Interviewed by via Homeopatica

Interviewed by via Homeopatica

In early March, CHhom’s Instagram received a message addressed to Dr. Torako Yui from Dr. Roman Buchimensky, the representative of the major homeopathic organisations in Russia and Ukraine.

『Dear Torako Yui, good afternoon!

Hope you are doing well.

Homeopaths from Russia, Ukraine, Israel and other countries assembled together are looking forward to meeting you as an expert of homeopathical treatment after nuclear explosion and other themes.
Our community is about 8 thousand people on Facebook. Could you give an interview and share your experience, please?

We learned about Dr. Yui through the internet and several schools from Israel, Germany and Ukraine.
The interview with Dr. Yui by a homoeopath in England is famous, and we are also browsing your official website.

For many years we have been one of the leading partners of Russian Homeopathic Society and Association of The Homeopaths of Ukraine. Today one can see tragic split between them.

In March 2020, I organised the first homeopathic aid hotline service.
It brought together more than 100 homeopaths-volunteers from more than 20 countries around the world to cure people suffering from Covid-19 for free.
Later, it became an international online clinic. In the current tense situation, the Via Homeopatica Hotline provides free emergency homeopathic treatment to victims of war on the territory of Ukraine.

For this moment, under conditions of war and the existing threat of nuclear attack, we ask you for collaboration to share her experience of curing radiation diseases.』

Although it was a urgent request, as the tense situation between Russia and Ukraine continued, Dr. Torako managed to adjust her schedule.
She accepted the interview at 17:45 Japan time (10:45 Israel time) on Thursday, 18 March 2022.

Questions for the interview:

  1. Techniques for providing first homeopathic care.
  2. General list of remedies.
  3. Differential diagnosis.
  4. Ready-made schemes.
  5. Is there any difference in the treatment of victims of a nuclear bomb explosion and medical radiation treatment?
  6. Potencies.
  7. Frequency of intake.
  8. Cases. Is there a library of cases?
  9. There are only 20 remedies in the Complete 2020 repertory in all the headings of radiation illnesses. Which drugs according to your experience are the most relevant?
  10. Do you have experience with actinoids and periodic system of radioactive drugs?
  11. A homeopath entering a radioactive zone – what to have, what to take?
    Other people – in the first hours, days?
  12. Any other advice besides homeopathy?

… she was asked for information that could be put into practice immediately on the spot.

At the beginning, Dr. Torako said, “The greatest treatment is to boost immunity,” and shared the knowledge and skills of ZEN homoeopathy that she systematized from many years of experience. She also mentioned the importance of carrying a homoeopathic home kit on hand in case of a disaster.

In the Great East Japan Earthquake that occurred in Japan on 11 March 2011, Dr. Torako herself visited the disaster area and immediately came up with formulating a support remedy to promote the detoxification of radioactive substances that became a problem at that time.
She provided a lot of information on radiation-related remedies, mother tinctures, their material medica, spiritual views, necessary nutrients, and much more.

Then, She introduced the case of a boy with “asplenia” born from the parents of the third generation of the atomic bomb.
Six months after he started Dr. Torako’s consultation, he became able to walk and became more active.

Dr. Torako further explained the relationship between radiation (α rays, β rays, γ rays, neutron rays) and inner children.
She read that there was a spiritual relationship between this child’s mother’s inner child and karma and this child’s asplenia, and gave a radiation remedy to heal her inner child.

With regard to question 12. “Any other advice besides homeopathy?”,
she told that it is the best measre to activate the intestines to increase immunity, and for that purpose, taking fermented foods, ONKOKIN (culture solution of over 500 beneficial soil microbes), and vegetables rich in minerals and phytochemicals grown in natural farms will help.

In the end, she gave her view of the mRNA vaccine, which is a more practical threat we are facing now than exposure to the atomic bomb, based on the information obtained by her.

The interview lasted nearly two hours.She was requested to send a message to those in the war in the via Homeopatica community.

In response to this, Dr. Torako sent her message below.

We love homoeopathy.
We love nature.
We love everyone.
We should unite into one and give love to each other.

The next day, we received the following message from Dr. Roman.

I made many interesting interviews but this one with Dr Yui was really special!
I liked it very much and was touched by her open heart and willingness to help people ♥️