JPHMA celebrated WHAW 2019

JPHMA celebrated WHAW 2019


In celebration of all those who have healed with Homeopathy, homeopaths and supporters share education and accessibility of homeopathy around the world, beginning on Dr. Samuel Hahnemann’s Birthday every year.

In India, the Scientific Convention on World Homeopathy Day also was held by CCRH and Ministry of AYUSH on 9-10 April 2019 in New Delhi. Dr. Torako sent her congratulatory message to the event that was shared with all participants there.

The theme of WHAW 2019 was ‘Homoeopathy for Digestive Disorders’.

Japanese Homoeopathic Medical Association (JPHMA) held an event under the theme ‘The key to good health is robust intestines – Homoeopathy: the route to new life’ in Tokyo as the main venue, Sapporo, Nagoya, Osaka and Fukuoka. There were over 120 participants.
Ms Keiko Matsuo, the chairperson of JPHMA gave the opening address.

Screening ‘Worldwide Homoeopathy’ produced by CHhom

It is estimated over one billion people are using homoeopathy in the world. They played a video that shows homoeopathic situations in 15 countries.

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Case study: Homoeopathy in digestive disorders
Keiko Matsuo, Chairperson of JPHMA

She shared her cases of stomach ulcer (Helicobacter pylori) and gave a lecture about digestive organs and bacterial flora in the intestine. The audience enjoyed it as the lecture was full of humour.

Testimonial: Ulcerative colitis
Atsushi Yuri, Council member of JPHMA

He encountered homoeopathy through a recommendation by his GP. He enrolled RAH (CHhom) to study homoeopathy and became a professional homoeopath. The audience learnt a lot from his experience how he got over from the ulcerative colitis with homoeopathy. He also emphasised on releasing emotions and valules that are deeply connected with Inner Child as well as taking homoeopathic remedies.

Video message
Dr. Hiroyuki Takano, Director of TOYOUKE clinic

He said; Intestines are called the second brain. As studies on intestines go advanced, the importance have been revealed more and more. The key is ‘bacterial flora in the intestine’. The life style to take care of them is important.

TOYOUKE Natural Farming nurtures robust intestines
Farmers from TOYOUKE Natural Farming

Mr. Yoshida, Mr. Matsunaga and Mr. Owaki in TOYOUKE Ropponmatsu farm where looks up to Mr. Fuji talked about benefits from TOYOUKE’s farm products and fermented food. Their freshness assured that food produced by TOYOUKE has full of good energy.

Main lecture: Homoeopathy for Digestive Disorders
Dr. Torako Yui, honorable chairperson of JPHMA

She shared her case that was about caring after treatment of stomach cancer. The client could be aware that his way of living, feeling and thinking based on his Inner Child made him develop the cancer through the consultations with Dr. Torako. His awareness touched heart of audience. Dr. Torako also gave a lecture about spiritual causes and pathology of intestinal organs. The esoric point of ZEN method that treats body, mind and soul as a trinity inspired a mystery that connects gods and Buddhas.

The audience gave round of applause to Dr. Torako who not only brought homoeopathy to Japan but also started a quiet revolution by explaining the importance of regaining good food, natural farming, and faith and healing Inner Child that lie behind causes of developing diseases in Japan.

< Extracts from many feedback>

● The video about homoeopathic situation in the world was wonderful! It was so excited. If it was broadcasted on TV, it would be good to be known by many people. Mr. Matsuo’s lecture was informative. Mr. Yuri’s testimonial made me think the importance of releasing values. TOYOUKE farmer’s talk was interesting such as wind increases dietary fibers. I appreciate them who grow delicious vegetables. I wish I could go to their flower picking tour but I can not do that due to my homoeopathic course. Dr. Torako’s case also made me think the importance of healing Inner Child. It was really good for me to take Inner Child therapist course. Dr. Torako’s lecture is always full of humour although she is telling us very important things. I would also like to start natural farming.

● As I just started my clinical case as a student and the main complaint was problems in stomach and renal stone. As the client removed Helicobacter pylori, the lecture today was very beneficial for me. I felt it was a divine support. I am so grateful. It was also good to know about natural farming and testimonial of getting over ulcerative colitis with homoeopathy. It was very valuable and informative. Thank you.

● Dear Torako sensei and Matsuo sensei, thank you so much. I could learn about importance of genuine food and your attitude to pursue the genuine food. I think your efforts in leading clients to be cured with homoeopathy, healing Inner Child and applying healthy vegetables from TOYOUKE. I learnt a lot about the important organ ‘intestines’ that are called the second brain and having blood-forming. I will take care of them using recommended homoeopathic remedies. Thank you for the joyful lectures.

● As my dietary life was poor as I did not have an opportunity to eat vegetables from TOYOUKE since this February, lectures by Ms Matsuo, Dr. Torako and other lecturers stimulated me a lot. I recognised intestines and food are important again. I would like to take ‘Active flora’ every day!! Thank you. I am thinking what I can do as a Japanese. I am feeling discomfort with living in a city but my husband does not show his interest in farming.

● The case by Ms Matsuo was beneficial! I also learnt from Dr. Takano. It was so good to know about Torako sensei’s farms. I am really grateful to her who started to spread homoeopathy in Japan and launched natural farming and natural skin care products. I am so happy to eat vegetables and use products from TOYOUKE. I would also like to start growing vegetables little by little.

● As my baby said that she wanted to meet Torako sensei! I brought her. Thank you for preparing a separate room for us. All the lectures reminded me that good food is the base for healthy soul, body and mind. I worry about my husband as he often eats out, but I will support him with homoeopathic remedies and mother tinctures. Thank you.

● I enjoyed Ms. Matsuo’s lecture with humour. I will use the information of remedies that she told today. Emotional part in Mr. Yuri’s testimonial provided me with useful information. I will take care of my intestines without suppressing my emotions. I thought the shapes of small intestines and brains are similar.

● Although I know the importance of intestines, I tend to not be taken seriously. I will try to take care of day every day. I deeply feel the importance of agriculture as I do kitchen garden. I think it would be good if all nation grow their vegetables with home produced seeds even the scale is small…Thank you.

● I feel I need all remedies every time I listen to a homoeopathic lecture. I do not show my anger, but I feel people who can show their anger look healthier. In fact, my school days when I did not show emotions at all, I tend to have diarrhea. I have become healthier thanks to my study of homoeopathy. Thank you.

● I would like to take care of food as I understand bacterial flora in the intestine is related to our character and the intestine environment changes depending on vegetables that we eat. I will take care of food and my way of living because a disease is created by myself. Thank you.

● I was encouraged by knowing that studies on intestinal flora have been advanced and there are many homoeopathic approach on this area. I love Ms. Matsuo’s lecture. I was very impressed by Torako sensei’s lecture.

● I think there are many people who suffer from digestive problems. I learnt the importance of intestines and food again.

● I really think homoeopathy is wonderful by listening to testimonials. We should also review our dietary style and life style as well as taking homoeopathic remedies. We should be aware of our stress and tendency.