SHO・SO・KA Hand Cream 30g


Hand Cream

Luffa water

gives supple and radiant

Calendula extract

gives moisture

Echinacea leave extract

protects skin

Cabbage leaf extract

gives moisture

Jojoa oil

supplements moisture

Bergamot fruit oil extract

Healing fragrance

Cabbage’s miracle action to prevent from speckles and freckles on hands
This hand cream contains cabbage leaf extract.
Cabbage contains full of Vitamin C, K, U and Boron to protect
your skin from becoming rough and has high moisturizing capacity.
It absorbs fast, gives moisuture instantly and does not leave greasy residues.

How to use

  • Apply an appropriate amount to clean hand

  • If there are any dried part, apply it over

  • It is more effective if it is mixed with one spray of SHO・SO・KA Skin toner.

Full ingredients
luffa water, water, propandiol, camellia oil, behenyl alcohol, pentastearic acid gryceryl 10, stearoyl lactate sodium,
squalane, agar, ethanol, calendula extract, echinacea leaves extract, cabbage leaf extracts, bamboo water, honey, beeswax, jojoba oil, lanolin, xanthane gum, mono myristic acid polyglyceryl, bergamot fruit oil, cocoylarginine ethyl PCA, potassium hydroxide, fragrance

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