Zen homoeopathy for Usain Bolt

Zen homoeopathy for Usain Bolt


Rio Olympics finished now.
There were many great moments. Especially the news that Usain Bolt won a triple-treble of Olympic gold medals was wonderful amoungst them.
Torako sensei examined Bolt according to the Zen homoeopathy as below:
He was born with scoliosis and has been treated by a great homoeopath.
If he was born with scoliosis, it is likely that his bone has a constitutional tendency to be soften easily.
Kidneys are the organ which not only filter blood but also make bone to be strong.
He might have weak kidneys naturally.
It has been reported that he was also suffering from hallucination and auditory hallucination in recent years.
He said to a press group “I’ve been always chased by someone. Still, no one reach and catch me, but I must keep running to escape from them.” The press group wanted to say something to him with sympathy, but he walked off without sawing faces of the press group.
I imagine that it is so hard for Olympic gold medalists to keep holding themselves everyday under immeasurable pressures.
There are many athletes who want to catch up with Bolt, setting Bolt as their target. They might have been sending their thoughts to Bolt unconsciously while they were in hard training and Bolt might also have been perceived it unconsciously.
If so, it is natural that his condition gets worse because thoughts “I want to beat you.” com to him.
He also had a pulled muscle of the left thigh from over used in the past.
The rubrics were chosen as below when Torako sensei considered all these things.

The result came out when it was repertorised by TBR

*TBR … The Bonninghausen Repertory (TBR)
This repertory faithfully reflects provings which were carried most genuinely by Hahnemann, the father of homoeopathy and his disciples in 200 years ago .
The only official repertory which was recognised by Hahnemann.

1 : 1241. Bone (& periosteum) in general – softening (osteomalacia [rachitis, rickets]
2 : 806.Intellect – delusion (illusion, hallucinations, imagination)
3 : 1296. Muscles in general-Hardness
4 : 278. Lower limbs-Thigh
5 : 779. Mind-Anxiety
6 : 1751Mind-Consolation
7 : 881.Dreams-Persistent(long-lasting; continuing on the one subject)

【Materia medica】
Sep. and Sil. are on the top of the list and these are rare remedies which have key word “dream of being chased”.

Silicea terra
CK1124 Terrifying dream ; he is being chased.

CK1529 Anxious dream, at night, as if he was being chased, and had to run backward ; when awakened, he imagined, that something which oppressed his chest was coming down upon him from above ; then crawling and stitches in the chest.

*CK… Materia medica of Chronic diseases (CK). It is the book of remedies proving done by Hahnemann and his disciples.
Based on the above, the remedies for Bolt by Zen homoeopathy were prescribed as follows.
Mornig:  Sil.  

To give strength of elasticity to bone, Joint tissue, muscle, fascia and tendon.

Afternoon: Syph.

‘I want to win more than anyone!’ and Problems of bone.

Evening: Sep.

Exhaustion, become weak, dull, hormone, pessimistic.
He/she feels as if he/she has to disappear as he/she can not tolerate with this miserable existence.

Bolt might feel decline of the body.
He might not come to Tokyo Olympics.
I guess he does not want to show a defeat at the Olympics.
However, the person who climbed up to top always has to come down.
Syph and Sep are the most suitable remedies for such moment.
Materia media of Chronic disease by Hahnemann
Miasm and inner child by Torako Yui
The seminar ‘An esoteric point to live this life with comfort’ by Torako Yui on 14 August 2016