Homoeoprophylaxis with ZEN Homoeopathy by Torako Yui with Special guest speakers

Homoeoprophylaxis with ZEN Homoeopathy by Torako Yui with Special guest speakers

Please join this insightful event in London on Sat 21 July 2018 !


About the speakers

Torako Yui

Ph.D.Hom, Honorary chairperson of JPHMA

Dr. Torako Yui is the pioneer of homoeopath in Japan. In 1996, she began introducing homoeopathy on a full scale, bringing its blessings to people in Japan.
She thoroughly read ‘Organon of Medicine 6’ ‘Chronic Diseases’ ‘Materia Medica Pura’ ‘Lesser writings’ by Dr. Hahnemann and enabled to deal with intractable diseases, including autism by devising the ZEN homoeopathy through various successful cases, referring to his teachings.
The ZEN homoeopathy is ‘Heilkunst’ that Dr. Hahnemann advocated to make everyone to be healthy in all aspects. In other words, it is an innovative approach to cover all, homoeopathy, iatrogenic diseases, lifestyle habits including balanced healthy diet, and spiritual evolution.
Torako was invited by four countries in Europe last October to give presentations that created a wonderful sensation. She has kept developing the ZEN homoeopathy from clinical experiences with her deep insights to lead people in modern society to be cured rapidly and fundamentally.
In this seminar, she will share her new findings in homoeoprophylaxis; Relations between Inner Child and Pathogens that have emotions. Her lecture will enrich the depth of your daily practice.

Trevor Gunn

Homoeopath, Author and Holistic Health Practitioner

Trevor Gunn is a graduate in medical biochemistry, UK registered and practising homeopath.
With more than 20 years clinical experience, he has developed valuable insights into the processes of the body in disease and an understanding of how to successfully treat them.
Lecturing all over the world and on national TV & radio he is able to show how the two apparently opposing world views of orthodox and holistic medicine can be effectively integrated to make sense for both therapist and patient. Whether we attain unbounded health & vitality or descend into serious & chronic disease, will be greatly influenced by the choices we make in our times of crisis, (our illuness).Many of us have been taught to “believe”that things are going “wrong when they are in fact going “right”, to fight “enemies” that are our “frinds” and to ignore issue that are vitally important in creating health.

He will discuss the main theme of his Holistic pathology … how to understand the intelligence of the body in disease, through the details of medical sciences (immune disorders, allergies, autoimmune disease and infectious disease) and how people can create specific susceptibilities to infectious illness through pharmaceutical suppression …
He will also show how homeopathy can raise our energy and remove our susceptibility to illness so long as we don’t add the disease causes back into our lives and adopt suppressive techniques to push disease in etc


Cilla Whatcott


Cilla Whatcott is a board-certified classical homeopath in Mineapolis USA.Cilla is the co-founder of Free and Healthy Children International, and executive director of Worldwide Choice – an organization undertaking evidence-based research with homeoprophylaxis (HP) and training medically licensed providers to administer HP. Cilla has been a guest lecturer in France, Scotland, Ireland, Indonesia, the USA, and Canada, and was featured in episode 7 of The Truth about Vaccines. She has organized and directed international conferences in 2015, 2016, and 2017 about homeoprophylaxis with leading researchers from around the world.
She is the recipient of a 2016 public service award from the Weston A Price Foundation for her work with homeoprophylaxis. Cilla is the producer/director of Real Immunity, a film about the intelligence of life and how we can overcome fear to access the resources we need to build real immunity. Her deepest desire is to see families everywhere heal and thrive. She will talk and show her film “The Quest for Real Immunity” at the first time in the UK.


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