Homoeoprophylaxis with ZEN Homoeopathy by Torako Yui Ph.D.Hom

Homoeoprophylaxis with ZEN Homoeopathy by Torako Yui Ph.D.Hom

*This article is quoted and edited from ‘Homoeoprophylaxis with ZEN Homoeopathy by Torako Yui and Special guest speakers Trevor Gunn and Cilla Whatcott + UK premier screening ‘The Quest for Real Immunity’ at the School of Pharmacy in London on Sat 21st July 2018.


I have been practising ZEN Homoeopathy, based on Hahnemann’s idea that a practitioner should be a ‘Heilkunst’, since I returned to Japan.

In the course of treating intractable diseases in Japan, I realised that diseases are not only present in the body, but in the mind and soul. If we do not treat diseases of the mind and soul as well as diseases of the body, the physical disease will recur. Furthermore, the physical disease will also recur if we do not change our diet or environment. As the situation that Japanese people were facing was really dreadful, I had no choice but to develop ZEN Homoeopathy.

Many Japanese people have lost faith, have been caught up in morals, suppressed their emotions and have a strong sense of self-denial, and so they unquestioningly believe what people in authority say. They believe it without question and this even results in them eating toxins, such as vegetables covered in agricultural chemicals, petroleum-derived food additives, artificial sweeteners, conventional drugs, vaccines and so on.

Hahnemann said that not only homoeopathy, but a combination of approaches was needed to treat disease: to bring about change in patients’ way of living and thinking, their lifestyle, their diet, etc. needed to become natural. He said that we should be real practitioners, or ‘Heilkunst’, who could see these different aspects in an integrated manner. In his writings, ‘Chronic Diseases’, he also said that homoeopathy could do nothing for patients who were stuck in their agony and anger.


Human beings consist of soul, mind and body. A disease also exists in each aspect: soul, mind and body.

Soul means the object of existence, the purpose of living, values and beliefs.

At the core of the human soul, I believe that there is a quality of ‘Loving’, (= forgiving and accepting), where ‘everything is virtue’.

If a child is blamed for ‘not being a good child’ ‘not being beautiful’ or ‘not being excellent’ by their parents, they believe their parents’ values and begin not to love themselves, based on these values (i.e. think that they are not good, beautiful or excellent). In this way, loving ourselves and others starts to become conditional, and this taints our souls.

Negative values like this could be seen as the result of vice (denial), and are referred to as worldly values. Our souls develop disease by believing these worldly values. Values without denial, however, that have only virtue, are called spiritual values. The key spiritual value is ‘Loving everything is virtue’.

If our souls develop a disease (by believing these worldly values) and encounter obstacles (vice = denial), our response is an emotion. For example, if a child is called ‘a bad child’ ‘ugly’ or ‘stupid’, we respond with emotions of sadness, fear or anger. These emotions are acute diseases of the mind. When the acute emotion is felt, the body is in a state of stress (because we cannot have our own way). If we try to have our own way, the body will develop a sympathetic dominance, as adrenaline is released and the muscles become tense and harden, this obstructs and slows down the circulation and elimination of body wastes stagnates.

However, if a parent forbids a child to express their emotions, and says, ‘Don’t cry!’, ‘Don’t avoid things!’ or ‘Don’t get angry!’, the child suppresses their emotions and the emotions are transferred to the subconscious level as unresolved emotions. These unresolved emotions are called the Inner Child, a chronic disease of the mind. If an acute emotion is suppressed, the stress becomes chronic in the body. They start to develop chronically stiff muscles, stagnation of the circulation and accumulate body waste. If the body waste accumulates above a certain level, this triggers the body’s self-purification mechanisms and causes an acute disease in the form of fever, eruptions, diarrhoea, vomiting or a cough. This is a physical acute disease. This acute disease sometimes happens with the help of a pathogen and that is called an infectious disease. In fact, infectious diseases are a homoeopathic process in nature.

In this way there is a pattern; if our souls are infected by worldly values and develop a disease, a disease of the mind called an ‘emotion’ emerges, but if we suppress the emotion, a disease of the body will occur. Therefore, if you treat only the body, because a patient is presenting a physical symptom, it is nothing more than symptomatic treatment. Of course, homoeopathy is a treatment to heal not only the body but also the mind at the same time: however, homoeopathy has a limit in treating the mind. Inner Child healing that treats the mind and soul is important. We need to feel our emotions intentionally and ask ourselves why we have this emotion.

I have devised and perfected the methods of ZEN Homoeopathy, based on Hahnemann’s teaching, that gives a three-dimensional homoeopathic prescription that treats soul, mind and body as a trinity. It also introduces healing of the Inner Child to relieve mental emotional suffering, guide the person to strengthen their faith and develop positive thinking, to make their original way of thinking more natural (heal their souls). This includes advice on diet and the environment and avoiding taking unnatural substances into the body in order to further develop Hahnemann’s teachings in a way that applies to modern life.

In brief, ZEN Homoeopathy is a way of treating people as a trinity of soul, mind and body.

Homoeopathic three-dimensional prescription

1.Nosode remedies are used for treating the soul.

2. As a treatment for the mind, the main remedy that covers the totality is prescribed. The main remedy is normally of plant or animal origin.

3. Organ support, (that is a combination of mother tinctures, tissue salt remedies and organ remedies), is prescribed for treating the body. Detox remedies are also used to eliminate the harmful effects of conventional medicines and environmental toxins.

The ZEN Homoeopathy approach is very important for patients who suffer from chronic or intractable diseases.

Other three-dimensional treatment in addition to homoeopathy

1.As a treatment of the soul, I advise patients to release worldly values by healing their Inner Child, study spirituality and enhance their faith.

2. For treating the mind, release suppressed emotions. This can be done by healing the Inner Child.

For example, if a person feels anger towards their current male boss, I advise them to       recognise that the emotion might be a suppressed anger they felt towards their father when they were a child, (Inner Child). They can resonate with the Inner Child by talking to their Inner Child, saying, ‘You wanted to get angry. You can get angry’ and release the emotion by showing their anger to a mental image of their father. Unless the suppressed anger is released, the acute anger will continue to be felt, whenever there is a similar incident.

Valuing yourself means remembering suppressed emotions in the past and listening to and fulfilling whatever you wished for at that time. There is fear or sadness behind anger. The worldly value can be released by forgiving yourself, when your faults are pointed out with the result that your weaknesses are shown.

Please refer to my most recent book ‘The theory and healing practice of the Inner Child’, or the DVD, for the details of healing the Inner Child.

3. In order to treat physical problems, I give advice on lifestyle that involves having a good, healthy diet, not taking in unnatural substances.


So this is a brief explanation of ZEN Homoeopathy.

With this in mind, I would like to talk about prophylaxis.

As you know, attenuated pathogens are contained in vaccines. They are injected directly into the body.

Under normal circumstances, pathogens will be eliminated by white blood cells such as macrophages, neutrophils and natural killer-cells. However, the hypodermic injection of vaccines invades the deep parts of the body without taking the normal route and immunity does not function properly.

To deal with this sudden invasion, antibodies are attached to the pathogen temporarily, as if putting flags onto them, to inactivate the pathogens. This antibody is IgG. Having many IgG in the blood means that the person is more likely to have autoimmune diseases.


Trevor Gunn taught this in Japan about fifteen years ago.

I am going to tell you the theories I have developed after seeing a number of patients with autism.


If the body is healthy, the pathogen that is combined with IgG will be digested by macrophages at a later stage. However, due to the already lowered and confused immunity because of the unnatural invasion, (by the vaccine), the above process will not be completed. The pathogen with IgG will, therefore, remain in the body.

If the measles virus, for example, invades this body as the virus spreads, what will happen?


As IgG has already combined with the measles virus in the body, IgG will immediately combine with the pathogen to inactivate it and the person will not develop any symptoms.

As the body is in a chronic state of the infectious disease, even if a pathogen enters the body at a later date, it cannot develop the acute symptoms of the infectious disease. This is the preventive mechanism of vaccines.

I would like to summarise the principle of prophylaxis by vaccination.

Attenuated pathogens are directly injected into the body. Immunity is lowered and the system cannot eliminate the pathogen. So the IgG antibody is produced and the pathogen is inactivated for the time being: however, immunocompromisation is too extensive for the pathogen to be eliminated.

As IgG antibodies are still present, even if the person is infected naturally by a pathogen, the pathogen is inactivated and the person does not develop an illness due to the IgG bond. As it is in a state of chronic disease, the body cannot develop an acute disease.

Can you call this prophylaxis? Can it really be called prophylaxis when the body gets into a chronic state of an infectious disease as a result of a vaccine?

Vaccinations are not prophylaxis for infection, but merely produce an immediate, chronic state of an infectious disease. Even if the person has an acute symptom, they lose the power to produce the acute symptoms.


If the person regains health and the pathogens with IgG are eliminated, the effect of the vaccine will be lost. This means that, ‘How to create a long term chronic state of an infection.’ becomes important for vaccine development. This means, ‘How can IgG antibodies be present for a long time? How can an immunocompromised state be made to last?’ How to cause immunity to be confused for a long time. These points are important for them.

In order to confuse and lower immunity in the long term, there are adjuvants in vaccines. A substance to lower immunity (aluminium hydroxide), and mercury as a preservative, are added.

It cannot be called real prophylaxis if it is achieved by sacrificing health. Real prophylaxis can be achieved by making white-blood-cell-driven immunity function properly. This can be achieved by enhancing immunity, i.e. having a healthy soul, mind and body. It is also advisable to allow the body to experience the elimination of foreign bodies and body wastes: in other words, allowing the disease to run its course by producing symptoms is important.

In conventional medicine, it is understood that the higher the antibody titer is, the greater the body’s immunity. However, this is not correct. I have been treating children who suffer from autism, are hyperactive and have ADHD. These are considered to be iatrogenic disease conditions caused by vaccines. I was asked how I could state with certainty that they were caused by vaccines. The answer should be obvious: because there is a principal in homoeopathy where a substance that induces a symptom can remove the symptom. Let’s look at some cases where I prescribed remedies made from vaccines for children who were suffering from autism and epilepsy.


Case study 1

First consultation

26th July 2007

7-year-old boy: Autism & ADHD (He is always singing)


Case taking dialogue

*TY (Torako Yui), M (Patient’s mother), P (Patient)

TY:What did you want to eat during pregnancy? Did you want to eat burgers and things like that?

M:Actually, I had an eating disorder and could not eat well.

TY: So you didn’t want these things, did you?

M: I still wanted to eat burgers and diet coke.

TY: Did you drink coke often?

M: Yeah…Instead of water.

TY: How much a day?

M: More than one litre a day.


The boy developed ADHD and had delayed language development.

He cannot stay still or speak clearly (due to a tongue-tie). He sings songs and is always beating time.


After the prescription on 9 April 2009

*TY (Torako Yui), M (Patient’s mother), P (Patient)

TY: How much paper do you want for drawing?

P: One piece.

TY: Just one?

P: Yes.

TY: Okay, here you are.

M: He has just started horse riding and now people say that he is a different person.

His communication and speech have improved. His comprehension has also improved.

P: Excuse me, can I have some Sellotape?

TY: Sellotape? Yes. Here you are.

P: Thank you.

TY: You are welcome.

M: He now thinks for himself. He also played the piano in a concert.


< Case study 2 >

2-year-old boy

Intractable epilepsy

Cortical dysplasia (Intracranial calcification)


First consultation

24th June 2010

Epileptic fit


During the consultation, he collapsed three times, due to absence seizures with ictal smiles, when he was playing. He could not speak at all. Paralysis in the right leg.


After the prescription on 9 April 2009

*TY (Torako Yui), M (Patient’s mother), P (Patient)

TY: How many papers do you want for drawing?

P: One.

TY: Just one?

P: Yes.

TY: Okay, here you are.

M: He just started horse riding and now people say that he is a different person.

His communication and speech were improved. His comprehension was also improved.

P: Excuse me, can I have some cello tape?

TY: Cello tape? Here you are. You can use them.

P: Thank you.

TY: You are welcome.

M: He now thinks by himself. He also showed his piano playing at a concert.




After the prescription on 12 August 2010

*TY (Torako Yui), M (Patient’s mother)


M: He used to have more than a hundred attacks a day, but now less than twenty, on average.

He can show his intention more clearly than before. His medical doctor says that he has improved a great deal.

When he saw a car, he said ‘Buh, Buh’. Perhaps he wanted to say the word ‘car’.

TY: That’s very good. He should develop the ability to do more, from now on.


His expression improved. He became able to communicate with his mother.


* End of Case *


These are only parts of the cases. After I prescribed the combination remedy, made from nine kinds of vaccine remedies, to ninety-nine patients, 91% of them improved. I have seen over a hundred and sixty cases of developmental disorders. I assume that they were damaged by vaccines.



Having said that, I do not completely disapprove of vaccines.


The necessity for vaccines is to cause an immediate chronic state of infectious disease. Some people need them. For example, people in developing countries are undernourished and may die if they develop an acute disease, as they are generally frail. In this case, it is better for them to survive by having a chronic disease through vaccines.



So, some people develop a severe illness due to side effects of vaccines and others remain healthy. What does it mean that people react differently to the same vaccine? It is understandable that the cause of vaccinosis is not only due to the vaccine but also due to the person who develops symptoms. The causes are the Inner Child, which is a disease involving the soul and mind, karma, lack of faith, food issues and conventional drugs.

I think that developing vaccinosis is a message from a god to inform the patient that they have reached a point where they can correct their way of living and thinking. It is a chance for them to focus on the cause.

If they cannot believe in their self-healing ability, fear of symptoms and childhood diseases may make them hate the diseases and continue to have an unnatural way of thinking, I sometimes think, there is nothing for it but for them to develop vaccinosis. They have no choice but to recognize the wrong idea by developing vaccinosis. That is why unnatural things such as vaccines are necessary in this world, to play the role of a mirror. I think that vaccines exist as a symbol of human thoughtlessness, ignorance, arrogance, dependence, victim mentality, etc.

Since I started to think like this, I stopped opposing vaccines, as, even though they cause serious side effects and suffering, I believe that we learn a lot through the experience of this.

From my clinical experience, the mothers of the hundred and sixty patients who suffered from developmental disorders must have been distressed by caring for their children, but many of them increased their affection for their children every time they overcame a problem and lowered the stakes for happiness.

From a spiritual point of view, I think vaccinosis is often related to karma (patients’ own karma or their parent’s or ancestor’s karma). This means that they develop vaccinosis to clear their karma. I have, therefore, added remedies made from sutras. I would like patients to be supported as much as possible by the spiritual approach.

Some people develop an infectious disease. Others do not. This means that infectious diseases are also not due to pathogens but also due to the people who are infected. As with vaccinosis, developing an infectious disease means a message to review their way of living and thinking and is a chance to focus on the cause. It is a chance to take a fresh approach to their lives.

It is also the same message that they have 1. The Inner Child (a disease of soul and mind), 2. iatrogenic diseases, food-related diseases, environmental diseases and 3. Karma.


I would like to share my hypothesis regarding the origin of pathogens.

I developed a hypothesis that pathogens are organism-ification (becoming a life form) of the Inner Child. As it is an organism, I think it is natural that it should have emotions.

A pathogen has ‘species specificity’. It was originally the case that a pathogen that infected humans would not infect other animals. A pathogen that infects birds should not infect humans.

If immunity is extremely diminished, the species border may be crossed and other species may become infected, but this is an exception. It is, therefore, appropriate to think that the pathogen arises from the organism. The Inner Child is an existence that is cut off from the self who has soul, (worldly values), and mind, (emotions). I am assuming pathogens are that Inner Child substantiated as bowel flora.


Why did the Inner Child have to become an organism?

In order to recognise yourself as a person who has denied their emotions (Inner Child), you will need a mirror to reflect yourself. A pathogen is a substantiated version of the Inner Child and provides a mirror to reflect you. The Inner Child will be released by overcoming an infectious disease. Pathogens exist for us to release worldly values and suppressed emotions. In other words, infectious diseases are homoeopathy created by nature.

In my experience, the Inner Child will be healed by recovering from infectious diseases, but this works at a rate of about 50 – 70%. The rest of the Inner Child needs to be actively recognised and healed.

This means that if a person does not have an Inner Child that resonates with a pathogen, they should not be infected. Of course, if their immunity is very low, this would not apply. Causes of very low immunity can be iatrogenic diseases including vaccines and food-related diseases.


Having said that, it is difficult for a 5-year-old child to remember the origins of their Inner Child at the age of two years old. I think this is why children develop childhood diseases such as measles, mumps, chicken pox, whooping cough, etc, to release not only their own Inner Child but also their parents’ or ancestors’ Inner Child by overcoming the diseases.

I think they will be released from the mental emotional yoke that they inherited from their parents and ancestors by developing fevers, eruptions and discharges through childhood diseases. Even a 5-year-old child forms an Inner Child. The Inner Child who is suffering from being judged by worldly values – being sad about not being a good child, as they cannot help their parents, (or for other reasons) – will be released by developing childhood diseases so that they become able to live as their true self for the first time.

Children, especially, show a marked mental development after they develop eruptions and fevers.

My son is half Japanese and half English. As I got divorced, he had to leave England to go to Japan with me when he was nine years old. He was always crying, as he could not adapt to life in Japan and missed his father in England. He could not concentrate on studying and did not go to school. He was weak and always prone to illness. I could not show him affection in that state and was always telling him off.

One day, he developed a measles-like eruptions and a high fever. His body temperature was nearly 40 centigrade for three days. I nursed him desperately when this happened. I gave him Capsicum for nostalgia and the Morbillinum nosode remedy.

When his fever went down, he said ‘Mummy, I will stay with my younger sister until I finish junior high school in Japan, but would like to go back to England when I enrol in high school. I will study hard so that I can go to a British university.’ He is now working as a BBC journalist after he became familiar with both the culture of the U.K. and of Japan.

If I interpret measles from the Inner Child’s point of view, they think they are not valued and they are always told off, when they want to be praised for their efforts. In this situation, they are susceptible to developing measles.



As I learnt that Hahnemann practised homoeoprophylaxis, I made up the YOBO kit (prophylaxis remedy kit) in 2007. It contains 36 remedies, including nosode remedies made from infectious diseases.

Japanese people, particularly, use Influenzinum and the Varicella nosode.

Some people develop an infectious disease even if they take the homoeoprophylaxis remedy. It is inevitable if their Inner Child has to be released by developing the disease.


My daughter, Emily, who used to behave like a spoilt child and do only what she wanted to do, had to leave me to go to a nursery school when she was four years old. Every morning when she had to leave home, she cried a lot because she had to leave me. She always made a fuss when I left her at nursery school.

One Friday, I was called to pick her up, as she had developed chicken pox, with spots all over her body. As I was a single mother and working as a homoeopath, it was a problem for me to cancel my patients because of that, at short notice. When I arrived at the nursery school, she was crying and clung to me. She did not try to walk by herself, demanding a piggyback or to be carried. I had another consultation appointment on the Monday, so I wanted her chicken pox to clear over the weekend and gave her Rhus-tox, Pulsatilla and Varicella, one after the other.

Then her spots started to increase and eliminate pus, all over her body. By the Monday, her spots had dried up and she was fine to go back to nursery school. Surprisingly, she went there, saying ‘Bye-bye, Mummy!’, although she used not to like going there! Since that time, she was happy to go to nursery school and became a girl who was full of energy and had a lot of friends.


Let’s look at the Inner Child of Chicken pox (Varicella) and the Herpes zoster virus.

Unwillingness, Inactive, Lazy, Desire for rest, Desire for taking the easy course, Desire for avoiding hardship, High rate in benefiting from having an illness.

A person like this will tend to develop Chicken pox and Herpes zoster.

I am going to show one special feature of children who developed chicken pox.


This boy is two years old. As soon as his mother had to go back to her work, he developed this state.

I thought he was benefiting from having an illness, I prescribed both Varicella and Variolinum.

He was cured as the pictures show and became able to say ‘Bye-bye, Mummy.’


This girl is four years old. She had to start going to nursery school.

She is the third child and was nearly aborted because her father and grandfather (i.e. male members of the family) demanded that, when her mother was in her third month pregnancy with her.

Another symptom she had was ‘Being afraid of men’.

She developed atopic eczema when she had to go to nursery school.

I prescribed Varicella and Variolinum, then she developed measles for the third time.

Once we acquire lifetime immunity, we normally do not get the same infectious disease again. However, if it is suppressed by injections or creams, we will be infected over and over again for the disease to run its course. After this girl had chicken pox for the third time, she stopped being afraid of men and became able to go to nursery school, saying ‘Bye-bye, mummy!’


This boy is six years old, but his mother carried him into their consultation with me. He did not want to separate from his mother. When he was told that he had to go to elementary school soon, he developed atopic eczema.

As he had had many vaccines, I prescribed him Varicella and Variolinum and also Thuja mother tincture and nine kinds of vaccine remedies. He developed chicken pox for the third time.

He became healthy after that, playing basketball, football and swimming. He was able to go to the elementary school, saying ‘Bye-bye, mummy!’

You see, if we have Inner Child (unresolved emotions), we attract diseases with the same mental picture.

With regard to the Influenza virus, it has a mental picture: Desire to exceed others’ achievements and also their own; Desire to be ‘a good person’ that they idealise, with qualities such as Excellence, High ability, Beauty, Strength, being Capable, etc.

People who have these mental attitudes develop Influenza.

The Rubella virus also has a ‘Desire to exceed achievements’. They have a mean state of mind, as they want to beat, conform or be hard with a person whose level of ability is close to theirs and who is likely to attack them. They do not want to be outdone by this person.

I developed Rubella when I was twenty-six years old. I was fighting with a man called Mr. Nishimoto in the television company where I worked. He was aiming to become the director. So was I. I think my ability was superior to his, but he was better than me at flattery. So I lost the competition and started to develop eruptions. They appeared in the shape of my bra and panties. I went to hospital and asked what it was. A doctor said ‘Ah, it is Rubella.’ I asked why they came in the shape of my bra and panties. The doctor said ‘Don’t worry. It will spread throughout the body soon.’ The eruptions developed as the doctor said and I forgave Mr. Nishimoto after that.

This boy’s mother had an unusually high level of antibodies to three-day measles during her pregnancy with him. He did not have the eruption when he was born, but, three weeks after he was born, he developed this dry atopic eczema. His mother was worried he might become like Helen Adams Keller. She brought him to me and I prescribed Rubella for him. Then he developed a healing crisis as you can see in the picture.


The dry atopic eczema changed to a moist eruption. He had a high fever for days and the eczema did not improve. He held out with this state for about a month.

His mother is also a homoeopath. She kept asking me why he had developed a skin condition like that, on the telephone, on a daily basis. I persuaded her to stay with the state, encouraging her by saying ‘He will recover soon.’ Then, he improved within two months as the below picture shown.

I think his mother was thinking ‘Was your selected remedy correct? I know about this, as I am also a homoeopath. My skill is better than yours, although you are more senior.’

I told her ‘For as long as you have ideas like this, your son will not be cured. Please trust me.’ As a result, it was good, as he was cured like this.


The next infectious diseases are Streptococcus and Scarlet Fever.

They have an Inner Child with the sense of values; People should always be right; People should put things in order; People should fulfil their responsibility; People must not complain, whine or grumble.

They also believe that people should not make mistakes or commit crimes. People should not cause trouble. They have a conscience and judge what is right and wrong.

Japanese people tend to have this kind of character. They often damage throat and develop streptococcal tonsillitis. I also met a woman who could not get pregnant as she has streptococcus in the uterus due to a GBS infection, but her mind developed much more flexibility and she got pregnant, after I prescribed her the Streptococcinum remedy.

Now, I would like to share a case study with you.

A 28-year-old male. He is a masseur and a sports instructor.

The main complaint is that he is a Hepatitis B carrier. He also has symptoms of Vertigo, Dizziness and a Floating sensation while driving.


Case taking Dialogue

* P: Patient, TY: Torako Yui


P: I have not been feeling well lately, so I had a blood test. They told me that I am a Hepatitis B carrier.

I was told that the antibody count was nearly 1,500. I have had this since my childhood. Although it is negative, but it has become chronic state.


TY:  Did you have an Interferon injection?


P: They recommended I should do that. They suggested I could decide after the result of the next blood test. I do not want to do that.


TY: Your spleen is a little bit swollen.


P: Yes, a little.


TY: What was the worst suffering you have had in your life?


P: When I was a student at elementary school. I was transferred to another school. There was terrible bullying. I can never explain how bad it was. My classmate who lived close by, in the same neighbourhood, plotted the bullying against me, behind my back.


TY: That was betrayal.


P: Yes. I thought he was my best friend, but he planned it all. He was next to me all the time and acting like he was on my side.


TY: You suffered so badly that you did not know how to explain it. The words ‘emotionless’ and ‘indifference’ come to mind.


P: Although I did not do anything, people treated me like someone they were always suspicious of. (For example, he was blamed for someone’s missing pencil). As I had not done anything wrong, I could not explain, but I was told off and blamed for it. Since then, I have not been able to express my emotions.


TY: The organ which suppressed emotions go to first is the liver. This means that, due to this situation, you would have been likely to develop a lot of liver problems.


P: I can’t trust people. My relationships with other people are always superficial.

I often try to remember what happened when I was at primary school, but I can’t explain. As things were covered up, they became impossible to explain: I cannot understand why it happened or remember, even if I try to. I am scared of things that can’t be controlled and things I can’t find an answer to.


TY: As it was so nasty, you don’t want to remember, but you have to go back there in order to rewrite the past. You can rewrite it however you like. You can defeat them by Kendo or demand an apology from them. It would be good if you could visualise it.

So you have to tell yourself, when you were a child that it was tough time. The adult you need to tell that to yourself as a child: ‘I understand that it was a really difficult time’.

You have been bullied and cheated. But you never bullied or cheated other people. This is your salvation. It will come back to us as karma if we bully or cheat someone.

Everything that happened to you was the way it had to happen. Nothing is unnecessary. What those incidents are teaching you is to take better care of yourself.


P: I understand. Thank you.


* End of the Dialogue*


He had been constantly bullied for five years. If somebody’s eraser or pen were missing, he was always blamed for that. His teacher and classmates always called him a thief, although he did not steal anything. Only the boy who pretended to be his close friend went to school or left school with him. In fact, this boy was planning everything and trapped him. Even then the ‘close friend’ claimed to be innocent. The boy who was always accused was told there was no evidence against his friend and continued to be told off, as other children made false accusations saying they had witnessed he was stealing, for example. No wonder he had damaged his liver from resentment and anger.


I prescribed for him according to ZEN Homoeopathy.



I prescribed Support Liver. The important element in this was Colocynth, that is for suppressed anger.

Arsenicum-alb. in the morning, to normalise the three energies of soul, mind and body. The reason why he feels dizzy when he is driving is because he has something wrong with his prana, (which is the flow of ‘qi’).

I chose the Malaria nosode for him. He was lacking in faith. He thought there were no gods or Buddha. It was natural for him to think like that, as no god, or Buddha or anyone helped him, even though he claimed he was innocent. His father and mother also told him off.

I also chose the Hepatitis B nosode. If we are not living our true selves, we are prone to develop Hepatitis B. He was trying to live very quietly to avoid causing trouble, but he always had problems.

I chose Ruta for his evening remedy. In ‘Materia Medica Pura’ by Hahnemann, it is recorded ‘Betrayal by his closest friend’.


Let’s look at the Spiritual aspect, what sort of Inner Child these nosodes have.


■ Malaria-nosode

He does not believe that he has Divinity or Buddha nature.

He underestimates his spiritual value because he deprecates himself.

He has no confidence from the aspect of the soul


■ Hepatitis B nosode

He tries to cover up his true self.

He tries not to show his real self because he is afraid of being attacked or complained about.


As long as he has the same mentality as these pathogens, they will not leave him.

It was 22nd September 2017 when he came to see me. He had the medical examination on 18th August 2017. As his condition was the same on both of the days, I assume the values were also the same.


The examination results on 1 December after he took prescribed remedies.



AST(GOT) is an enzyme that creates amino acids.

It is present in the liver, heart, muscles, etc. If there is a failure in these organs, abnormality in the value is immediately reflected. For this reason, it is an important clue to find a functional disorder due to hepatitis or a cardiac infarction. As soon as he had taken the prescribed remedies, the value became normal.

ALT(GPT) stands for Alanine transaminase (Glutamic Pyruvic Transaminase) and is an enzyme that is only present in the liver. If a hepatic cell is broken due to some kind of disease, ALT is released into the blood stream. The level of this was 383 before he took remedies, but went down to 20 after the consultation.

γGTP is called ‘a deviation enzyme’ as it is released into the blood if a hepatic cell or a duct cell is broken. γGTP is, therefore, regarded as an indicator of broken hepatic cells or duct cells. Even if the level of γGTP increases in the blood, it does not have a bad effect. Diseases with high γGTP are, for example, hepatitis and fatty liver. This value also became normal after he took the remedies.


MCH (Mean Corpuscular Haemoglobin) represents the average mass of hemoglobin (Hg) per red blood cell (RBC). Haemoglobin plays the role of delivering oxygen, throughout the body, as it combines with oxygen. The value became nearly normal by a narrow margin of 0.1.

In this way, people who are assumed to have to adapt and live with a virus due to being hepatitis B carriers, could improve, as this patient did, with only one prescription of ZEN Homoeopathy.

However, this MCV (Mean Corpuscular Volume), that represents the average volume of red cells in a sample, diminished after he took the remedies, although it was within the normal range.


Let’s look at the second consultation.


Case taking Dialogue


TY: What did your doctor say to you?


P: He said my values have become normal.


TY: Did he ask you what you did?


P: He said repeatedly that it was strange.


TY: I imagine he would.


P: He said such high levels could not improve dramatically like this.


TY: Yes, it is quite a rare case. You’ve got better. We will carry on. I am so happy.


P: I am happy, too.

I think I told you about my childhood last time. I have lost some memories, so my mind was blank. I tried to recall my emotions from childhood and found that it was very difficult. I did not understand at all what had happened, because I did not have enough memories.


TY: You tried not to see it, because it was too painful. You had to cover it up, otherwise you could not have survived. What kind of memory came back?


P: My brother and I have a different mother. It seemed that my mother didn’t want to have me at first.


TY: You spoke to her honestly after the last consultation?


P: She determined to raise my brother properly when she married my father.

She knew she could not avoid loving me more than her step son if she had me (her own baby). That is why she brought me up so strictly. She hit me, even for small things.  She was just really hard on me. My memory of this came back, like a flashback, after I had talked to her.

The school that I had transferred from was in the country and the boy who was a kind of leader type picked on me, then the secret bullying started.

My stuff for class had gone missing. He did not want me to make other friends. As this boy was always with me, like my best friend, I really could not understand what was going on.

I was told off when I had done nothing wrong.

I could not explain that very well, as I could not say anything more than ‘I did not do that’. All the same, I was badly told off for everything. Eventually I started to think that I might be in the wrong.


TY: You blamed yourself.


P: Yes. Sooner or later, when something went wrong, I was no longer able to do things that I could have done with other friends. I was no longer able to communicate with people and started to think carefully about any relationship, every single time.


TY: You always worried that the person might hurt you. You were no longer able to speak about your honest feelings, in the same way as had happened with your thinking.


P: I was in year five when I found out who was doing this. It continued for five years.

I blocked out all memories of the five years, so I was not offended and I didn’t get angry. I think I had already developed an inability to react, by that time.


TY: If your soul weakens, it automatically affects your mind. Then, you will think there is no point in living.

Friends are everything for children. The mother is everything for infants.

Your mother deliberately took care of your step brother, as she assumed that you would understand her because you are related by blood.

You tried to trust your mother, but she only took care of your step brother. You came to a point where you were unable to trust her, suppressing the vexation and sadness.

You experienced two incidents where you became unable to trust the people who you should have been able to trust the most: the first was your mother, the second was your closest friend.

You became unable to trust anyone.

Even if you want to be honest with someone and trust them, if some little thing happens, you must have a tendency to withdraw from them.


P: Yes, that is why I do not want to expand my business much.

I think it is O.K. if my clients are people who I can trust, who come to me by word of mouth.

I remembered some of my memories that had disappeared by returning to my past.


TY: You must have remembered many things after you took the remedies. That was necessary.

You blocked out the memory you did not want to see, the most. Now you have the power to look at it again. You have the power to accept it now. I want you to try to do this.

That is what your soul wants. Wasn’t it good for you to come here?


P: Yes, it was good.


TY: I understand that you suffered a lot through these experiences, but I am sure that was good for you to know that it came from your ancestral karma.


P: Yes.


TY: When you feel an emotion, you suppress it. You repeated this.

What happened to you? Emotionless and in a state where you could not react. You used to suppress everything, going by the values ‘I should not cry now.’ ‘I should not get angry.’ ‘I should not suspect people.’

Then you could not talk about your true feelings. You cannot have a true relationship.

Having this consultation with me means you have to be honest with me.

You have no choice, you have to heal your Inner Child. I ask you to live with gratitude every day. You have to free yourself as quickly as possible from the memory of being betrayed. See you again.


*End of Case Dialogue*


The betrayal in his life seemed to relate to karma, as his ancestor six generations earlier bullied and distressed people. I asked him to chant a Shinto prayer and Heart Sutra for this.



I prescribed him Support Intestinal bacteria (bowel flora) that contains twelve kinds of bowel flora remedies in combination mother tinctures. I believe that intestinal bacteria develop into pathogens, so I prescribed this to improve the original base.

When I repertorised the case, Causticum and China came top, so I prescribed Causticm LM2 in the morning.

His life had been like a bed of nails, but he has compassion for people because he has suffered, on a mental emotional level.

I also prescribed the Hepatitis B remedy at noon as he was not living his true self yet.

China is good for the spleen. This organ relates to a person who anticipates the future. China also enhances immunity. He also lacked pooling his blood, so I prescribed him China to increase that.


I finish my consultations not only by prescribing remedies but also advising my patients to heal their Inner Child, to focus on themselves and chant Heart Sutra and Shinto prayers. As I have learnt, if they are damaged spiritually, for example, and have bad karma, they will have difficulty in being cured, but can get better by chanting, as forgiveness from gods and Buddhas will be accelerated. Furthermore, I advise them to have a philosophy where they accept everything that happens to them as necessary for them.


I wrote a letter to him after the consultation;-

“Your level of spirituality has increased much more than last time. I think this is due to your work on chanting Heart Sutra and Shinto prayers. Many values in the liver have become normal since you took the remedies, however, the MCV (Mean Corpuscular Volume) has diminished. I wondered why and asked a god about this. As you were chanting for your ancestor from six generations earlier, your values improved, but the antibodies did not decrease. I asked the god and found that the 90% of the reason was your own karma that was created by not valuing yourself and deprecating yourself.”


I received a reply from him;-

“I believe that a god guided me to come to see you. I had tried to throw my life away many times, but the god made me keep on living every time.

I was filled with inconsolable feelings as a god kept driving me into a corner even though I was innocent. That is why I became unable to react, but I was still suffering from being in a state of mind where I could not react. How could this happen?

The reason that I was able to become aware of this contradiction was because you pointed out my inability to react.

After I consulted you, I recalled my childhood. I was bullied almost every day for five years. Did it really happen…? Incredible things happened every day that I myself, who am now grown up, could not believe. It was so bad that my heart was nearly broken…I shed tears for my Inner Child who endured the bullies.

How long did I spend not shedding tears? I cannot remember.

I really want to save my Inner Child. I heartily appreciate you giving me this opportunity to be aware of such an important thing. I spontaneously call you ‘Sensei (Master)’.


I wrote back to him;-

“You can rewrite your past. If you can form an image of your Inner Child playing with classmates in the village, you will really feel very much better.

Before you do that, you need to feel the emotion completely and express the suppressed emotion by showing your anger to the bullies and making them apologise to you in the image you create. You have a habit of withdrawing your thoughts and wishes if you find even a small objection.

It is understandable, as you underwent such hardships, however, please be patient, as you know you have this habit. Your Inner Child needs your help.

It is only you who can save yourself. As an older person who has been down the same path, I would like to guide you, so that you can find the path. We can discover a new aspect of yourself and do what your soul needs to do in this world. You will find real happiness by doing this.”




I analysed his case.

What we eat is digested and absorbed in the intestines. The nutritious substances are broken down and turned into blood cells. Immature blood cells are collected in the liver through the portal vein to become mature red blood cells that are sent into the blood stream all over the body.

Red blood cells change to ameboid white blood cells with a nucleus, on inflammation, to fight with bacteria and viruses by pushing out cell cytoplasm in the blood vessels. They also change to platelets to stop bleeding.

Normal blood cells become the basis for creating cells and tissues.

In the case of cancer, blood cells are destroyed by a virus from the cancer itself, or by anticancer drugs and radiation, and are incorporated into the blood plasma. The blood returns to blood plasma and body fluid and becomes the cause of pleural effusion and abdominal dropsy. Red blood cells are destroyed and the body itself will die, over a period of time.

In an ancient Shinto book, it says that the existence of god is irrefutable. The god gives people souls. Everyone is born into this world with their own purpose, homework and karma.

Fathers and mothers create a physical body for us to achieve this purpose.

For example, striving to become rich or to excel. These purposes might be correct in this world, but they are not in terms of spiritual values. If we live in this way, we cannot avoid developing disease.

If someone fought with an enemy, hurt other people and was hurt, and then died with thoughts of hatred, in a previous life, they will encounter the enemy in a different relationship in this world. They might become a couple who always argue in later life. They will continue to relate to each other like this, until they listen to each other and make peace.

We have a physical body in order to achieve this kind of purpose, not for making money or overeating and drinking too much. The body is not for blaming and wasting the self.

A god keeps informing people that their way of thinking is wrong by letting their bodies develop disease, if they do not work on their life’s purpose.

That is why homoeopaths should not remove a patient’s disease until they become aware of this. If your patient is still partially uncured, even by giving remedy, you should know there is a divine intention. It is important for homoeopaths to lead the patient to nurture gratitude, even for a painful incident.

In this patient’s case, I think he has dizziness due to sudden, violent anaemia, due to his volume of red cells being small and the low haemoglobin count, which means that oxygen is not carried round the body to the extent necessary. I think his red blood cells diminished in size because he did not take care of himself.

A god is warning him that he has no courage, by making him experience problems with his state of health in this way. It is important to take care of ourselves, however much we undergo bad experiences, are not praised or are bullied. It is also very important to insist on our own will.

‘Dear humans, accept and overcome everything that you are confronted with as necessary for you, even if it is painful, so that you are able to achieve real happiness.’


What is real prophylaxis? Part 1

  1. Clearing Impurity of the soul.

This means releasing worldly values (Forgiving yourself for your weaknesses). Why don’t we stop judging ourselves with these worldly values, values such as ‘You are not excellent, beautiful or do not help your mother.’? I think self-esteem will increase if we can accept, forgive and love ourselves, even if we are useless.

  1. Clearing Impurity of the mind.

We need to release suppressed emotions, (strong desire and greed). (Fulfil desires by visualising images).

For example, try to express your sadness by saying ‘I wanted to be valued’ and cry about it, or your anger, by hitting a person who looked down on you and making them apologise to you in your mind.

If you were hurt by something someone says, please ask yourself why that hurt you. They must have said the same as what your father or mother told you. The person is not the cause of your pain.

  1. Clearing Impurity of body.

Symptoms are important and things to be grateful for. We should have the wisdom to eat organic food.


What is real prophylaxis? Part 2

Increasing Immunity.

  1. Enhance immunity of the soul

This is the most important. I would ask you to increase the extent of your love. Forgive what you could not forgive, one thing at a time. Increase your tolerance.

  1. Enhance immunity of the mind

Let’s nurture the mind by appreciation. I also ask you to gradually increase your gratitude. You were able to get here on foot: this is already something to be very grateful for.

  1. Enhance immunity of the body.

In order to do this, avoid taking in unnatural things. Eat things that are good for the body. Vaccines are not prophylaxis, they just make people develop chronic diseases.


Childhood diseases purify the soul, mind and body and are necessary for us to live our life comfortably. Homoeopathic remedies will help to complete the whole process of the diseases.



Pathogens are born and trigger an acute disease, which we call an ‘infectious disease’, in order to make us see what we abandoned and put a lid on to avoid seeing it. Pathogens are a necessary part of us, to save us from the effects of unresolved emotions (Inner Child). When we understand this, we will feel grateful to pathogens.

I strongly suggest that we should accept and love ourselves, the selves we previously wrote off as being useless.

What appears ‘evil’ in this world is just showing what you have suppressed and dirty stuff that is hidden within yourself.

If we understand that, we have to look at that dirty part and release it. We have to accept it as something to be grateful for, as we could become aware of it and change it to love and gratitude. Denial only causes denial.

I think suffering in this world arises from a chain of denial. Only if you are able to overcome the denial and love something that is regarded as bad, can the chain be stopped.

Diseases, accidents or injuries only happened to let you know that your way of thinking was wrong, by sacrificing your body. Embrace diseases and pathogens.

For as long as you deny the disease or pathogen, it is a matter of course that you will become unnatural.

This is why vaccines exist, to inform us ‘It is wrong to deny diseases.’ ‘It is wrong to deny pathogens.’ ‘It is wrong to deny infectious diseases.’

Vaccine damage will increase even more in the future, because people never realise and continue to be afraid of diseases. When the harmful effects of vaccines are revealed, will we torture vaccines severely, as ‘evil’?

There is no point in denying vaccines or pharmaceutical companies. As vaccines have come into existence for us to see what we have understood incorrectly, and how our souls and minds are tarnished, in reality they are things to be grateful for.

We can break the chain of denial and live in a natural way by feeling grateful to vaccines as they inform us of our mistakes. As long as we blame vaccines as evil, we will not change anything, but just force the burden of responsibility onto something external. That is why another evil comes about, as we see ourselves as not being part of those who are blaming. In this way, evil will never disappear from this world.

If we regard external evil as our own problem, feel gratitude to something that is thought of as evil and change our way of living and thinking, evil will disappear from this world.

Ultimately, as long as we have a worldly value that categorises something as evil, evil will not disappear from this world. The source of evil is impurity of our own soul.

Humans cannot change themselves, as a rule, until they have a disease, an accident or an injury. However, I believe that homoeopathy will be a help to clear suppressed emotions or worldly values that deny self or others.

So we should heal the Inner Child by noticing emotions that we have every day so that we will then be able to live comfortably, without suffering disease, accidents or injury.

This means that we have to heal our own Inner Child, take homoeopathic remedies and increase our spirituality. It entirely depends on us, if we can change to gratitude from emotions, on daily basis, without feeling angry towards other people. This means that it depends on us, whether or not we can stop the chain of denial and transform it to love.

Love yourself.

Thank you very much.