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I encountered homoeopathic treatment through my illness and regained my health. It was not only my physical recovery but my mental aspect was also recovered. I became able to spend days without worrying about the future. Good points of homoeopathy are not to harm the body and the mind. Moreover, it encourages our way of living to become the natural posture. I think what natural way of living is natural food, natural medical care, natural environment, natural cosmetics and natural mind. In order to promote this in an integrated manner, TOYOUKE Organics was started.

The motto of TOYOUKE Organics is natural farming, chemical fertilizer free, pesticide free and home seed-raising. We use malt, lactic acid bacteria and homoeopathy in order to increase fermentation to promote microorganisms of soil. We produce safe food and safe cosmetics by using herbs and vegetables which were grown in the natural environment.

The key of reconstruction of Japan is in restoring natural agriculture from Japanese ancient times

I learnt that it is possible for us to live with natural farming without destroying environment in Germany and France about 20 years ago. I decided myself ‘I will practice natural farming in Japan one day.’ I left Japan when I was 28 years old to reside in the U.K. At that time, it should have been about 70% of self-sufficiency rate in Japan. However, I saw that it declined to around 28% of it after 30 years passed. In European countries and the States, their governments are treating agricultures with warm hospitality, so even the U.K. whose lands are not so fertile, they have around 98 % of self-sufficiency thanks to their agricultural policy. It is current situation that agriculture in Japan has lost hope and motivation like no successors due to the delayed agricultural policy.

We brought our vegetables, dried vegetables and rice balls, miso and natural spring water from our farm to people in affected area of the Great East Japan Earthquake disaster on 11 March 2011. They were very pleased by this support. What we need at such emergency situation is food and water. Furthermore, it is necessary that the food and water are safe. We thought about it much deeper since 11 March 2011. Although we were practicing natural farming about 10,000 square meters of farmland in Toya, Hokkaido and 7,000 square meters of farmland in Kannami, Shizuoka from 6 years before the disaster happened, I thought it was the time for us to become serious about it. I did have a connection with Shizuoka Kannami JA(Japan Agricultural Cooperatives)via homoeopathy, I asked them to speak to Agricultural Promotion Association and had a four-party conference meeting with local office and established a company, Agricultural Production Co-operative NIPPON TOYOUKE natural farming in November 2011.

We received a lot of cooperation from people at local town hall and Japan agricultural cooperatives for this establishment. There are 12 farmers including myself at TOYOUKE. Our motto is working with joy, being grateful to crops, taking care of soil which soil bacterium, larvae of beetles, earthworms are living and not treating nature badly. Everyone in TOYOUKE farm is working with joy and gratitude, being with nature.

The destruction of the environment is influenced not only by agricultural chemicals, artificial fertilizers, and abusing of genetically modified seeds but also by notion of people who work the place. If we are reluctant to work and hate nature, we will not have good crops. It is very important for us to practice farming with pleasure, hope and gratitude. People who grow crops need to cultivate the mind to appreciate the crops. In order to achieve this purpose and pay everyone’s living, it is necessary that the crops are safe, distributable and sellable.

In order to achieve the above purpose, I think that farmers who grow farm products should take the initiatives from process to distribute them. I think it is necessary that farmers get together and join forces for us to create and sell by ourselves. We will also need to educate people who consume the products. If all of us choose safe vegetables and fruits even they are slightly expensive, their shapes are not uniform, and they are eaten by insects a bit, our agriculture will be changed from destroying nature to coexisting with nature. It is very important to gather people with a high level of awareness, supporting this policy.

I learnt homoeopathy which many of people are using in European countries in the U.K. and introduced it to Japan on full scale in 1997. Homoeopathy is gentle to humans, animals, food, and natural environment and restore as they are. We are cultivating soils by using homoeopathic remedies and plant fermented solutions and restoring the soil to their original condition which is full of soil bacterium. When I look after humans, I give not only homoeopathic treatment but also advice of food, how to live wisely and how to cleanse mind at the same time. I have experienced many of my clients, who were treated with homoeopathy and could not be cured, were improved when they changed to eat vegetables from natural farming.

It led me to notice that people are suffering from diseases caused by food which contain agricultural fertilizers, plant hormonal agent, artificial fertilizer, antiseptic agents, artificial colours, artificial monosodium glutamate and so on. We are resisting this tendency with people who know about homoeopathy mainly by using our safe and delicious vegetables and safe cosmetics.

I am wishing many people to know the real natural taste of vegetables, fruits and herbs and genuine natural cosmetics. We are currently having 5 TOYOUKE shops all over Japan to sell our vegetables and products.

I also think that the key of revival of Japan is to cherish our nature and farming which coexist with nature, and the revival cannot be happened without restoring Japanese natural agriculture which was practicing from Edo Period till the beginning of Showa Period.
I am sincerely wishing all living things to live healthy in mind and body. I am also wishing to restore Japanese natural farming with farmers who give their approval of our policy of farming unitedly.

Symposium of Japanese agriculture and food

We hold the symposium of Japanese agriculture and food every spring since we established Nippon TOYOUKE Natural farming Co.,LTD.


20th March 2012  

The 1st Symposium

“Back to nature, reconstruction of the agriculture environment will lead to reconstruction of Japan”


20th & 21st March 2013

The 2nd Symposium

“Are the Japanese seed and food safe?”


15th & 16th March 2014

The 3rd Symposium

“The souce of life, natural farming and natural foods”


4th April 2015

The 4th Symposium

“The food and agriculture which boost immune system – the foods which don’t make ill, the farming which don’t make ill”

Produce safe and secure process foods

We have a process factory of vegetables and herbs right next to our farm lands, and never waste our crops which are grown without chemical fertilizer and pesticide-free. Many foods in Japanese market today are overflowing with additives, genetically modified and F1 male sterility seeds, chemical seasoning, artificial sweeteners, pesticides and heavy used chemical fertilizers.
In contrast, the crops grown by Nippon TOYOUKE farming with the way of Japanese ancient farming and addition of homoeopathy are rich in minerals.
We are manufacturing additive-free miso, salt, tofu and a retort food (boil-in-the-bag food) to provide high-nutrient food for everyone.

Cosmetics made from chemical – free vegetables and herbs by Farmers

Cosmetics made from chemical – free vegetables and herbs by Farmers. Moreover, they contain homoeopathic remedies.
The main ingredients of our cosmetics are chemical-free vegetables and herbs. We are producing natural cosmetics “Cono Hanano Sakuya SHO-SO-KA” brands as a main that are removed petroleum-based raw materials completely to regain original brilliance of skin and hair and support people to live in natural manner.

I am a homoeopathic practitioner. I started to produce safe and secure cosmetics made from chemical-free vegetables and herbs, in combination with hearing distresses from my clients ‘there is no cosmetics which I can feel secure.’ and our company is practicing natural farming.

The story began from an encounter with a lady. I met an 80 year old lady whose skin was so beautiful and healthy, so asked her the secret. She answered me that she used only luffa water from her farm. I checked products which labels ‘luffa water’ and found shocking facts.
A product, using name of ‘luffa water’ on the bottle was not actually used luffa water at all. It was used petroleum-based moisturizing agent, preservative, synthetic dye, and other chemical ingredients, then contained only a little luffa extracts.

Another product claiming ‘We use only luffa water from contracted farmer. We do not add any drop of water.’ However, they used ethanol instead of water, so skin gets sore. The product was also contained sensitized element and surfactant for gloss and a lot of preservatives, so I was scared to use it.
Even ‘naturalist cosmetics’ made from plants, we cannot find out if the plants are grown without using agricultural chemicals nor chemical fertilizers and the seeds are not genetically modified, etc. As I could not find any products which I could use without anxiety, I decided to grow luffa by myself and produce luffa water face lotion.

We are practicing homoeopathic natural farming which is actively held in Europe, based on a philosophy of ‘chemical-free, fertilizer-free, home-raising seeds’. We are practicing natural farming, using a homoeopathic tool, called ‘Active Plant’ which is a fermented solution of 75 kinds of plant, mother tinctures, and homoeopathic remedies for making healthy soil. Thanks to these items for activating soil to grow vegetables and plants and crops themselves, we have become able to harvest vegetables and herbs with full of vitality. We have produced our natural cosmetics by making use of the power of the plants, which are gentle to our bodies.

Luffa, which is used to many products like skin lotion, contains plenty of pectin to give nutrition and moisture and saponin with anti-inflammatory action to soothe flushes and rough skin.

There are many vegetables and herbs which have good effects on skin like luffa. Carrots promotes blood stream, have improvement effects on rough skin and prevent acne, wrinkles and aging.
Cabbages contain plenty of vitamin C, K, U, to recover problem skin and fatigue and boron to promote female hormones.

Cosmetics from TOYOUKE Natural Farming are made from these vegetables and herbs with various homoeopathic remedies. They are the cosmetics to treat damaged skin from chemical ingredients and recover the original function of skin by using these high quality ingredients and self-healing power.

Seriously scary chemical substances

A word ‘Dermal toxin’, which skin absorbs chemical substances in skin care, hair care and body care products, has been spread these days. The amount of absorbed dermal toxin depends on a part of the body. If we count inside of arms as 1, head part is 3.5 times more, armpit is 3.6 times more, forehead is 6 times more, chin is 13 times more, back is 17 times more and genital organ is 42 times more.

The higher skin temperature is, the higher the absorption rate of harmful chemical substances become. It is said when the skin temperature gets higher from 10 degrees Celsius to 37 degrees Celsius, the absorption rate becomes 10 times more. Here is a reason why we should be careful on ingredients of shampoos, conditioners and body soaps. There are normal inhabitants on scalp and skin to make protective coat. However, petroleum-based products kill these normal inhabitants. phenoxyethanol, paraben, synthetic dye, synthetic perfume, synthetic surfactant are the same. We are focusing on our products without using any of such products and are working on developing them day and night.

Skin will be reborn by detox

Harmful substances through skin are accumulated in subcutaneous fat, so it is difficult to eliminate them. It takes time to regain the skin’s own power by eliminating all accumulated toxins.
Our customers sometimes tell us ‘I had dandruff and spots since I started to use your products.’ This is O.K. It is a proof to have cleansing reaction. Please just take my word and keep using them for 3 months. After your skin eliminated toxin completely, your skin will be reborn definitely.
I use skin toner lotion only after I wash my face as my skin type is oily. When dryness is too much in winter time, I use SHO-SO-KA Tengusa (agar-agar) Gel. My skin gets very tough and healthy by using our products. My hair was naturally curly, but got straight 6 months after I started to use our shampoo. It must be because wastes in pored were eliminated.

People ask me ‘Why your skin is so bright?’ ‘Please tell me the reason why your skin is so lustrous.’
I answer ‘It is thanks to natural farming.’
Cosmetics from natural farms are gifts from natural farming.
I hope a mind and a body of people who use our cosmetics products to regain the original and natural state and spend happy life.
We are producing our products with this wish in the same way as we grow our farm products.
I can say ‘Please try it out.’ to all our products with confident.
Please feel the power of land and power of vegetables and herbs with your own skin.

Natural farming course

The wisdom of self-sufficiency in order to survive the next era.
In the generation of unclear future, I think that it is very important to make yourself to eat and have a knowledge, wisdom and technology of “self-sufficiency”. Nippon TOYOUKE Natural Faming holds regular seminars of natural farming technologies which maximize the vital force of the crop for people to practice at home.