4 reasons why TOYOUKE raw soy sauce is ‘Superfine’!

4 reasons why TOYOUKE raw soy sauce is ‘Superfine’!

Dr. Torako Yui serves as a representative of TOYOUKE Natural Farming. Activities of TOYOUKE is no limited to natural farming; they also produce safe and secured fermented condiments using their farm products.

1. Anyway, it’s Delicious!

Freshly squeezed soy sauce is really tasty! Please try TOYOUKE soy sauce as it is. You will find deep and mellow taste that is soy itself. It gives rich aroma of Moromi (fermentation mash) that we cannot taste from ordinally soy sauce.
We keep traditional way of preparation called ‘Kiage (non-heated)’. As there is no heat sterilization nor quality governing, it is difficult to preserve. Therefore, it is called imaginary soy sauce as we can taste it only at brewery.

2. Selected safe and secure ingredients!

We carefully selected soy beans, wheat and salt, the ingredients of soy sauce. No additives are used. The soy bean ‘Fukutoyo’, the main ingredient is grown at our farm. The wheat is also cultivated naturally. We baked the natural salt that is collected from the marine deep water. Moreover, we added homoeopathic remedies to promote fermentation and health. The moromi that we use is fermented and matured in a cedar vat.

3. Natural brewing with a wood vat, taking care of bacteria!

Fermentation of natural brewing only rely on environment of bacteria such as Koji (aspergillus) and changes of temperature throughout four seasons. That is why the wooden vat that is a home for bacteria plays an important role. Until Edo era, all fermented condiments were brewed in wood vats. People started to use artificial container that can control temperature and use additives due to financial reason because the natural brew takes time and cost with the times. The natural brew with wood vats reduced to less than 1% among all soy sauce production. We, TOYOUKE ordered our wooden vat to brew our soy sauce to a cooper in Shōdoshima and started the natural brew of our say sauce.

4. Special bottle to prevent from oxidation!

As meals are delicious when they are just cooked, soy sauce is also tasty when it is freshly squeezed. The weak point of soy sauce is time degradation. Therefore, we use a special bottle to keep our soy sauce as it is fresh, untreated, unhomogenized and unfiltered with live yeast. You can enjoy the imaginary soy sauce anytime at your home!

【TOYOUKE Superfine Soy Sauce ‘Kiage’】

☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

Furthermore, we are proud to offer ‘Kasanejikomi’ soy sauce that is made from two year maturation.
This super supreme soy sauce is produced with additional Koji into Kiage for another year. It takes double time, ingredient and labor.
Unheated microorganism mixed with newly added Koji bacteria create further ‘Umami’ – fifth taste. Although it is very rich and mellow, the salinity concentration is lower than Kiage.

【Kasanejikomi Soy Sauce】