The Practice of Healing the Inner Child 7 – Esoteric points to redo life – (DVD)


Author: Torako Yui

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This lecture ‘An esoteric point to redo life – the solution’ was recorded in Tokyo on 16 April 2017.

Everyone feels sad for being unloved. Therefore, everyone makes efforts in becoming a good child or an excellent child, however ends up with not being admitted. In consequence of this sequence, inner child who keeps carrying anger or sorrow resonates with various scenes in life that cause sufferings.

Let’s empathize with honest feeling at childhood when you felt suffer and reveal the emotion at that time. Let’s accept yourself who is not capable, have a good cry and beg forgiveness in the end. Inner child will be healed by being forgiven and you will be able to go beyond your mother’s value and regain your own value. This is the real independence from your mother, thus you can redo your life. It contains an impressive case study that a lady who became general paralysis by an accident. A definitive edition of inner child healing for everyone!

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  • DVD Release Date: May 2017
  • Run Time: 127 minutes
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