit strong toxin and damage heart, kidneys and nervous system.


Summary of the progress

Fri 11 March   

Emergency hospital admission

Sat 12 March

The value of blood examination reached a peak. I talked to him on the telephone and posted my prescriptions.

Sun 13 March  

The remedies arrived in the morning and he started to take it. As he was prohibited from drinking water, he sprayed the remedies into his mouth and on the affected area.

Mon 14 March  

Blood examination … Although he still had inflammation, the value started to decrease. He was allowed to take water.

Tue 15 March    

Blood examination … Normal value. He became able to eat normal meal from dinner time on this day.

Wed 16 March    

He was discharged from the hospital (because there is any emergency, he has no pain although it was still swollen slightly and he could eat normally.) The value went back to normal after he took this Echinaceaφ+remedy combinations for 1 or 2 times.


The doctor’s view

Gangrene cannot be found even the doctors did CT scan. They discharged him from the hospital as they could not find any emergencies or a possibility of sudden change from the examination result. They could not understand the reason why gangrene could not find although it was the fact that he had gas gangrene. They could not help being puzzled. They predicted that he would be cured without change. The doctors were also puzzled as it was an amazing recovery like the value of blood test returned to normal within only 1 day.

He was asked to give a permission to present this case at a medical meeting as antibiotics may have worked on gas gangrene, but he knew the recovery was thanks to homoeopathic remedies and declined the request.


Thereafter, he had a direct consultation with me on 30 March after he was discharged from the hospital.

Consultation on 30 March 2016


Torako Yui (T.Y.): Please tell me about your experience in gas gangrene.

Patient (K.A.): I had a sore throat. When I swallow saliva, the pain became bad. Within a day, swallowing became so hard. It was quite intense pain. As it was abnormal, I received a reference letter to another hospital. The hospital still didn’t know what it was and I was transferred to another hospital for CT scan, then it was found as gas gangrene. It contained air. Air was in a place where shouldn’t have been. I was told that an urgent treatment was required and I should have an emergency operation to cut my neck part to insert a tube if pus was accumulated but there was no pus. Then, I took the liquid remedy from you, I was eased immediately.

Y.: That was good. How about your breathing difficulty?

K.A.: I cannot breathe deeply since long time ago. I had a state that I couldn’t breathe deeply at all. I have been told that my respiratory organs are sort of wrong. My heart is deformed, locating on the right side. A kind of bypass is blocked on one side. It doesn’t function at all. If someone near me smoke cigarette, my breathing became more difficult. I have an allergic-like reaction to it.

T.Y.: How about the swollen lymph gland?

K.A.: Round lumps sometimes appear around this part (he touched his neck and thyroid gland). Moreover, my skin gets cracked badly. Dryness on hands and feet.

T.Y.: Are they cracked deeply?

K.A.: Yes, they are severely deep. When I was inline skating with my children, I fell down badly and my left knee was dislocated in the past. It faced to totally opposite side. Everyone said that I was abnormal by looking at me who was walking forcibly by pulling my leg, but I don’t almost feel pains.

T.Y.: Did you finish my prescription (the liquid remedy)?

K.A.: I am still taking it now. I am in the best condition that I have ever been in since I took it. I do not have any symptoms of gas gangrene at all.  One reason is … I had been suffering from terrible constipation. It was normal for me not to defecate for 1 week.

Y.: Really?

K.A.: It’s become normal that I defecate once for 10 days. I don’t feel any pains, too.

T.Y.: Is that normal?

K.A.: Yes, but I have very good bowel’s movement thanks to this remedy. Now, I defecate twice a day. Sometimes, I defecate three times a day. This condition has been kept since I left the hospital.

T.Y.: You feel good, don’t you?

A.: I feel so good. I’ve been having such a wonderful condition.

T.Y.: Your throat must have become smaller by taking the remedy.

K.A.: Yes, that’s right.

T.Y.: I think the remedy matches with you very much. I added remedies of diphtheria and tetanus specially for you. In fact, diphtheria attacks the heart. Did your tonsils get swollen and produce white membrane at childhood? Or any deposits with odour from the tonsils?

K.A.: Yes, it did.

T.Y.: I thought so. There are many cases that tetanus and diphtheria circulate through a whole body in the process of decomposing and dying as a symptom of many intractable diseases. It’s the same to people with cancer. I think, that’s why I prescribed the remedy to stop it and it worked for you to withdraw from the state by taking it.

K.A.: The recovery was so rapid.

T.Y.: The liquid form of combination of mother tincture and homoeopathic remedies is very good. It has not only immediate effectively but also work gently. Probably, even there was no pus, they might have suggested an operation of the throat.

K.A.: That’s right. Gas gangrene is apparently a very serious disease. Doctors at the hospital made a tumult. In the end, it came to an issue why his condition did not progress to gangrene under the condition of accumulated gas. Another hospital was making a tumult as gas gangrene was cured naturally by antibiotics only. It is beyond their comprehension why it doesn’t progress to gangrene and they are asking me to publish this case now.

T.Y.: In fact, it thanked to homoeopathy.

K.A.: I think so, too. They were just puzzled. It did not progress every time when they took an X-ray.

Y.: Even it is swollen and has the value of inflammation.

K.A.: That’s right.

T.Y.: The homoeopathic remedies worked for arresting decomposition of tissues and your Vital Force activated desperately.

K.A.: Thank you very much.

T.Y.: Please do not thank to me, as you had a virtue and strong self-healing power, you were cured. Well, as you got over from gas gangrene excellently, I would like to move on to the main subject. I learnt that you had been punished by your father for many years since you were 10 years old by reading the interview sheet and was surprised. Your life was so hard, wasn’t it? Did you break your bones a lot?

K.A.: I cannot find any parts which did not get broken. Almost all of my bone was broken. A grown-up person sat astride me hitting and kicking. I never had a proper face line all the time. I think almost all of my finger bones had broken. Doctors were surprised by seeing X-ray photos as they are joined abnormally. When I became in the middle grade of a junior high school, my sense started to be paralyzed.  Even I was hit, I did not feel pains. I was just observing in silence, just waiting for the completion. I had a strange feeling of being detached. I was observing myself who was hit from outside and returned to myself when it was finished. I have not seen my father for these 10 years. After all, I am still afraid of seeing him.

T.Y.: It must have been so hard, but you have reliable people. You can rely on your wife, right? And me, although I might be a practitioner for you. You should be able to live with hope if you have reliable people, even one or two. I am talking to you from my clinical experiences in similar patients, you will have your second life from now. The second life will be glorious as you had such many hardships. I think it would be good if you could even forgive your father one day. I think you can. I feel that your relation with your father in past life was an enemy at a war or something. It might be karma that you beat your father up in the previous life. If so, you might have paid karma considerably to your father by being punished from him. If possible, please chant Norito (Shinto prayer) and Heart Sutra to pray for easing your karma. It is needed to rely on deities and Buddhas for such karmic background. Faith is necessary for this purpose. You will be at ease by taking remedies and praying for deities and Buddhas. It was wonderful that you come back to alive magnificently. I can see that deities and Buddhas to show you kindness very well.

(I told him as below with embracing him)

You have been making efforts so much. As you were trying not to feel pains as your father punished you so badly, you are in a state that your soul has detached from your body. Try to bring your soul back a little more, putting your soul into Tanden (a point below the navel). If you try to do so, you will find your real feelings more and more. Fear and anger towards your father at your childhood. Please try to accept all your honest feeling and give kind words such as ‘It must have been terrible. You must have been suffering a lot.’ This is called Inner child healing. I would like you to make efforts. It cannot finish as an event in the past. As a result of suppressing emotions at your childhood, unsolved emotions such as you could not cry although you were not allowed to do so are still remaining in your subconscious level. Therefore, I want you to surface all of them and allow your inner child to cry, get angry and feel fear.

Repertorisation with TBR

*Although he is not receiving violence from his father at present, injuries in his body and mind at his childhood are still remaining. That is why I chose rubric no. 1972 and 1986.

Results of TBR


As I heard his heroic childhood during the consultation, I wrote a letter to him, wishing if I could save his soul in some way.

A letter to K.A. from me on 7 April 2016

Dear K.A.,

Thank you for visiting me for the consultation.

I really think you are wonderful to have lived till now with such hard background.

I also respect you as you did not become desperate nor stray from the right path until today.

You became a state that you could not shed tears any more.

I understand that unwanted child is very sad and bitter, but there is also a hope in your life.

You have your own family now, so I am wishing you to live through your life with your father unitedly. I think you have really strong self-healing power as you came back alive miraculously. This is thanks to your wife, isn’t it?

Well, you broke your bones in various parts due to the violence from your father. Why did you encounter such incidents?

Why did your father hurt you so badly? I asked deities and Buddhas. As I told you in the previous consultation, it seems that your father received a considerably bad torture from you in your fast time. That is why you became his family member and were born as his son to become friends again.

In an unconscious world, both of you have the memory in the past life, your father was afraid of you and beat you until you became not able to move.

At any rate, he was so afraid of you.

That is why he could not make allowance even you were a child.

In order to clear this karma that you hurt others, please chant Heart Sutra for 20,000 times.

Sit on your squire in front of a household Shinto altar, start from Shingyohosanmon, chant Heart Sutra for 10 times and finish with Ekomon (a verse that transfers merit back to Buddhas, bodhisattvas and past teachers for their further empowerment to bring beings to the way of the Buddha), wishing your karma in the past life to be eased.

Kotodama (the spirit of language) of Norito (Shinto prayer) and Heart Sutra become good vibration.

If you practice this every day, your karma will be cleared within 5.5 years. Let’s relay on deities and Buddhas without trying it by yourself. Such fatal karma should become comfortable by praying  sincerely, accepting such hard experience and forgiving it.

Best wishes,

Torako Yui


When my patient is living in such a hard life, I think by myself and ask deities and Buddhas why the soul chose the life. In order to do so, I was training myself to increase my spirituality. I am not sure if it is right or not, I ask deities and Buddhas if I could give a guide to my patients to live better as much as possible.

Consultation on 24 June 2016

T.Y.: Your bones were broken (by your father) and your nerves have become damaged. I think you have muscle rupture as a result. In other words, that part is getting decayed. It was due to injuries by abuse from your father. I think, the fragments were still remained within you. As soon as the remedies were taken, they gathered at your throat part. As the amount was too much to eliminate, decomposition occurred and gas was produced. Then, new muscles and nerves started to decay by the gas. I think this is the cause of gas gangrene. Remedies that I prescribed were focused on healing bones, nerves and muscles. When you had an X-ray, doctors told you that your bones set abnormally. Your bones everywhere were broken and set inadequate way. If bones didn’t return to the appropriate position, it is difficult to use your body.

K.A.: You are right.

Y.: How did it happen after you took the remedies from the previous consultation?

K.A.: About one week after I started to take remedies, my body started to squeak. I started to feel slight pain in eyeballs, collarbone, neck, and ribs. I felt my bones are moving a lot. The pain was getting stronger and stronger. I had pain in ribs, back part and backbone. Especially the pain in the ribs became so strong. One of the ribs started to squeak and broke. 4 – 5 days later, the pain disappeared. Moreover, I was told this part (pointing a part in his chest, near to his heart) was especially pointed out after I took X-rays as this bone was broken and jointed inwardly. My bones in various parts of my body were broken and set in abnormal form in the past, but I felt they were broken or dislocated again and set in normal form by taking the remedies.

T.Y.: Your bones were broken in order to return to the normal position, right? If it set wrongly, it had no choice but to be broken again. How did you find your bone was broken?

K.A.: As I had kept having broken bones due to the abuse since childhood, I have a sense that nerves are passing through my bones. I can feel a sense of bone as a nerve. So, if I have an injury, I can tell that is a sprain, a bruise, or a pulled muscle without going to the hospital.

T.Y.: The bone under the collarbone was broken by your father, sitting astride you. The bone had set in the back but broke again?

K.A.: Yes. I had a sense that the bone was broken completely, separated temporarily, returned to the back and set.

T.Y.: At a correct position, right?

K.A.: Yes, at a correct position.

T.Y.: Your breathing became easier as the bone that was pressing your heart returned to the original position, wasn’t it?

K.A.: Yes. I can breathe in so easily now.

T.Y.: That was so good. Did it hurt for 2 or 3 days?

K.A.: Yes, it did, but was cured quickly.

T.Y.: Yes, it was. It normally takes 3 weeks for bones to set.

K.A.: That’s right. As I never had time without having pain in my life, I am so surprised and impressed by effects of homoeopathic remedies. After I took remedies. my eyes were twitching a lot. I also had broken my eyeball as if it was nearly popped out. I was told that it was a bone of the eye at that time.

T.Y.: That was because you were hit, your father punched you, right?

K.A.: Yes, it was.

T.Y.: Your father did not pull any punches.

K.A.: No, he didn’t. He broke my bone on purpose.

T.Y.: A big adult sat astride and hit a child. It’s natural that your bones were broken.

K.A.: They were easily broken.

T.Y.: As you had trauma of abuse by your father and your heart was deformed, you need remedies for them. But, I received a message (from a deity) to treat your muscles, bones and nerves above all. That’s why I prescribed those remedies thoroughly. You had a state that your knee was dislocated and dangling. Do you have pains in your knee after the remedies?

K.A.: No, I don’t.

T.Y.: Do you feel the knee was dislocated and returned while you were taking remedies?

K.A.: My knee was dislocated once about 2 years ago. The way of set was wrong or not, it was dislocated again when I was walking. My leg could go into a 360-degree roll. I put up with it for 2 days, then it suddenly set.  I thought remedies were amazing.

T.Y.: They are amazing, aren’t they?

K.A.: Yes, they are.

T.Y.: Your healing ability is also wonderful.

K.A.: My nails also hurt as if they were peeled off after I took remedies.

T.Y.: Did your father also peel your nails off?

K.A.: Yes, he did. Almost all of my toe nails were peeled.

T.Y.: It was really cruel.

K.A.: I have one nail that was cut in the middle and grow in two parts. This nail was peeled and returned to one nail.

T.Y.: Oh, really?

K.A.: That’s great as it was the first time when my nails became normal.

T.Y.: If there are vertical streaks in your nails, it means that you are under stress. I am glad to hear that it was cured. Your child is growing little by little. He will start to oppose you when he becomes a teenager. For example, he fights back and hits you. In this situation, you may flare up and hit him without noticing it if the pain from abuse by your father has not been healed yet. If so, this karma from your father to you will be passed to your son, and your son will repeat it. I think the key of cutting this link is you. Why you can do this is because your spiritual level is high. In my case, I was told that I was an unwanted child. My mother loved my oldest brother but was hard on me. This is because my mother was afraid of me and my spiritual level was much higher than hers. It is called a reversed parent‐child relation. In other words, I was her parent. Your case is exactly the same. I think you will not be loved by your father. Moreover, you and your father were soldiers and fought each other in a past life. Your soul regretted about it and chose him as your father even you knew your bones were broken so much in this life. You were not only loved but also were abused. Your mother also did not save you. Your soul still said ‘Please forgive the situation that I killed him in the past life.’  and became his child. Then, you had been punched and kicked for 9 years as he wanted without fighting back. The karma in the past life that your father was hit and killed by you was healed by this. You had enormous fear as if your heart jumped against your ribs if you saw your father. You have mixed emotions, fear, anger, grief, hatred, resentment and so on. That is why you broke tie with him and have not met your father now. Still you have a moment when your unsolved emotions appear at various points in your life. This time, please take care of the emotion. Please feel the emotion completely and keep it in your emotion diary. When you get angry to others, it is the anger to your father. You are seeing your father through the person. Your inner child is still there as it has not been solved yet. Please image yourself who was hit until your bone was broken at your childhood and go to save him. You need image that you hit and kick your father and make him to apologise. During you image that, you can release the anger and hate to your father. As the next step, please feel the fear of being abused by your father completely, then image a superman comes to escape you from being abused. After that, sadness that you were not loved by your father will appear, so please console your inner child telling ‘It was frightening. It was painful.’ and promise him that you would not abandon him and love him whatever happened. Forgiveness will come to you by loving yourself in order to relieve the guilt feeling of killing your father in the past life. If you can forgive yourself completely, you will be able to forgive your father. If bodies of your father and mother didn’t exist, your soul could not come to this life. That was prepared by your parents. Even such terrible parents are grateful, aren’t they? They were important as they prepared for your soul to train in this life, weren’t they? The training is for accepting all suffering incidents. In order to do this, get close to you who is in despair for not having being loved by parents, resonate him, forgive and love yourself who is not capable and is weak.

K.A.: I am still afraid of my father, but parents are still important.

T.Y.: You are making so much efforts. Your soul has good guts. That’s good. Please take care of yourself. Pray for deities and Buddha, increase your spirituality and healing inner child give you light in your life and you will be able to forgive your father and love yourself as you are. Then, you will become able to love your family and others and become happier. I am heartily wishing you to continue this.

K.A.: Yes. Thank you very much.


A homework for our soul and mind is inherited from a previous life because the social value and unsolved emotions are attached around the soul and do not disappear after the death.

Everyone is born with a homework for a soul (the social value) and a homework for mind (Inner child) from the beginning. Furthermore, we are required to improve our soul and mind by receiving the same or different theme with a strong influence from a mother between foetal period and childhood.

I analysed his case as it shown below;-

Soul: I cannot forgive myself who resorted to violence.

→ He suffered violence from his father.

→ He needs to forgive his behaviour in his previous life and forgive his father who used violence.

Mind: Guilt feeling to his father in his previous life.

→ Incidents that made him to surface the emotion (violence from his father).

→ Solves the guilt feeling by receiving the violence from his father in this life (Unconscious).

Body: He thinks that he deserves receiving punishments as he is sinful.

→ Violence from his father (bone fracture), Gas gangrene (attacks himself)

→ He was healed by homoeopathy. He will take care of his body more.

He had been abused for almost 10 years. His body tried to cure his injuries by increasing white blood cells and discharging pus (dead body of white blood cells), but could not have complete cure due to the violence every day.

That is why he had the dead body of white blood cells (pus), pieces of bone and torn ligament. It could be considered that he had Gas Gangrene, i.e. decaying oneself, due to too much accumulation of these wastes.

I also wonder why people who live in a hard life fall in such situation.

However, accepting the hard life means that he/she is living his/her own.

His sense of guilty was dissolved unconsciously by having received violence from his father at this life but he needs to have a conscious of it. If he cannot forgive himself who uses violence, he will hurt others again, and feel the guilty feeling again. Then, he will receive violence to resolve the karma and encounter an incident such as gas gangrene as if he is dying. Therefore, we need to heal our inner child and continue to save ourselves in order to release the guilt feeling that was thrown to the unconscious level.

I prescribed remedies that keep blaming oneself to him. Especially, I prescribed Ph-ac. as a main, Cactus, Ars-alb., Hyos., and Verat.

Human beings experience a big suffering at different time of life. If the emotion is so hard and cannot help be suppressed, the emotion goes to subconscious mind (a body). Remedies bring the suppressed and despaired emotion to the mind, then acute healing crisis occurs. He/she becomes tearful, short-tempered, or feel anxiety for a period of time as eliminations of symptoms in the mind as well as symptoms in the body occur. I would like him/her to cuddle the emotion and give kind words to console him/herself (inner child healing).

Remedies can surface the emotion, however, the real healing of the mind is by resonating the hurt emotion and giving kind words to oneself. This will lead the fundamental healing.  The person become a human being who can forgive everything by healing inner child as negative feelings such as regrets or hate are healed. If a person can love him/herself who is not capable or useless, he/she can be content with him/herself as he/she does not have to make efforts any more. We will keep reincarnation to get the state over and over. This life can be said a training place to purify our souls.