TOYOUKE New Year Talk

TOYOUKE “Minano TV (TV for everyone)” started, delivered almost every Tuesday via Instagram Live

《Memorial Special Lecture on National Foundation Day》 by Torako sensei
“What we need to know, hoping for the reconstruction of Japan and the Japanese people”

Special Lecture “Embrace symptoms”

Nippon TOYOUKE Natural Farming was awarded the Excellence Award (Governor’s Award)
in the “Agricultural Land Concentration and Consolidation Category” in the “Shizuoka Prefecture Farmland Utilization Optimization Promotion Activity Award Project”
In order to promote the optimization of the use of farmland, an organization that undertakes activities to regenerate abandoned farmland that can be expected to have a ripple effect as a model for other regions, and promotes activities to concentrate and consolidate farmland.

Ohigan (Equinoctial week) Lecture “Your disorder is a message from your ancestors, past lives, and karma.”

World Homeopathy Awareness Week Japan event was held

GW Special Event “Kokoro(Heart) day” – Inner Child meeting to share pain and find hope for Life –

Public live recording Lecture “Nosodes and spiritual vies on plants” for ARH International Conference 2022 “Health and Resilience!’
+ Second half “Meeting that Torako sensei will answer anything”

Spring flower picking with Torako sensei “TOYOUKE Natural Farming experience tour”

Representing Japan at the “the 4th Homeopathy World Congress” hosted by Sukul Institute of Homeopathic Research, Kolkata, India.
Presentation title “ZEN Homoeopathy – leading intractable diseases to be cured”

[GW special event]
Homoeopathy Day – Homoeopaths x Medical doctors who support homoeopathy

TOYOUKE day for TOYOUKE members, wishing for the growth and health of children

The 14th symposium on Japanese agriculture and food “The key to overcoming the food crisis lies in the “TOYOUKE style” Natural Farming”
It was accompanied by “Echinacea harvest festival – revived life; Turning abandoned cultivated lands int fields; Why is this activity important now?”

The article “DNA teleportation solves the mystery of homoeopathy!?” by Torako sensei was carried on the June issue of “Mu” super mystery magazine

[Torako-sensei special project] Practical course “Reborn”

Emergency lecture Part 1 by Torako sensei “What people who have been vaccinated should do immediately. What should be done now to prepare for a pandemic after autumn” |

Emergency lecture Part 2 by Torako sensei “Preparing for the coming food and financial crisis! to escape from their control”

Torako-sensei Summer event lecture

Let’s go with Torako-sensei and Kotani-sensei! “Kiso Ontake nature observation & sacred sites tour”

[Minano TV Special] Kiso Ontake nature observation & natural blessings tour 2022 with Torako sensei and Kotani sensei

Torako-sensei “Autumn Equinox” Special Lecture

The 23rd JPHMA Congress – ZEN Homeopathy Academic Conference
“Destruction of Vaccine Faith: Homoeopathy and Natural Farming save an unprecedented era”
keynote speech

Seminar presentation at the Agribusiness Creation Fair 2022 hosted by the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries


TOYOUKE Natural Farming ‘Autumn harvest festival’ tour, welcoming TOYOUKE members to her farm.




TOYOUKE New Year Talk

Presentation at the 3rd Homeopathy World Congress “Homeopathic Remedies and Herbs for Human Health and Agriculture (Homeopathy & Traditional Medicine)”

Overcome Corona and Taboo – 10 Lectures to survive in this Era” <8th> “Mind”

Chaired Symposium on Japanese agriculture, forestry and food

Overcome Corona and Taboos – 10 lectures to survive in this era <10th> “Education”

World Homeopathy Awareness Week (WHAW) event “Japanese fermented foods are green medicine! ”

“A balanced beauty and diet leads to a healthy body – The key to peace in the world lies in the beauty of women” Main speaker


[GW Special Event]
“Kokoro(Heart) day” – Inner Child meeting to share pain and find hope for Life –

“Homoeopathy Day” Case presentations – improved by homoeopathy




Spring flower picking – TOYOUKE Natural Farming experience tour


Special lecture by Dr. Yui sponsored by Musashimurayama City Medical Association “How to improve immunity to survive in the corona era”

Tooth Strengthening Month Special Project – Teeth represent a person’s way of life, influenced by past lives

The June 2021 issue of the magazine “Therapist” featured an interview with Torako-sensei, “Cosmetics made with organic vegetables and herbs born from TOYOUKE Natural Farming – Let’s get the skin’s natural radiance!”

Association of medical doctors and medical professionals who support homoeopathy

The 12th Symposium on Japanese Agriculture, Food, and COVID-19

Lecture by Torako Yui, Honorary Chairperson of JPHMA
New Corona Vaccine Damage and Emergency Countermeasures <Pre-Congress event>

[Urgent announcement] “What we want everyone to know about the new corona vaccine”

Summer Lecture “Let’s find the true history, cherish life, and live purely”

The 1st Animal Congress

Kiso Ontake nature observation and worship tour with Torako sensei and Kotani sensei


Plant therapy and phytotherapy that makes you happy


Autumn Equinox Special Lecture “Living Happily in a Spiritual Life”

ZEN Homoeopathy, overcoming cancer with a natural way of life 《Pre-congress event hosted by JPHMA》


The 22nd JPHMA Congress


An essay written on the theme of “Delicacy” was published in the magazine “Therapist” October issue

《After Congress Talk Event》 Covid-19 Issues testimonial

Let’s go with Torako-sensei! Autumn Harvest Festival – Satisfy your Heart and Tummy! ! ~TOYOUKE Natural Farming Experience Tour~


Presentation “The view and approach of ZEN homoeopathy in integrative oncology” at the 13th European Congress of Integrative Medicine (ECIM) 2021


A week to make good teeth commemorative lecture “Teeth are influenced by past lives that represent a person’s way of life – Part 2”


The 13th Symposium on Japanese Food and Agriculture


Her book “Spiritual method to increase immunity” was introduced in the December issue of the magazine “Anemone”


Presentation at “Discover! Aroma & Herb EXPO 2021”


Year-end special lecture “Embrace inner child and karma”



Deutscher Zentralverein homöopathischer Ärzte introduced her and JPHMA congress on their News Letter.

Homöopathie in Japan

‘After all, Homoeopathy is wonderful!’ lecture in Wakayama

‘After all, Homoeopathy is wonderful!’ lecture in Fukuoka

‘After all, Homoeopathy is wonderful!’ lecture in Okinawa

ZEN Homoeopathic approach to New coronavirus by Torako Yui

Interviewed by ‘United to Heal’ in German

Speaker Landingpage Standard

Keynote presentation at ‘TOYOUKE Day’ event

Chaired ‘The 9th Symposium on Japanese Agriculture and Food’ hosted by TOYOUKE Natural Farming

Pre-event of the 21st JPHMA Congress 「Thinking of Japanese agriculture, food and future」

Keynote speaker at the 21st JPHMA Congress 「Surviving wisely with homoeopathy by learning from catastrophe (natural disasters, calamity, epidemics, wars, etc」

Interviewed by 「Homeopathy Summit – Eye on the Future」.
She also attnded Live Talk on this event with Mr. Jon Gamble (Australia) and Dr. Rajeshwari Rapata (India) and exchanged beneficial opinions under the theme 「Pollution, Radiation and Homeopathy」.

Let’s go with Torako sensei! “TOYOUKE Natural Farming Autumn harvest festival”

10 Lectures to survive in this Era” <7th> “Looking back on 2020 including the Corona issues”

Presentation at “Discover! Aroma & Herb EXPO 2021”

Year-end special lecture “Embrace inner child and karma”


She gave two presentations at the 19th JPHMA Congress ‘ZEN Homoeopathy : a medicine of future that heals body, mind and soul’ as a keynote speaker.
In the presentation, she shared three cases that mothers lost their child to explain about karma and spiritual growth. Her thoughts were with the patients. She saved their body, mind and soul with homoeopathic remedies, Inner Child healing and spiritual advice. It was felt as an ideal state of Heilkunst (a real practitioner) that Hahnemann advocated and homoeopaths should aim at.

Spring lecture tour 2019 by Dr. Torako Yui ‘Awaken your faith for a happier life!’ in Fukuoka

Spring lecture tour 2019 by Dr. Torako Yui ‘Awaken your faith for a happier life!’ in Oita

Spring lecture tour 2019 by Dr. Torako Yui ‘Awaken your faith for a happier life!’ in Nagoya

Spring lecture tour 2019 by Dr. Torako Yui ‘Awaken your faith for a happier life!’ in Osaka

Spring lecture tour 2019 by Dr. Torako Yui ‘Awaken your faith for a happier life!’ in Sapporo

Spring lecture tour 2019 by Dr. Torako Yui ‘Awaken your faith for a happier life!’ in Sendai

Special lecture in Equinoctial week

Flower picking tour by Nippon TOYOUKE Natural Farming

The 8th Japanese agriculture and food symposium
‘Agriculture, Food and Lifestyle for everyone to be happy’

Toya tour by Nippon TOYOUKE Natural Farming

Special lecture in Obon festival (the time of year when the souls of ancestors come back to visit)
‘Karma and Inner Child’ ‘Awaken faith to live happily 2’

Exchange meeting of Inner Child therapist course students and graduates

Lecture for everyone to live happily by Torako Yui in Osaka

Lecture for everyone to live happily by Torako Yui in Matsue

Lecture for everyone to live happily by Torako Yui in Fukui

Lecture for everyone to live happily by Torako Yui in Kanazawa

Lecture for everyone to live happily by Torako Yui in Shizuoka

Autumn harvest festival by Nippon TOYOUKE Natural Farming

She was invited as a speaker for ‘2nd World Congress – Homeopathy & Traditional Medicine: Zero Molecule to Macromolecules’ by Sukul Institute of Homeopathic Research

She gave a presentation under the title ‘ZEN Homoeopathy – leading intractable diseases to be cured and enhancing spirituality’ that was well received.

Extracts of feedback by overseas participants

●She showed a very very integrative approach of medical practice, including all factors that actually matter to the patient. It is a deep aproach for the patient to cause a miracle with great respect and setting the best of it.

●We are overwhelmed by the awsome lecture by Dr. Torako Yui’s practice of treatment. Herbal homoeopathy has now grown as an equivalent branch of modern system of medicine. The treatment method as presented by Dr. Yui has got no side effect and it can be used safely to the children. If they are applied the correct medicine studying their mental attitude and other concomitant symptoms it is sure that they will recover.

●Thank you for your informative and significant deliveration with us. The system of your diagnosis patient and selecting medicine as the accurate point of view is very charming and scientific as it’s requirement though it is most similimum to the rule of Organon of Homoeopathy. I support it through different reasons. One of my exceptional thinking through practice and other individual ideology of my own.

She gave two presentations in the celebration of 20th JPHMA Congress ‘Energetic Medicine – ZEN Homoeopathy heals the mind, body and soul – and could save humanity!’ as a keynote speaker.



The 18th JPHMA Congress, Congress Chair
‘Beautiful body, mind and soul – they are gifts from nature’

It celebrated the 20th anniversary of its establishment
Dr. Torako Yui was awarded ‘Honorary chairperson’ at the JPHMA Annual General Meeting

She appeared on ‘Real Immunity’ a documentary film by Cilla Whatcott

Feb – Apr
ZEN Homoeopathy – to live comfortably and happily

Special Event
4th: Food and Agricultural DAY
5th: Homoeopathy Toranoko DAY
6th: Inncha (Inner Child) Day

The 7th Japanese agriculture and food symposium
‘Seed is vital! Proposals for safe food and future for agriculture and forestry in Japan – Public seed – Seed is for everyone!’

TOYOUKE Natural Farming tour with Torako sensei!

She supervised Japanese version of ‘Research in Homoeopathy 2017’ presented by CCRH, Ministry of AYUSH, Govenment of India

The PSI SCIENCE INSTITUTE OF JAPAN invited Dr. Torako Yui to give a lecture

She attended ‘New Horizons in Water Science’ Evidence for Homeopathy? as VIP guest


She was invited as a keynote speaker at the 8th International Conference on Traditional Medicine and Acupuncture in Rome

Nippon TOYOUKE Natural Farming Toya tour 2018

Summer lecture

Exchange meeting of Inner Child therapist course students and graduates

ZEN Homoeopathy for living happily ‘Embrace sufferings’ in Tottori

Special lecture on Higan (the equinoctial week)

JPHMA Congress pre-event Testimonies of being cured and improved by ZEN Homoeopathy! and Torako sensei’s special Q & A live talk

Five people gave presentations about their testimonies on developmental disorder, Inner child, Anthrophobia, and Atopic eczema. All of them were impressively improved with great awareness. Their process of being cured was wonderful. They were given a big round of applause.
Dr. Torako spoke words of appreciation to to each of them and gave pathologic and homoeopathic explanation about each case.

She gave a lecture at an event ‘Discovery! Aroma and Herb EXPO’

She gave a lecture ‘ZEN Homoeopathy for living happily – Embrase sufferings’


23 and 24 Feb
She participated, as a representative of Japan, in ‘World Integrated Medicine Forum – Regulation of Homoeopathic Medicinal Products: National & Global Strategies’ in New Delhi on Thu 23 and Fri 24 February 2017.
This forum was organised by Central Council for Research in Homoeopathy (CCRH) and was supported by Ministry of AYUSH, Government of India, Pharmacopoeia Commission of Indian Medicine & Homoeopathy (PCIMH) and Drugs Controller General of India (DCGI).
There were over 200 participants from 25 countries with over 50 international and Indian Industries.
Shri Shripad Yesso Naik, Minister of State (Independent Charge) for AYUSH, Shri Ajit M. Sharan, Secretary, the Ministry of AYUSH, and Shri Anil Ganeriwala, Joint Secretary, the Ministry of AYUSH attended the inaugural ceremony. Dr. Kim Sungchol, regional adviser in Traditional Medicine in WHO also attended this forum.

Her essay ‘Living naturally will make us happier! – Let’s regain Natural Food, Natural Farming, Natural Mind and Natural Medicine –‘ won ‘Superior’ prize at the 24th Health Essay Contest by an incorporated nonprofit organization, Nippon Sogo Igakkai (Japan Integrated Medicine : that has been consistently pursuing medicine that makes people to be healthy by dietetics. The essay was carried on their journal, Gekkan Sogo Igaku (Integrated Medicine Monthly) No. 349 Vol. 40 – 3 on 1 March 2017.

She was invited to the opening ceremony and the opening talk at ‘Happy Women Festa 2017’ on International Women’s Day (IWD) on 8 March.
The event was suppoted by Cabinet Office, Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, and Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, Government of Japan. The Japanese first lady, Mrs Akie Abe attended at the opening ceremony and gave a talk with other eminent people.

She served as president of The 6th Japanese agriculture and food symposium Returning to nature – Japan’s revitalization will begin from Natural agriculture and forestry and Natural state of mind.
She repeated the importance of returning to nature in mind, body and spirit and heartily wished everyone to receive good influence from the symposium. The symposium ended with a great round of applause.

Her article ‘The Zen Homoeopathy – Miraculous recovery from gas gangrene, inner child healing and spiritual approach to karma’ was carried on Homeopathy International Spring 2017 Edition by the Homeopathic Medical Association (HMA).

Jul and Aug
Torako sensei’s national summer tour 2017 in Nagoya, Osaka, Oita, Fukuoka, Tokyo
Theme: ‘Life is meant for losing!’

29 & 30 Jul
Nippon TOYOUKE Natural Farming Toya tour 2017

17 Sep
Lecture ‘Life is meant for losing!’ in Sapporo

18 Sep
Lecture ‘Life is meant for losing!’ in Sendai

1 Oct
Lecture ‘Life is meant for losing!’ in Sendai

21 and 22 Oct
She was invited as a main speaker for ‘SPIRIT NATURE HEALING’ symposium hosted by Verein fur medialitat und heilkunst in Niefern, Germany.

Presentation theme on 21 Oct: Karma – Karmas from past life and ancestors affects
Presentation theme on 22 Oct: Relation between Inner Child and Cardiac Diseases

< Extracts from the feedback >
“I very much enjoyed your lecture – and as for organisational issues : it was very moving to have the translation into German the way it was. Regarding the Zen Homoeopathy, I feel you have moved Hahnemann’s teaching to a high level, integrating the inner Child psychotherapy.”

“Very good and logic of homoeopathy and inner child. Make excited to know more about it. Would be interesting especially to know more about ‘Inner Child’ Work.”

“Zen homoeopathy can definitely bring us for want to change, find inner harmony and peace. On by then will I be about to share universal love!”

“Your presentation has shown the practical of homoeopathy for the next step in the healing of mankind. I wish god bless you!”

24 Oct
She was invited as a main speaker for the conference by The Romanian Association of Gemmotherapy and Homeopathy (ARGH) in Iasi, Romania.
Presentation theme: Inner Child and Spirituality – Importance of Increasing Spirituality

< Extracts from the feedback >
“Great lecture. Very motivational and full of knowledge about homeopathy, faith and soul. Very useful, the cases presented, how they were presented discussed, and also how it was presented the follow it. It was a new and interesting approach of Zen homeopathy, Useful for my future practice as well as medical and also as a psychotherapy approach and as a healthy nutrition for patients.”

“Thank you for your lecture and your message of love, peace and supporting. Our culture is strongly saved based on love, forgiveness as well as our religion. your concept is not unknown to me, as put it as practice in my office as well. I hope that Romanian and Japanese relations and partnership will grow in the next future.”

“I find the ZEN homeopathy very interesting because it is treating the whole being and the past. I also find interesting that during the case taking, Torako tried to explain about the inner child to the mothers. That is a way of healing the families, to be aware of their problems and not to avoid the grief from the past. Thank you TORAKO!”

28 Oct
Dr. Torako Yui was invited as a speaker for the first European conference of Homeoprophylaxis: A Worldwide Choice for Disease Prevention in Soesterberg, The Netherlands.
Presentation theme: Homoeoprophylaxis by The ZEN Homoeopathy

< Extracts from the feedback >
“I enjoyed the inner Child information. I liked seeing your approach of soul, mind +body -also with natural farming + pointing out that food plays a big role in your health. Liked seeing the cases! Great lecture.”

“Torako’s presentation was absolutely beautiful and was very much appreciated by so many. Please be sure she knows this. We thank Torako for all you did to help make this conference a success – and help further word about nontoxic homeoprophylaxis. The thought of the inner child is a very true one – it resonated with me very well.”

29 Oct
Dr. Torako Yui was invited as a speaker for the Homoeopathic Medical Association (HMA) Annual Conference in London, the U.K. and gave the presentation as the last speaker of the program.
Presentation: The Zen Homoeopathy – Leading Mind, Body and Soul to be cured in the Trinity

< Extracts from the feedback >
“Very insightful presentation and I was intrigued about the soul and mind relationship.”

“Essential work for the planet! A beautiful presentation, well balanced, and real.”

“I really enjoyed your video cases where it was obvious that homoeopathy heals not the person but the soul. What amazing transformations in your patients! Please carry on with your magical work, giving enlightenment to so many people.”

“Beautiful work and a very touching presentation with on underlying soul power coming through to heal all our inner child. Thank you!”

“Thank you for informative talk and for raising awareness on treating the human being taking into an account the trinity of soul, mind and body.”

5 Nov
She held TOYOUKE Autumn Harvest Festival in Shizuoka

10 & 17 Nov
She welcomed Mr. Susur Lee, a well-known Canadian celebrity chef to TOYOUKE Organics Restaurant and TOYOUKE Natural Farming for making his program ‘A Quest for Food & Wellness: Susur Lee in Japan’ with Canadian TV crews.

12 Nov
Lecture ‘Life is meant for losing!’ in Wakayama



She took the rostrum of ‘Connecting integrative medicine! Open symposium!’ hosted by World Forum in Tokyo on Mon 11 Jan.

The theme of this symposium was ‘The truth opens the future!’

Japanese five ‘leading figures of integrative medicine’ were invited to the event and Dr Yui took the rostrum as a representative of homoeopaths and natural farmers under the theme ‘Intestines are the same as soils.’

Her article ‘Contemporary Homoeopathy in Japan’ was carried on Homoeopathic Links 2016;29(01) issuded by Thieme, the large German medical and science publisher. (*It was ranked no. 6 ‘Most read popular article’ among many articles as of 3 Sep 2016.)

Interview by Chiron Health Choice in the U.K. was carried on their website.

Her interview was carried on International News section of ‘Homoeopathy 360°’ that is the web version of ‘The Homoeopathic Heritage’ that is the oldest and the most distributed journal in the world.

The theme was ‘Medicine, food, Agriculture and Health – Natural seeds and agriculture protect people’s health’. She pointed out food issues in Japan and the world and suggested the solutions.

Book review of her book ‘The Thesis of Immunization Impossible’ was introduced on Narayana Verlag.

I LOVE HOMOEOPATHY that has more than 220,000 followers carried about her story.

She gave a presentation of the latest ‘Zen Homoeopathy’ at USL School of Pharmacy. The participants were not only from the U.K. but also gathered from various countries, such as Romania, Switzerland, Denmark, Germany, Nigeria, the U.S.A.

She contributed article ‘Two cases of Calcium Deficiency Diseases’ to Hpathy Vol.13 Issue 10.

The Japanese version of ‘Homoeopathy – Science of Gentle Healing – ‘ dossier of homoeopathic research, compiled by CCRH with a permission from Ministry of AYUSH, Government of India was released under her direction.

She served as Congress president for The 17th JPHMA Congress
Theme: Living naturally will make us happier – Let’s regain Natural Food, Natural Farming, Natural Mind and Natural Medicine.
It was held with presentations by professional homoeopaths, a doctor homoeopath, flower essence practitioner, farmers and chef in Nippon TOYOUKE Natural Farming, Chief editor of vegetarian magazine,
Dr Rosina Sonnenschmidt from Germany and attendance at panel discussion by a well-known Japanese actress who is practices natural farming.
As honorable special guests, Dr R. K. Manchanda, director general of CCRH joined the congress via Video link and received a video message from Ajit M. Sharan, Secretary, Minisry of AYUSH, Government of India.

< Message from Secretary of Ministry of AYUSH, Government of India >


Greetings from Ministry of AYUSH, Government of India

I am pleased to know that the Japanese Homoeopathic Medical Association is organising homoeopathic congress on 11 and 12 November 2016.

I welcome all the dignitaries of the congeress and regret that I cannot do so in person cannot come to due to urgent work
upcoming parliament session.

It gives me tremendous pleasure to know that the Japanese version of Homoeopathy Science of Gentle Healing, one of the most sought after
publication of AYUSH, Government of India, is released on this occasion.

This compilation is widly used as a reliable reference resouce technical and professional organisations and individuals.

The fact that the third edition of this dossier has been necessitated in such a short period speaks of the
void filled by this publication, which features well-compiled information on various aspects of Homoeopathy related to infrastructure,
education, research and global status.

The highlight of the dossier remains a tabulated record of important researches carried out so far by
Central Council for Research in Homoeopathy, and other hallmark researches conducted elsewhere,
along with their outcomes.

I am also glad to note that translation of this book in various foreign languages is being undertaken, which would ensure wider readership.

I hope the Japanese readers will find the content of this edition enriching and informative and, in turn, refer this publication to
their friends and colleagues with great confidence and faith.

I here convey my best wishes for successful deliverations and hope this conference culminates
benefitial outcomes for further reference of homoeopathy not only in Japan but all over the world. Thank you.

Ajit M. Sharan
Secretary, Minisry of AYUSH
Government of India

Her article ‘Zen Homoeopathy: Approach to damages from HPV vaccines (cervical cancer vaccines)’ was carried.

Hosted CHhom educational tour in India (they cut India vertically more than 3,000km in India: Delhi → Kottayam → Coimbatore → Ooty → Jaipur → Delhi)

・At Central Research Institute for Homoeopathy in Kottayam,
Inaugural session & Book release of “Homoeopathy-Science of Gentle Healing” in Japanese and CCRH & JPHMA joint event under the theme ‘Seminar on Mental Health’.

・When she visited Centre of Medicinal Plants and Research in Homoeopathy (CMPRH), Emerald, Ooty. A lot of media interviewed her. The interview was carried on Indian papers and TV on the following day.

One of them is The Hindu, one of the biggest national English news paper.

・In Jaipur, she gave a presentation of ‘The Zen Homoeopathy’ at the 20th All India Homoeopathic Congress 2016 at Jaipur hosted by the Indian’s biggest homoeopathic organisation, Homoeopathic Medical Association of India, winning the highest praise from Indian colleagues.

・She visited the Ministry of AYUSH and could have a meeting with Mr Anil Ganeriwala, Joint Secretary. Dr Manchanda and researchers of Ministry of AYUSH were also joining the meeting to discuss about many topics such as promotion, education, collaboration of homoeopathy.


27 Feb
​She could have a meeting with Shri Nilanjyan Sanyal, the secretary of the Ministry of AYUSH at his office in New Delhi. She reported about history of homoeopathy and its current situation in Japan and talked about homoeopathic affiliation between India and Japan in future.
There was also ‘Interactive Meeting’ between CCRH and JPHMA at AYUSH Auditorium, Central Council for Research in Homoeopathy (CCRH) on the same day.
​​‘Overview of homoeopathic scenario what India can offer’ by Dr R. K. Manchanda ​​‘Indian scenario of homoeopathic education’ by Dr Lalit Verma
​​‘Overview of homoeopathic scenario in Japan and the possible areas of Indo-Japan collaboration’ by Torako Yui Ph.D.Hom.

28 Feb & 1 Mar​
Indo-Japan World Homoeopathic Conference 2015 in New Delhi ​​Dr Jitendra Sharma, Joint Secretary of the Ministry of AYUSH attended the opening session. Dr Kim Sung Chol, Technical officer, Traditional Medicine in WHO
South East Asia Region was an honorary guest speaker and gave a presentation ‘WHO Global TRM strategy 2014 to 2015 and situation of traditional medicine in the South East Asia region’.

​She visited the Prasanta Banerji Homeopathic Research Foundation(PBHRF)in Kolkata with Japanese homoeopaths and students.
​She was warmly welcomed with a red carpet, a huge bouquet of red roses and a banner ‘Welocome Dr Torako Yui’

5 Mar
She visited the kingdom of Bhutan with Japanese homoeopaths and students.
​​His Majesty King Jigme Khesar Namgyel Wangchuck kindly granted an audience
To Dr Yui and JPHMA council members at Tashichho Dzong.
At the audience, His Majesty listened to activities of Dr Yui and JPHMA carefully and thoughtfully.
His Majesty shared an opinion ‘Spirits have to be happy to get happiness. Not from visible matters.’ with Dr Yui. People in Bhutan have been proving this word.
​​His Majesty says that he supports homoeopathy.
In the end, His Majesty was so generous that he called other Japanese delegates and allowed to take a commemorative photo.

​​Her Majesty, Queen Grandmother of the King of Bhutan also granted the audience.
Her Majesty kindly invited Dr Yui and all Japanese delegates to her palace.
All of Japanese delegates could have a honorable opportunity to greet Her Majesty directly. Her Majesty generously offered very tasty afternoon tea to everyone at her palace.
Her Majesty is healthy and beautiful.
Her Majesty also uses homoeopathy and asked Dr Yui homoeopathic advices to people who work for her.

​She hosted ‘The 4th Japanese agriculture and food symposium’ in Nagoya.
The theme was ‘Food and agriculture to enhance immunity – Food and agriculture to prevent from falling ill.’
This symposium was featured by the biggest agriculture newspaper in Japan.

​She joined ‘Earth Day Tokyo 2015’ the biggest ecological event in Japan.
She talked at four different stages, the official talk stage, Agroecology stage JPHMA tent, and main stage to appeal homoeopathy and natural farming.

​She hosted TOYOUKE Natural Farming Experience Tour

​​She gave a seminar ‘The Zen Homoeopathy’ at the University of London.
​​The venue was filled with people from vaious fields, such as Japanese people who live in the U.K.,healthcare professionals, an astrologer, journalists, British homoeopaths, Indian homoeopath, etc.

Invited by National cervical cancer vaccine victims contact association, Kanagawa branch invited to give a lecture about homoeopathy. Homoeopaths of the Japanese Homoeopathic Medical Association (JPHMA) has been offering free homoeopathic consultations to people who are suffering from damages of cervical cancer vaccine since 2 years ago, as Dr Yui was grieved at heart to hear about distress of victims’ family. Dr Torako has also been giving free consultations to many of them.
*This free consultation has been ceased on 4 May 2017.

Autumn National Tour 2015

The theme of this tour was ‘A way of accepting everything and transforming it into appreciateion in order to ease KOKORO (the heart)’.

She visited Okinawa, Sapporo, Fukuoka, Osaka, Nagoya and Tokyo.

The 16th JPHMA Congress, Congress Chair

Theme ‘Let’s look at a way of living and food to keep us from falling ill and heal the mind!’

She invited Dr R. K. Manchanda, director general, Central Council for Research in

Homoeopathy under the approval of Ministry of AYUSH, Government of India and Dr Ameeta R Manchanda as special honorary guests.

Dr Manchanda awarded two memorial plaques to JPHMA and Dr Yui who has contributed to spread homoeopathy in Japan for 20 years.

He also presented ‘Homoeopathy – Science of Gentle Healing’ which CCRH edited in 2013.

Mr Kikuji Mimamide Lawyer, Mr Soshi Kotani, Chairman of NPO Natural Science Institute and Dr Takeshi Sako, Doctor of medicine were also guest speakers from Japan.

A renowned Japanese actress, Ms Kaoru Sugita also appeared at panel discussion.

Dr Yui gave presentations for 2 days under the themes ‘Why Zen homoeopathy rises a cure rate? The secrets’ and ‘Homoeopathy becomes a real medicine when mind and food are corrected. A way of enhancing eliminations. A way of living happily.’

She gave a presentation at Agribusiness Creation Fair 2015 hosted by Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, and Fisheries under the theme ‘A farmer working on a sixth Industry with natural farming has opened a Japanese restaurant in Tokyo’ on 18 Nov 2015.

Her article was carried on ‘The California Homeopath’ Homoeoprophylaxis November issue.

Theme ‘Thesis on the Essence of Infectious Diseases and Pathogens’

The results of a 2014 survey of YOBO Kit (homoeopathic remedy home kit), which Dr Yui formulated use among its membership, compiled by Japanese Homoeopathic Medical Association (JPHMA) was also carried on the journal.

Nov & Dec

Winter National Tour 2015
Theme ‘A way of living this life with comfort’
She visited Sapporo, Fukuoka, Osaka, Nagoya and Tokyo.



She hosted ‘The 3rd Japanese agriculture and food symposium’ in Kyoto
​​The theme was ‘The source of lives – natural farming and natural food’

She gave a presentation ‘Legal situation of homoeopathy in Japan’ at the ECCH and ICH Joint Conference, representing Japan.

​​She gave a lecture ‘The ZEN homoeopathy’ in London. Participants were not only from the U.K. but also from Germany, France, Italy, Switzerland, Croatia, Estonia, the U.S. and New Zealand.

​The 15th JPHMA Congress at the Tokyo Chamber of Commerce and Industry
​​Theme: It is the time to prepare for contingency – Food, Mind and Life,
Homoeopathy for everything
Special guests were Mr Seiji Ikeda, Mr Zenko Onagi, Dr Taro Shirakawa, Dr Takeshi Sakoh, Mr Toshio Tamogami, Dr Prasanta and Pratip Banerji.

She published ‘Homoeopathy for trauma and disasters – 36 remedies to overcome disasters’

She opened ‘TOYOUKE Organics’ restaurant & shop in Yoga, Tokyo.
​​Homoeopathic agriculture was featured by collection of cases which companies enter into agriculture in Shizuoka prefecture.

​She gave ‘Innerchild lecture’ in Sendai, where is one of affected area by the Great East Japan Earthquake.
She visited farm fields, homoeopaths and clients at the affected area, listened to their problems and advised the solution with giving encouragement.

​She gave a presentation ‘An encouragement of natural body, natural mind and natural living by homoeopathy and natural farming’ at Tokyo big site.

She gave a charity lecture in Fukushima under the theme of ‘A precious thing
FUKUSHIMA could only have known from overcoming the disaster – Being kept alive by larger great mystery’.

She hosted ‘The 2nd Japanese agriculture and Environment symposium’ in Kyoto, Japan. The theme was ‘Are seeds and food in Japan really safe?’

She reported JPHMA support activities, such as charity lecture in Fukushima and supplying remedies at the World Homoeopathy Awareness Week.

​She hosted ‘Flower picking tour in Kannami natural farm field’
She gave a presentation ‘Homoeopathy natural farming which makes soil,
vegetables and human-beings to be healthy’

​Celebrating her 60th birthday and gave lectures about ‘Medicine’ ‘Food’ ‘Disaster’ ‘Living’ and ‘Real history’ as‘Surviving in the age to come’ seminar series.

​Presented ‘ZEN homoeopathy – a way to address the high levels of intractable diseases found in Japan’ in London.

The first rice planting for TOYOUKE natural farming.
​​TOYOUKE natural farming Potato digging tour open to the general public.
​​TOYOUKE natural farming Flower picking tour open to the general public.

She started free consultation to save victims of HPV vaccines at Nippon
homoeopathy centre Tokyo headquarters.

She was invited by the 3rd Symposium for considering harmful effects from psychoactive drugs at Tokyo University and gave a presentation.

She hosted ‘India and Japan Homoeopathy International Conference –
Homoeopathy without borders’ as a chairperson in Delhi, India
​​She viisited Sur Homeopathic Medical College, Hospital and Research Centre, A Central Council of Homoeopathy (CCH) and Central Council for Research in Homoeopathy (CCRH).
She presented ‘Development and current situation of homoeopathy in Japan’ at the CCH and CCRH and was awarded a special certificate from CCRH, which is said the first time ever. She Presented ‘Development of homoeopathy in Japan and case studies’ ‘ZEN homoeopathy for iatrogenic diseases in Japan’ and ‘Inner child’. At the panel discussion, the most important for homoeopathy is for patient to be cured beyond homoeopaths’ dogmas and methods were agreed by everyone with accepting each other’s methods.
The conference’s theme ‘Homoeopathy without borders’ was succeeded.

She hosted ‘The 14th JPHMA conference’ at Meiji shrine for 2 days.
​​Approx. 1,400 turn outs over 2 days.
​​The theme was ‘Homoeopathy – A fusion of Love and Science. Love is invincible’
​​Dr Gustavo Bracho from Cuba and Dr R. K. Manchanda, Director General of CCRH from India attended the conference and gave presentations.
She gave a presentation ‘Natural farming in practice and case studies in iatrogenic diseases’ and ‘Education of the mind. Love is invincible’




German version of her book ‘The thesis of Immunisation Impossible’ was published.

She hosted ‘The 1st Japanese agriculture and Environment symposium’ in Kyoto, Japan.

She gave a charity lecture in Fukushima to support the Great East Japan Earthquake.

​She gave a presentation at the 1st International Conference of Traditional Medicine in Kobe, Japan

She attended the 7th Join American Homoeopathic Conference and presented ‘Homoeopathic approach to radiation problems’ at the round table discussion in Washington D.C.

She attended ICH face-to-face meeting in Washington D.C.

She started E-learning course of professional homoeopaths training at CHhom to all over the world (Japanese language).

She hosted TOYOUKE natural farming Farming Experience tour.
She gave a lecture ‘The reason why self-seed raising is important’

She visited New Delhi in India and had a meeting with Ms Vandana Shiva.

She hosted ‘The 13th JPHMA congress’.
Theme ‘Homoeopathy is meta-science – What is essential is invisible to the eye’ Over 1,000 turn outs over 2 days.
She presented ‘Working on safe and secure food and agriculture. Growing crops taking care of invisible qi (energy)’ as a representative of TOYOUKE natural farming Co Ltd. on the 1st day. She presented ‘Cured cases by ZEN homoeopathy, overcoming intractable diseases’ on the 2nd day.

She started ‘Inner child therapist course’.

She was invited by Klassieke Homeopathie for their conference ‘Homeopathy
against cancer’ and gave a presentation‘The ZEN homoeopathy to cancer’ for 2 hours. She received standing ovation for her presentation.

​She hosted ‘Germany and Japan International homoeopathy conference’ in
Germany, which homoeopaths from Japan, Germany, and the Netherland gave their presentations.
She presented ‘Homoeopathic approach to radiation, plants and environment
problems’ ‘Case studies in vaccination damages, autism, cancer and intractable diseases’ ‘Inner-child which erodes mind and its solution by ZEN homoeopathy’.


March & April
In order to support the areas affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake,
She took the lead immediately after the earthquake and carried out support activities.
The ​support team visited disaster areas to supply water, vegetables, food and homoeopathic remedies.


She gave a lecture on natural farming and homoeopathy at the Japan National Press Club


​The JPHMA support team visited the disaster area again.
They supplied water, vegetables, food and homeopathic remedies. Charity lectures and free homeopathy consultations were also provided.
​​Since then, Yui has regularly given lectures in the disaster area.

Presented at the Medialität und Heilkunst Congress in Germany

​Homoeopathy international charity conference for disaster recovery support held at Tsukuba International Conference Center
Theme: “Homoeopathy for a safer planet” and “Homoeopathy for coexistence with nature”

Agricultural production corporation Nihon TOYOUK Natural Farming established



She visited the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare to explain about homoeopathy.

The Narayana Publisher invited her to speak at 2. Kinderhomöopathie-Kongress (the second Children’s Congress) in Germany. She gave presentation ‘Cured case of developmental disorders, autism, hyperkinesia’

​She founded the College of Holistic Homoeopathy (CHhom)

​A big homoeopathy bashing happened in Japan.
​​‘The JPHMA Homoeopathy News’ was launched.
​​Homoeopathy TV on internet has started.



​She presented at ECCH and ICH Education Symposium in Leuven, Belgium. She showed ‘How to train homoeopathic approach to iatrogenic diseases’

She gave a presentation ‘Cured cases of intractable diseases and developmental disorders with homoeopathy’ at HMA annual conference in the U.K.



She published the Japanese version of “Organon 6” which was translated from original German language. She also published the Japanese version of “Chronic diseases”.
​​She also started to use Hahnemann’s original literatures as the text books for her college.
​​She also translated ‘THE BÖNNINGHAUSEN REPERTORY’ by George
Dimitriadis into Japanese and developed the software for repertorisation.

​The first Homoeopathy international symposium was held in Kyoto.

She developed ‘YOBO home kit’ for homoeoprophylaxis.
This kit contains nosodes remedies and main remedies for prophylaxis and to treat infectious diseases.

​She was appointed as an advisor to the International Homoeopathic Heritage Press by B. Jain Publishing House.

​​She gave a lecture of homoeopathy at the 4th Iyashi fair in Tokyo.

At the Third International Homoeopathy Conference in Dubai Torako Yui gave a presentation of improved cases of developmental disorders and intractable diseases.

She attended the inaugural meeting of the International College of Homoeopathy in Heidelberg, Germany



JPHMA started to certify professional homoeopaths and animal homoeopaths

​The JPHMA joined as a full member of the International Council for Homoeopathy (ICH) *As of March 2015, JPHMA is Observer status with ICH. JPHMA withdrew the membership in 2017.

She gave a lecture of homoeopathy at the 2nd Iyashi fair in Tokyo.

She established the Japan Royal Academy of Homoeopathy (RAH) in the U.K.

She presented two academic papers at the 47th Nippon Ningen-dock (complete medical checkup) conference outlining homoeopathy’s role in preventative medicine and case studies on auto-immune and iatrogenic diseases


JPHMA supported for Sumatra–Andaman earthquake.
​​She had an interview with Ms Sheila Dixit, Chief Minister of Delhi and donated 6,000 USD to the government of India. She made academic exchange with governmental homoeopathy institute and visited Nehru Homeopathic Medical College & Hospital in Delhi.

JPHMA joined WHAW.

She gave a lecture of homoeopathic childbirth hosted by Osaka Midwives Association.

​Indemnity insurance for JPHMA registered homoeopaths started to put into effects.

She gave a lecture of homoeopathy at the 1st Iyashi fair in Tokyo.



She gave a lecture of homoeopathy hosted by the Japanese Midwives Association Tokyo branch.

She gave a lecture of homoeopathic childbirth hosted by Nagano Midwives Association, Shouchiku branch.



She introduced TV conference systems to connect her schools in Tokyo, Fukuoka and Osaka.

​She was invited to HMA Annual Conference to give a presentation .
She presented three ways to cure chronic diseases with iatrogenic miasm, using ‘Vital Elements – Tissue Salts’ mainly.

She gave a lecture of homoeopathy hosted by the Japanese Women’s Association in Great Britain



​She was awarded fellow membership of College of Practical Homoeopathy (CPH) in the U.K.

​She was invited to HMA Annual Congress to give a presentation ‘Current situation of homoeopathy in Japan’ and ‘Homoeopathic approach to harmful effects of conventional drugs’

​She started to work on homoeopathic farming without using any agricultural chemicals or fertilizers, sticking to natural seeds.


She received Fellowship from the Homoeopathic Medical Association in the U.K. (HMA)

​She affiliated between HMA and JPHMA and invited examiners from HMA.
The first certificated examination was held at British Embassy in Tokyo.
The first 10 professional homoeopaths were born in Japan.

She held the first JPHMA congress (The JPHMA congress is held every year since then)

She gave a presentation about homoeopathy and cancer cases at the 6th Japan Cancer Convention.

She was awarded a Ph.D. in Homoeopathy from International Mathematical Union.



She gave a lecture about homoeopathy at TOSHIBA Corporation at Tokyo headquarter.



She invited Dr Jacques Benveniste to give a lecture at the RAH.

She established Homoeopathy Japan Co. Ltd and started to sell homoeopathic remedies.

She founded the first professional body, the Japanese Homoeopathic Medical
Association (JPHMA).

​​She gave a joint lecture at the medical department of Kyushu University with Mr John Morgan, the managing director of Helios in the U.K.

She was invited to give a lecture of homoeopathy at Parliament Hall by Mr Yuji Yamamoto, a member of the House of Representatives .



She founded the first professional homoeopathic course in Japan, the Japan Royal Academy of Homoeopathy (RAH)​to meet a demand from Japanese people.

She established Nippon Homoeopathy Center and Homoeopathy Toranoko-kai (an association for people who love homoeopathy and use it on regular basis)

​She was invited to give a lecture by Japan Holistic Medical Society, Kyushu branch.


She gave a lecture hosted by Shizen chiyuryoku no kai (Association of Natural Healing Power).

She lectured on homoeopathy for Tokyo Medical University and the Japan Holistic Medical Society (Chairperson Dr Ryoichi Obitsu) and started to give homoeopathic consultation in Japan, residing in London.
​​She advocated homoeoprophlaxis in her article ‘a bottle of homoeopathic remedy from London’ on Japanese holistic magazine ‘Tama’.

She became the first Japanese registered homoeopath at the British Homoeopathic Medical Association (HMA).
She opened her homoeopathic clinic in London


As of Mar 2024
2,000 graduates from her college, the Japan Royal Academy of Homoeopathy (RAH) and College of Holistic Homoeopathy (CHhom)
Approx. 600 registered homoeopaths at the JPHMA
Approx. 300 Nippon homoeopathy centres recognized by the JPHMA
Approx. 100 animal homoeopaths
It is estimated there are over 2 million homoeopathy users in Japan and over 1 billion homoeopathy users worldwide.