Gemmotherapy Essence (Philadelphia fleabane/ Erigeron philadelphicus) 20ml


Philadelphia fleabane/ Erigeron philadelphicus

Keyword: Change egoistic mind to altruistic mind

Discription:It has the function of washing away the dirt of the soul and changing the consciousness of a person who has a selfish desire with an evil consciousness, and a impurity soul. It erases selfish desires and turns them into altruistic minds.

How to take

1. Tap the bottom of the bottle twice.

2. Put 10 – 20 drops into 500ml of water. Shake it well.

3. Drink sip by sip, finish the whole bottle in one day.

4. Please avoid direct sunlight, strong perfume, strong electromagnetic wave such as personal computer, television, refrigerator. Please store in dark cool place.

Herbal tinctures may contain some deposits or suspended particles. They do not affect the quality.

Ingredients: ethanol, glycerine, herbal extract

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