Surikomi oil (Japanese Camellia Beauty oil) 150ml


Beauty oil

Camellia Japonica

Secret of Japanese beauty.

Plump, Smooth, Line-free skin!

A fatty acid and oleic acid which are close to sebum activate your skin. Its high moisturizing capacity leads beautiful skin. It also has plenty of saponin having antioxidative effect, antiseptic effect and blood circulation-promoting effect.

Macadamia seed


It has excellent softening effects and protects from dryness, keeping skin supple.


Bitter Orange peel oil


Brighten up your feelings! It supports good flow of lymph and detox.

It tightens skin refreshingly and has excellent moisturizing property.

Calendula officinalis

Rapid recovery! Soothes, and Softens skin.
It contains carotenoid, saponin, and flavonoid which are superb in antiphlogistic and cleaning action. It also has an excellent moisturing effect to prevent dryness and make your skin smooth.

Jojoba oil

It moisturizes skin with silky feeling. Good for controlling oil balance, so is beneficial to acne skin.

It closely resembles sebum, a waxy substance produced by our skin glands, so it can act as a natural skin conditioner.

Plant-derived ingredients 100%

Amazing revolution in beauty oil!

High moisturizing effects with silky feeling.

Additionally, Bitter Orange Fragrance gives you bright feeling and good lymph flow.

All in one oil that can be applied to all over your body from hair to toes.

How to use

  • Moisturising face, body and hair
  • Massaging scalp and body
  • Cleansing makeup
  • Massaging stretch mark
  • Safe to use on babies

Full ingredients
Camellia oil, Bitter Orange peel oil, Calendula flower extract, Macademia seed oil, Jojoba oil, Lauric acid methylheptyl (derived from Ricinus communis and Palm), Squalane (derived from Olive), Polyglyceryle diisostearate 10 (derived from Palm), Ethanol (Natural Fermentative alcohol), Coconut oil fatty acid polyglyceryl 3 (derived from Palm)

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