The Practice of Healing the Inner Child 6 – Esoteric points to live this life with comfort – (DVD)


Author: Torako Yui

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This DVD was recorded at Torako sensei’s seminar ‘Esoteric points to live this life with comfort’ in Tokyo on 14th August 2016.
Human’s body, mind and soul have their life respectively.
The lives of soul and mind do not end even after the life of body ends.
Torako sensei explains how to purify our karmas, wrong social values and inner children which desecrate our souls, and the esoteric point to live our soul’s original purposes. The key of healing inner child is to face yourself who have useless and incapable points, accept the fact in a courageous manner, cry for it and forgive that part of you.
This is because all of us used to be useless babies and children.
She talks about the esoteric point through a case study; a mother and life or death of her son with cerebral palsy.
Her lecture is also strewed the scecrets that were attained from her deep insights such as three patterns of anger and healing inner child.
Extra footage: A sequel of the case study and Torako sensei’s original explanation of The Heart of the Prajna Paramita Sutra (Heart Sutra).

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  • English subtitle
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  • DVD Release Date: May 2017
  • Run Time: 163 minutes
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