The Zen homoeopathy

Leads to cure complicated modern diseases*


Our pathology in modern days has surely become complicated under an extreme changing environment along with rapid development of technologies, comparing to the one in early modern period.
Classical homoeopathy is good and if the Zen homoeopathy is also applied, the curative rate will be increased more.
Indeed, it is not good to prescribe various remedies wildly as Kent said, however, I would like to explain why multiple remedies are needed for modern people.

I thoroughly read ‘Organon der Heilkunst 6 Auflage’ ‘Die Chronischen Krankheiten 2 Auflage’ ‘Materia Medica Pura’ ‘Lesser writings’ by Dr Samuel Hahnemann, the founder of homoeopathy and the great teacher to all homoeopaths, then enabled to deal with complicated pathologies by homoeopathy by devising the Zen homoeopathy through various succeeded clinical cases based on teachings by Dr Hahnemann to fit modern day problems over 10 years.
With regard to discrepancies of‘Organon der Heilkunst 6 Auflage’ and ‘Die Chronischen Krankheiten 2 Auflage’, I asked Mr Ewald Stöteler, a Dutch homoeopath, who read these literatures more than 200 times. I am very grateful to him for his teaching.

I am also deeply grateful to the late Dr Francisco X. Eizayaga, an Algentina homoeopath, who developed the layer approach which is a precursor of the Zen homoeopathy.

The merit of the Zen homoeopathy is that it is able to treat a chronic miasm (treatment of the soul) by using a chronic miasm remedy which is the fundamental problem of a disease, treat a chronic emotional stress (treatment of the mind) which caused a disease, and treat a symptom of disease or malfunction or dysfunction of an organ which sits in a deep part of the symptom (treatment of the body) at the same time. If there is an iatrogenic disease, a food-related disease, or an environment-related disease, remedies to eliminate the harmful effects are also prescribed at the same time.
This is the core of the Zen homoeopathy, three dimentional prescription (homoeopathic prescription to treat the soul, the mind and the body as the Trinity).


With regard to a chronic miasm, Hahnemann said

“Each of them occupies a particular locality in the organism and causing a disease of these three natural diseases at equal strength.”

over 200 years ago.

(*Organon of Medicine 6th edition translated by Kunzli.
§40 : It can also happen that the new disease, after acting for a long time on the organism, finally joins the old one, dissimilar to it, forming with it a complex disease. Each occupies a particular region of the organism, only, as it were, the site characteristically belonging to it – i.e., the organs with which it has a special affinity – and abandons the rest to the disease that is dissimilar to it.

Thus a patient with venereal disease can still contract scabies and vice versa; but these two diseases, being dissimilar, cannot extinguish or cure each other. At the beginning, while the scabies eruption is starting to appear, the venereal symptoms diminish and are suspended; but in time (since the venereal disease is at least as strong as the scabies) the two become associated, i.e., each takes over only the particular parts of the organism with which it has an affinity, and the patient thereby becomes more ill and more difficult to cure.)

Modern people with intractable diseases have a chronic disease such as iatrogenic diseases, food-related diseases or environment-related diseases along with natural diseases more and their pathologies have been complicated to say nothing of the three diseases. Many modern people also have malfunctions or dysfunctions of organs. As one of the reasons, definite mineral shortages from non-nutritious food is a possible factor. In order to cover minerals, mother tinctures which have plenty of physical minerals and tissue salt remedies in order to enhance the absorption of the minerals are combined to use. Mother tinctures are also effective to improve malfunction or dysfunction of organs directly, thus they are used as organ supports. Mother tinctures and tissue salt remedies are helping organs out in this way.

The reason why Dr Robert Thomas Cooper, a great homoeopath in the 19th century, cured a serious disease ‘cancer’ was because he used mother tinctures which are rich in minerals and vitamins (Arborivital Medicine).
In Zen homoeopathy, I have added tissue salt remedies (TS 12X) to cover lack of essential minerals in modern people.
The core of the Zen homoeopathy is the three-dimensional prescription which approaches the soul, the mind and the body at the same time. In fact, homoeopathy has limitations for diseases of the soul and the mind. Inner child healing plays a part for the Zen homoeopathy to approach diseases of the soul and the mind directly.
We have to understand that a disease exists in the soul, the mind and the body individualy and how each disease (a chronic disease) is formed.

Many of chronic disease in a body start from suppression of a symptom.

It goes without saying that many initial symptoms are eliminations of body wastes and toxicity. As we can imagine easily what will happen to our body if defecations or urinations are suppressed, if a symptom of a body is suppressed, malfunction or dysfunction of an organ will be brought about. It is a chronic disease of the body.

The same function of this physical symptom exists in the mind. It is an emotion. An emotion arises at the time of psychological stress. The psychological stress occurs when a thing does not get what we want. In this situation which a thing does not get what we want, an emotion becomes a motive power (an active power). In other words, an emotion is for relieving the psychological stress and an elimination symptom of the mind. If this emotion is suppressed, it becomes a chronic mental disease in the same way as an iatrogenic disease which is formed by suppressing a symptom of a body. As long as this psychological stress is not released by emerging to the surface, it keeps existing and gnawing the mind and the body. This suppressed emotion and thought (a chronic disease of the mind) is called ‘inner child’, an unsolved mental problem. The more inner child are, in the other word, the more suppressed emotions are, the lower the immunity becomes and the harder to heal, then the more likely to emerge an iatrogenic disease and a food-related disease at the same time.

The psychological stress is also caused by values and morals such as ‘how things should be’. In order to solve the problem fundamentally, it is needed to release the values and the morals.

This ‘how things should be’ values and morals could be called a disease of the soul. The soul carries the purpose of living and wishes. That is why the soul can continue to exist. Then, various small purposes, wishes, virtues, values are caused by the will to live. If the value is not according to the value of the soul, the soul will get hurt. In any case, if the value is suppressed by the other value, the wish keeps remaining under subconscious and keeps taking life force for all time.

When an emotion arises, it is important to recognize that a suppressed emotion in the past is returning, so remember the past event to release the past emotion, then look on the value which makes the emotion to arise, remember the event which formed the value in order to release the value. Furthermore, a work for regaining oneself by looking for a wish of own soul becomes important. It is the inner child healing which plays a part of the Zen homoeopathy.

The soul which exists to attain the purpose of this life will fall an ill from being caught by incorrect morals and values. I think the Zen homoeopathy might be good news to modern homoeopaths who are facing with a current situation that we cannot lead patients to be cured as long as we do not heal their mind and soul, approaching from various aspects at the same time.
Many clients who suffered from intractable diseases that conventional medicine declared ‘incurable’ were cured by the Zen homoeopathy which is three dimensional prescription and affectionate words (inner child healing) from homoeopaths.
I wish blessings of the Zen homoeopathy to be known to more people for patients who suffer from intractable diseases.

*modern diseases: diseases which occur or spread due to
modern different lifestyle and environment from the past.

I am going to explain about the Zen homoeopathy.

The Zen homoeopathy works on three dimensions.

1. Disease of the Soul: Suppression of values and wishes/purposes = chronic values → Causing a symptom of the mind (an emotion)

  • Chronic inheritance miasm (unnatural chronic value = soil to generate susceptibility) … Treat with anti-chronic miasm remedies


  • Release a susceptibility (unnatural values and morals) … (Anti-chronic miasm) … Release with remedies. Release with inner child healing. Release with flower essences.


  • Chronic values (suppressed values and wishes/purposes) … Release with remedies. Release with inner child healing.


★Homoeopaths give true words to make patients to release unnatural values and morals.

2. Diseases of the Mind: Suppression of thoughts and emotions → Causing a symptom of the body.

  • Release with remedies


  • Healing an inner child (releasing an emotion)


★Homoeopaths sympathise and give warm words.

3. Diseases of the body: Suppression of symptoms → Causing a symptom of the organ.

  • Healing with herbs, mother tinctures and tissue salt remedies.


★Homoeopaths supervise lifestyle such as food, clothing, shelter, and environment.

People started to heal only after all of these three spheres are covered. Hahnemann said that one remedy is needed for one disease. Humans are the existence of the Trinity (the soul, the mind and the body) and diseases also exist at each level of the soul, the mind and the body at the same time. Frequencies of diseases in the soul, the mind and the body are different respectively, therefore homoeopathic approaches to each level are different. Furthermore, every time when a symptom is suppressed, a new disease of the body is made, every time when an emotion is suppressed, a new disease of the mind is made and every time when a purpose or a wish is suppressed, a new disease of the soul is made. In other words, diseases of the body, the mind and the soul exist as many as symptoms of the body, emotions and values are suppressed.

When we think in this way, it is unreasonable to think that only one disease exists in one human and it could be said that it is unreasonable to narrow down only one remedy for one human.

Diseases of the soul mean suppressions of values and chronic values. With regard to chronic values, the below three chronic inheritance miasms are representative. The value of psoric miasm ‘I must be loved’, the value of sycotic miasm ‘I must be superior’, and the value of syphilitic ‘I must win’ have become instincts and are very difficult values to be released.

Many unnatural values arise from these chronic inherited miasms. These are thought as susceptibilities which are arisen from chronic inherited miasms. By the way, I think that a pathogen is a life form of values. If the pathogen brings out a chronic disease, I think a value which deals with the pathogen become a chronic miasm.

In the next place, if the value is resisted, our mind feels stress and an emotion arises. This emotion is a strong thought to relieve the stress. In other word, it is stress that we cannot do the way we want and if we can do the way we want, the stress is relieved. It is an emotion that creates acting abilities to do the way we want. The mind falls ill by suppressing the emotion to eliminate the stress, then a disease of the mind appears as a symptom of the body and the body falls ill by suppressing a symptom of the body.

In other words, it will lead malfunctions and dysfunctions of organs. Symptoms of the body are caused from suppression of emotions and malfunction or dysfunction of organs. If it is caused from suppression of the emotion, it is dealt with homoeopathic remedies which match the suppressed emotion and inner child healing. On the other hand, if it is caused from malfunction or dysfunction of organs, it is dealt with organ support, using mother tinctures and tissue salt remedies.

The structure of the Zen homoeopathy

In the morning, it is prescribed for a physical aspect as anti-psoric treatment. In this case, useful minerals for human bodies are mostly used and low potency and frequency such as LM1 is chosen.
In the afternoon, a client’s susceptibility (Diseases of the soul) is conquered with nosode remedies. LM2, relatively high frequency is used.
In the evening, plant or animal sourced remedy with high frequency for the current symptom is used. As symptoms of the body is derived from disease of the mind (suppression of emotions) except for iatrogenic diseases, food-related diseases and environment-related diseases, LM3 is used to deal with diseases of the mind. The reason why LM3 which has high frequency is prescribed is because diseases of the mind are the strongest. For the follow-up, the potencies will be ascended like LM2 in the morning, LM3 in the afternoon and LM4 in the evening. (Even the remedy in the evening is not the same, if the remedies in the morning and in the afternoon are the same, the potencies will be ascended.)

In the morning, I prescribe anti-psoric and useful mineral remedies.
The remedy is decided based on The Bönninghausen Repertory (TBR), and is confirmed with Materia Medica Pura and Materia Medica of Chronic Disease. Then, the remedy will be decided, taking into account of the most active miasm.

Hahnemann said that many of diseases are deriving from chronic psoric miasm. The chronic psoric miasm causes various values, emotions and symptoms as vital force become not able to hold down a force which a chronic psoric miasm tries to wake up due to lack of essential minerals for human bodies. Therefore, useful minerals (Calc, Sulph, Sil, etc.) for human bodies, in other words, anti-psoric remedies are prescribed as tissue salt remedies to people with waked chronic psoric miasm. However, it is needed to prescribe anti-sycotic remedies (Nit-ac, Arg-nit, Plub, etc), poisonous mineral remedies, to people whose syphilitic tendency is stronger. At the same time, it is needed to prescribe anti-syphilitic remedies (Merc, Aur-mur, Petr, etc), poisonous mineral remedies to people whose syphilitic tendency is stronger.
Hahnemann instructed ‘When a sycotic miasm is bigger, start from anti-sycotic treatment’ in Organon§205.

Organon of Medicine 6th edition translated by Kunzli §205

The homoeopathic physician never treats any of these primary symptoms of chronic miasms or any of the secondary ones arising during their development by local means (neither with external dynamically acting ones nor with mechanical ones). He cures only the great underlying miasm instead, whereupon its primary (except in some cases of longstanding sycosis (*as well as syphilitic… added by the author)) and secondary symptoms spontaneously disappear as well.

In the afternoon, I prescribe for the patient’s miasm, susceptability (mainly nosodes).
The remedy is decided by examining an interview sheet from a patient and taking the case.
Medical history of the patient’s family member is also important information to choose a miasm.

In the evening, I prescribe for the current symptom (mainly plant and animal remedies).
This remedy is decided by examining The Bönninghausen Repertory (TBR), Materia Medica and a miasm of the patient.

Then, I prescribe organ support which is a combination of mother tinctures, tissue salt remedies, and tautopathic remedies for iatrogenic diseases for a patient to take it at all times. I take into account Organon§279 and support organ(s) and a biological disease which a treatment is required the most for a patient through the case taking.

The Zen Homoeopathy was born, including current situation in Japan which their pathologies have become complicated, adhering to the teachings of Hahnemann. It is not only Japanese people that their environments are being invaded by poisons.

* Numbers in a black circle indicate which edition of Organon Hahnemann wrote. I put these numbers to understand Hahnemann’s transitions when I published the Japanese version of Organon. This work helped us to understand Organon much easier as discrepancies in Hahnemann’s statements were epochally decreased. The important point is that Hahnemann was also giving low potency remedies which still contained enough original substances until the 3rd edition of Organon. Therefore, if the original substance was poisonous, they had to refrain from repeating the dose as it was dangerous.


Mineral balance in the body is disrupted at the advanced stage of dysfunctional organs (i.e. pathology). In this case, organ supports using mother tinctures and tissue salts at physical level are required. I interpreted that a contradiction between§11 and§279 at a glance is a difference between diseases (§11) and pathologies (§279) and a different approach between acute diseases and chronic diseases. Patients were improved undoubtedly by being supported their weak organs and being given tautopathic remedies for iatrogenic diseases, therefore Hahnemann meant that a diluted and succussed remedy would not work if an important organ was damaged due to a disease and there is a suppressed iatrogenic disease due to conventional drugs in §279. In other words, if important visceral organs are damaged, mother tinctures or tissue salts remedies which contain physical powers are required.


Translation of §279 in The Organon by Kunzli  may give further understanding.

“Pure experience absolutely proves that even in a chronic or complicated disease, when there is no extensive damage to some vital organ, and though all other foreign medicinal influence has been withheld from the patient, the dose of the highly potentised homoeopathic remedy beginning the treatment of a significant (chronic) disease can, as a rule, not be made so small
That it is not stronger than the natural disease,
that it cannot at least partially overcome it,
that it cannot at least partially extinguish it in the feelings of the vital principle,
that it cannot start the process of cure.”


In this aphorism, Hahnemann says ‘A patient brings 2 or 3 diseases in one body. That is why one remedy cannot work, and hence, each remedy is required in respective diseases.’

I explain how Japan is an iatrogenic disease great nation, showing graphs.

The number of prescription of TAMIFUL (oseltamivir phosphate) in Japan was number one in the world in 2005. The number was 8.95 million at that time. 80% of TAMIFUL all over the world has been used in Japan.

According to ‘Super mind control’ by Seiji Ikeda, when the amount of mercury in a body was compared between countries, Japan was number one in the world. It was over 8 times more than the country on the second. It is said that it is different health care system between Japan and western countries and the amount of antibiotics Japanese people patients is 40 times more than the one in EU because conventional drugs are profitable.

In Japan, vaccinations have been conducted over 160 years ago.
Vaccinations were compulsory in Japan for about 50 years between 1948 and 1994, but many children who were inoculated MMR died or paralyzed and the government was sued by Japanese nationals.

The MMR was stopped in 1993. Then, vaccinations were changed from ‘compulsory’ to ‘encouragement’ in 1994.
Some vaccines use thimerosal (sodium ethylmercurithiosalicylate) is used as preservative (Tetanus, Diphtheria, DPT, Influenza, Japanese encephalitis, Hepatitis B, etc)
Behind the fact that Japanese people are number one in the amount of mercury in the body, various factors can be considered such as the long history of vaccinations, amalgam for dental treatments, consuming fishes since ancient times.

Treating Japanese people in Japan, the iatrogenic disease great nation could not stand a chance if it was not treated by the Zen homoeopathy.
Applying the Zen homoeopathy to this modern iatrogenic disease great country enabled me to treat mind, body and soul as the Trinity and my curative rate was remarkably increased.
I also found that Japan was carrying not only iatrogenic diseases but also food-related diseases.

Many of Japanese people have suffered from harmful effects of agricultural chemicals, chemical fertilizers and weed killers which they have been using for 60 years after the war.

The above graph is from The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) in 2010.

Amount of chemical pesticides in farmlands
No.1​ China​1.39 ton / square kilometer
No.2 ​Korea​1.27 ton / square kilometer
No.3 ​Japan​1.16 ton / square kilometer

Comparing to the average of other countries in OECD (0.07 ton / square kilometer), Japan (1.16 ton / square kilometer) uses approx. 16.5 times more. By the way, India is 1.12 ton / square kilometer. The States is on the 19th from the top and the amount is 0.07 ton / square kilometer, the same as the average.
Furthermore, 1,500 kinds of food additives which are banned due to carcinogenic in western countries are being used legally in Japan, this also makes Japan to be food additives superpower.

In this way, it is in the situation that modern people’s bodies contain a large amount of heavy metals and chemical substances without being known.

Comparing to human bodies in the days of Hahnemann, they have been very contaminated.
Therefore, there are many cases which only one homoeopathic remedy does not act well and it is more effective to take homoeopathic remedies with supporting organs by combining mother tinctures and homoeopathic remedies to cover essential minerals according to the Zen homoeopathy.

If our bodies intake poisons or chemical substances, many essential minerals and vitamins are used to push them out. However, vegetables which contain essential minerals and vitamins have become low nutritive value and less essential minerals and vitamins due to agricultural chemicals and chemical fertilizers. It is a reality that organs of modern human bodies have become malfunctioned by being exposed to poisons and chemical substances all the time.

Integrating Inner child healing and homoeopathy accelerates a cure

Having seen the fact that many of Japanese people are not living their own life as they have guilt feelings and strong sense of self-denial, I felt that it is necessary to care mind to heal an inner child.

As mentioned previously, an emotion arises from a stress which cannot go as we want and the emotion is an acting power to resolve the stress. Neverthless, if the emotion is suppressed, a chronic disease of the mind is made as well as an iatrogenic disease which is formed by suppressing a symptom. This stress keeps existing as long as the stress does not emerge on the surface and release the emotion and gnaw the mind and the body.

This suppressed emotions and thoughts (chronic disease of the mind) are called inner child and indeterminate problems of the mind. The more inner child exists, in other words, the more suppressed emotions exist, the lower the immunity and the less likely chronic diseases are cured, then the more likely iatrogenic disease or food-related disease occur.

As a disease gets complicated by suppressing a symptom, a mind get complicated such as self-humiliation, hatred, by suppressing emotions sadness, fear and anger. Then, immunity gets lowered and easily falls in ill and it becomes difficult to be cured. Therefore, sufferings of a disease will become easier by inner child healing which accept honest thoughts and emotions and express them. Then, everyone can keep calm feelings, live comfortably and feel joy of living.

In a good sense, inner children have created cultures. We make efforts in order to be loved, be superior, win and try to become a valued existence in this world’s value. However, if we deprecate ourselves even we made effort it will erode mind and body.
Especially in Japan, guilty feelings have been firmly embedded after the Second World War, being blamed for this war was started by Japan under the slogan ‘Remember Pearl Harbor’. There are many people who are suffering from this feeling as they do not know how to release it. Children who were born from parents who carry lots of guilty feeling tend to have the same guilty feeling and sense of self-denial.

I published the first book of inner child on 1 January 2009 and started to give lectures to not only my students but also to the general public. We have been running an inner child therapist course since 2012. I also practice inner child healings at my homoeopathic consultation by giving many affectionate verbal remedies for my patients to aware their inner child and heal it, encouraging them to give more affectionate words to themselves.

Big causes why people cannot live healthy are suppression of symptoms (iatrogenic diseases, food-related diseases and environment-related diseases) and suppression of emotions (inner child). If we release fevers, eczemas and emotions fully, we do not fall ill. Even if you feel anger or enmity which are called negative feeling in this society, these feelings should not be suppressed at one bound by morals that we should not have such feelings. Let’s feel the emotion fully. Accept the anger or the enmity and forgive yourself to have the emotion as you want to get angry and hate. Then when you feel better please ask yourself why you get angry. Through this practice, your inner child who was told that you were a bad child by your parent will appear. Then, you talk to your inner child. You console your inner child, telling ‘It was hard for you when your mother told you off, wasn’t it?’ Taking care of yourself means you affirm and understand your each feeling. Therefore, people who upset you are only informing your inner child, an unsolved issue inside of your mind. They are grateful existence for you.

Please talk to yourself and love yourself, using power of homoeopathic remedies. I think what we, human beings should do the most is love yourself unconditionally. We might keep being born until we could do that from the bottom of our heart. I wrote books of inner child, wishing people not to hurt themselves with self-denial and guilty feelings like many Japanese people.

Many homoeopaths think it is not needed to do the inner child healing which affirms self and talk to self who is not capable because homoeopathic remedies heal the mind as well as the body, however, even homoeopathic remedies relieve the mental suffering temporarily, as long as inner child which is the fundamental cause is not found and not released, every time when one encounters a similar situation, the unsolved inner child cries and his/her mind will be distressed. After all, as long as we did not find inner child (suppressed thoughts and emotions in the past) who was abandoned and save him/her, things will not be solved.

Emotions are a form which an inner child is crying for being found. Even suppressed thoughts or emotions were released, if the cause of emotions = values (a way of thinking) does not be changed, a new suffering will be created. It is O.K. that you do not get 100 points on a math exam. It is O.K. that you are not excellent. It is O.K. that you are incapable. It is the most important that you live yourself who is beyond morals and values in this world.

In order to loosen morals and values in this world, it is the most important to find an inner child who was denied by parents’ value and is grieving over unworthy and love the inner child unconditionally. With regard to release the value, I feel there is limitation in homoeopathy. Even if the release of the value was succeeded by a homoeopathic remedy, if it was not on awareness level, he/she will have to have the same value again.

Let’s save an inner child who was abandoned. Let’s regain health in the mind and the body and live own life. You are the unique existence. No need to compare others and depreciate yourself at all.

Hahnemann says ‘extremely serious diseases caused from terrible disorder of the vital principal due to belief’ in Organon§17 (1).

On page 114 in Chronic Diseases (English version) ;

But if the relations of the patient cannot be improved in this respect, and if he has not sufficient philosophy, religion and power over himself to bear patiently and with equanimity all the sufferings and afflictions for which he is not to blame, and which it is not in his power to change; if grief and vexation continually beat in upon him, and it is out of the power of the physician to effect a lasting removal of these most active destroyers of life, he had better give up the treatment and leave the patient to his fate, for even the most masterly management of the case with the remedies that are the most exquisite and the best adapted to the bodily ailment will avail nothing, nothing at all, with a chronic patient thus exposed to continual sorrow and vexation, and in whom the vital economy is being destroyed by continuous assaults on the mind.

Healing inner child is, as Hahnemann says, philosophy and religious outlook and skill to create self-control.

In order to find the god yourself inside of you, please affirm yourself and love yourself. In order to do so, faith which a great existence makes you to live would be needed. Who is beating your heart even when you are sleeping? Who is making you to breathe? There is something called Vital Force which is trying to make you to live all the time.
Suppressing symptoms and emotions stimulate chronic psoric miasm and create complex pathologies.
The Zen homoeopathy can deal with them effectively as it was completed by integrating inner child healings.

What I would like to repeat is that many of symptoms (fever, cough, eczema, etc.) are a state of eliminating bodily wastes and grateful things. A symptom is not a disease but a result of the disease. At the same time, emotions are also grateful. An emotion is only coming to surface because there is a chronic mental issue called inner child. The emotion is your wish. You want to get angry, cry, or die as you became sulky. Please give words to yourself gently as you suffered from such pains in the past. It is only you who can heal your inner child. A mother of your inner child is yourself.

I truly wish everyone live this life with joy.
I am also wishing the Zen Homoeopathy to be of use for everyone.