Inner Child seminar DVD – Review from Dr. Rosina Sonnenschmidt is added

Inner Child seminar DVD – Review from Dr. Rosina Sonnenschmidt is added

We received a review from Dr. Rosina Sonnenshmidt, a well-known German homoeopath as below;

I enjoyed the new DVD “The Practise of Healing – The Inner Child 4” of Dr. Torako Yui.

The spiritual approach of this senior Homoeopath is brilliant and exemplary for every Homoeopath to extend the view of mankind and healing power.

Whatever Dr. Yui explains about the disease of a suffering soul, whatever help she streches out as a healing hand is said in simple words, nearly “cool” like an understatement.

But her heart is speaking the wonderful language of “kokoro” of Japanese mind. She needs no airs and graces and gives hope not only to patients but also to therapists who are imprisoned in daily routine. Once she said: A patient is half a physical, half a spiritual being. In her DVD she proves this statement. We in Germany take the inner child far to narrow in mind. Dr. Yui teaches us, the immaculate inner child is the soul which suffers and longs for a life in comfort. Her healings aspects show how it is possible.

The DVD should be a “must” for any therapist, healer and, of course, homoeopath.

Best wishes from Dr. Rosina Sonnenschmidt, German Homoeopath


‘The Practice of Healing The Inner Child 4 – A Way of living in comfort – ’

What is the inner child?

The core of the Zen homœopathy is the three-dimensional prescription that approaches the soul, the mind and the body at the same time. In fact, homœopathy has limitations on diseases of the soul and the mind. Inner child healing plays a direct part in the Zen homœopathy’s approach to diseases of the soul and the mind.

We have to understand that a disease exists in the soul, the mind and the body individually and how each disease (a chronic disease) is formed.

Much chronic disease in a body starts from the suppression of a symptom. It goes without saying that many initial symptoms are eliminations of body wastes and toxicity. As we can imagine easily what would happen to our body if defecation or urination were suppressed, if a bodily symptom were suppressed, malfunction or dysfunction of an organ will be brought about. It is a chronic disease of the body.

The same function of this physical symptom exists in the mind. It is an emotion. An emotion arises at the time of psychological stress. The psychological stress occurs when we do not get what we want. In this situation in which our expectations are traduced, an emotion becomes a motive power (an active power). In other words, an emotion is for relieving the psychological stress and is an elimination symptom of the mind. If this emotion is suppressed, it becomes a chronic mental disease in the same way as an iatrogenic disease that is formed by suppressing a symptom of the body. As long as this psychological stress is not released by emerging to the surface, it continues to exist and gnaws at the mind and the body. This suppressed emotion and thought (a chronic disease of the mind) is called ‘inner child’, an unsolved mental problem. The more problems there are with the ‘inner child’, in other words, the more suppressed emotions there are, the lower immunity becomes and the harder to heal, the more iatrogenic diseases and food-related diseases emerge, until they become intractable chronic diseases.

Psychological stress is also caused by values and morals, beliefs in ‘how things should be’, originally impressed by school, family or society. Here are two examples: a person gets stressed if s/he cannot achieve a good examination score if s/he holds the belief that ‘being superior is good’.
Another example: a person gets angry when meeting someone who was late for the appointment as it offends his/her moral code of ‘being late is bad.’ To solve the problem fundamentally, it is necessary to release such values and morals. This ‘belief system of values and morals’ could be called a disease of the soul. The soul carries the purpose of living and wishes. That is why the soul can continue to exist. Then, various small purposes, wishes, virtues, values are caused by the will to live. If the value is not according to the value of the soul, the soul will get hurt.


Why do we need to heal inner child?

Torako Yui Ph.D.Hom. has achieved a result in her many clinical cases that improved rate and the speed have been increased if patients worked on healing their inner child along with her prescribed homoeopathic remedies. A disease is a message from a deity (god) that the patient’s way of thinking and living is wrong.

What brought the way of thinking and living is inner child, therefore, the inner child, the source needs to be healed.

Homoeopaths can help patients to release suppressed honest thought or wishes by resonating their sufferings. However, inner child healing can be done only by patient him/herself. A hole in a person’s mind can only become smaller if s/he stays present with his/her inner child and loves that inner child. Nevertheless, a patient can find the power to love his/her inner child if a homoeopath gives him/her unconditional love.

Hahnemann said ‘Homoeopathy cannot work on a patient who is under sufferings and angers on page 114 ‘Chronic Diseases’ English version.’

However, we, who live in this modern society should go beyond Hahnemann.

Dr. Torako is wishing that we, homoeopaths could also treat people who suffer from inner child problems. That is why she would like to share this effective Inner Child healing with you.

‘The Practice of Healing The Inner Child 4 – A Way of living in comfort – ’ (recorded at a seminar in Tokyo on 20th December 2015) consists of :-

  • Prologue
  • Diseases exist at Soul, Mind and Body level
  • True identity of sufferings and Three ways to be happy
  • Inner child healing
  • Case study 1
  • Humans and deities, Healing Inner child at foetal period
  • Case study 2
  • Releasing values
  • Epilogue
  • Appendix

We hope this DVD could be of assistance for healing everyone’s inner child.

You can purchase this DVD from the below web page.