Raw herbal enzyme juice Sweet potato vine 200ml


Raw herbal enzyme juice Sweet potato

These are 3 year fermented and matured TOYOUKE raw herbal enzyme juice. It is not processed with heat, thus alive enzymes can support intestinal environment to keep healthy. This raw herbal enzyme juice is effective when a body functions extremely high or extremely low when it receives a stress or the physical function gets unbalanced. For example, neurotransmission; no direction from the brain or bad transmission for secretion or hormones. It regains functional balance of each regions and restores

Spiritual view on Sweet potato vine: It helps to heal the fear and sadness of not being helped. For those who think that they are not worth being loved because their parents and adults around them didn’t help much, didn’t take care of them, and wasn’t kind to them in their childhood.

How to take

Put 1 to 2 tablespoons of juice into water, juice or tea which under 50 degrees or put the same amount directly in your mouth with a spoon. Please adjust the time and frequency of drinking according to your condition.


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