Torako Yui Seminar information

Torako Yui Seminar information



The whole aspect of Zen homoeopathy
Healing of Mind, Body and Soul in a Trinity

There is hope in Zen homoeopathy
• Amazing improvement in beyond retrieval disablement due to a car accident

• Rapid cure in Gas gangrene case

• Challenge on damages from side effects of HPV vaccine

• Healing inner child (chronic diseases in mind)

• Mineral intake from healthy food…etc.

There is a cure as long as there is a symptom. – By Samuel Hahnemann

The Zen Homoeopathy
(Quotation from ‘Contemporary Homoeopathy in Japan’ by Torako Yui on LINKS Volume 29, 2016 Spring)

“The merit of the Zen homœopathy is that it is able to treat a chronic miasm (treatment of the soul) by using a chronic miasm remedy which is the fundamental problem of a disease; treat a chronic emotional stress (treatment of the mind) which caused a disease, and treat a symptom of disease or malfunction or dysfunction of an organ which sits in a deep part of the symptom (treatment of the body) at the same time. If there is an iatrogenic disease, a food-related disease, or an environment-related disease, remedies to eliminate the harmful effects are also prescribed at the same time. This is the core of the Zen homœopathy,three-dimensional prescription (homœopathic prescription to treat the soul, the mind and the body as in the Trinity)…”

“The core of the Zen homœopathy is the three-dimensional prescription that approaches the soul, the mind and the body at the same time. In fact, homœopathy has limitations on diseases of the soul and the mind. Inner child healing plays a direct part in the Zen homœopathy’s approach to diseases of the soul and the mind.
We have to understand that a disease exists in the soul, the mind and the body individually and how each disease (a chronic disease) is formed.
Much chronic disease in a body starts from the suppression of a symptom. It goes without saying that many initial symptoms are eliminations of body wastes and toxicity. As we can imagine easily what would happen to our body if defecation or urination were suppressed, if a bodily symptom were suppressed, malfunction or dysfunction of an organ will be brought about. It is a chronic disease of the body.
The same function of this physical symptom exists in the mind. It is an emotion. An emotion arises at the time of psychological stress. The psychological stress occurs when we do not get what we want. In this situation in which our expectations are traduced, an emotion becomes a motive power (an active power). In other words, an emotion is for relieving the psychological stress and is an elimination symptom of the mind. If this emotion is suppressed, it becomes a chronic mental disease in the same way as an iatrogenic disease that is formed by suppressing a symptom of the body. As long as this psychological stress is not released by emerging to the surface, it continues to exist and gnaws at the mind and the body. This suppressed emotion and thought (a chronic disease of the mind) is called ‘inner child’, an unsolved mental problem. The more problems there are with the ‘inner child’, in other words, the more suppressed emotions there are, the lower immunity becomes and the harder to heal, the more iatrogenic diseases and food-related diseases emerge, until they become intractable chronic diseases.”


【Time and Date】
At 10:00 – 12:30 on Sat 2 July 2016

School of Pharmacy
Lecture Theatre
29 – 39 Brunswick Square
London WC1N 1AX

Homoeopaths & Students £20
Non Homoeopaths £25

Homoeopathy Japan Co UK Ltd
9A Canfield Place
London NW6 3BT

Tel: 020 7644 9260

*This seminar is going to be held with consecutive interpretation