The ZEN Homoeopathy in Romania

The ZEN Homoeopathy in Romania

Tuesday 24 October 2017

Dr. Torako Yui was invited as a main speaker for the conference by The Romanian Association of Gemmotherapy and Homeopathy (ARGH) in Iasi, Romania.

Although Dr. Torako visited various countries so far, it was the first time for her to visit Romania.
It also must be the first time for Romania to share with Japanese homoeopathy.

Dr. Torako dressed in a beautiful Kimono for the conference.
She was very welcomed by Romanian colleagues, being asked to take picture together.

Dr. Malina Ciumasu Rimbu who was the organiser of this conference introduced Dr. Torako to everyone.


Presentation theme: Inner Child and Spirituality – Importance of Increasing Spirituality

Dr. Torako greeted ‘I am very glad to visit Romania as a memory of 20th anniversary of JPHMA establishment.’

She introduced the ZEN Homoeopathy to the participants.

It seemed that Romanian homoeopaths were quite stimulated by Dr. Torako’s talk about
the ZEN Homoeopathy that treats soul, mind and body in the trinity, healing inner child and increasing spirituality.

She explained that Hahnemann indicated to prescribe one remedy to one disease, not one remedy to one person.
She showed some developmental disorder cases that had extremely good result by being prescribed proper remedies for each level of soul, mind and body. They were astonished by the result that Autisum or Hyperactive children were improved by the ZEN Homoeopathy.


She also showed a case of a night terror that was cured by only one consultation although it had not been cured for 11 years. She prescribed remedies to the parient’s mother’s past life, too.
Another case was atopic eczema that was cleared dramatically by only one consultation.

This patient reported that not only her atopic eczema was cured but a relationship with her mother became better
by chanting Heart Sutra and healing her inner child. It was impressive to see that Romanian homoeopaths were surprised by listening to the report.

Dr. Torako also showed activities by Nippon TOYOUKE Natural Farming that she serves as the Representative director. She explained about making soil by utilising Japanese ancient Koji mold (Aspergillus oryzae), Active Plant that is formulated by Dr. Torako to activate soil bacterium, and herbs.
Everyone was watching the DVD with great interests and smiles.

In the end, she showed recorded video of JPHMA’s support activity for the Great East Japan Earthquake on 11 March 2011. Although Iash is very close to the Chernobyl nuclear plant accident, it did not receive the damage as the Sun God. Romania and Japan shared the pain from the catastrophy through the screen.

After the presentation, Romanian homoeopaths were eager to learn more about healing Inner Child and the ZEN Homoeopathy.

In the end, everyone sang ‘A song for Homoeopaths’ and hugged each other.
A new homoeopathic relation between Romania and Japan was born here.
It was ended with great success!

< Feedback from Romanian participants >

● Great lecture. Very motivational and full of knowledge about homeopathy, faith and soul. Very useful, the cases presented, how they were presented discussed, and also how it was presented the follow it. It was a new and interesting approach of Zen homeopathy, Useful for my future practice as well as medical and also as a psychotherapy approach and as a healthy nutrition for patients.

● Thank you for your lecture and your message of love, peace and supporting. Our culture is strongly saved baced on love, forgiveness as well as our religion. your concept is not unknown to me, as put it as practice in my office as well. I hope that Romanian and Japanese relations and partnership will grow in the next future.

● It was for me one of the most interesting and wonderful and touching presentation. It was a surprise for me to listen about inner child, as a homeopathy. I work everyday with it, and I know it’s a hard, but beautiful work for having a happy life. Thank you!!

● I find zen homeopathy very interesting because it is treating the whole being and the past. I also find interesting that during the case taking, Torako tried to explain about the inner child to the mothers. That is a way of healing the families, to be aware of their problems and not to avoid the grief from the past. Thank you TORAKO!

● I like very much your course. I fell better, happier and stronger. My hope is better for this world. It is useful for me, for my family, for all of us. Thank you very much, I wish you all the best and God bless you.

● The course was very interesting. Concept of inner child will help me in my life and also in my patients life. I hope you will cover book with more information on this subject. I like to know different view in practical homeopathy.

● I like a lot of the information. Torako touch my heart. Thank you very much.

● Wonderful lectures. I learned a lot. Thank you and I hope that I will have the chance to meet you again.

● Thanks very much. It was wonderful!! Very interesting. I love you very much! Thanks again.

● Thank you for having knowledge and soul!

● Useful and wonderful messages. Thanks very much.

● Great lecture to learn about a lot of things in all days. Thank you.

● It is very interesting, and she is amazing!

● It was a very interesting approach of homeopathy. Torako is great.

● It was a pleasant experience, which we learned new things.

● Thanks to your information. It’s very new to me.

● Wonderful. Thank you for your information.

● Amazing! It was a wonoderful time spent together! A lot of information, very sensible speech, and very deep observations.

● Thank you and I love you!