The Thesis of Immunization Impossible


Author: Torako Yui

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This book has been also translated into German, having well reputation. This book defies conventional wisdom, such as ‘Vaccinations VS Homoeopathy’ ‘Wrong idea, antibodies = immunities’ ‘Vaccines were creating diseases’ ‘Childhood diseases are grateful’. Dr Yui approaches keenly to facts of vaccinations.


  • Page: 298 pages
  • Language: English
  • Published from: Homoeopathy Publishing Ltd.
  • Publish Date: 30th September 2008


Review of this title on Narayana Verlag.

A book on vaccination – aren’t there already enough of those?
(English translation of review of the German version)

Do we really need another one? Maybe some people feel that way when yet another book on vaccination is published. I must admit I thought the same thing when asked to write this review.

So is it worth reading?
This is undoubtedly a skilful tour de force, covering the human immune system, Hahnemann’s doctrine of psora, vaccination practice over the centuries, full of concrete facts and figures, with everything meticulously researched and at the end we are presented with a viable way forward – the author describes these issues with both passion and compassion. Torako Yui has spent 17 years treating people damaged by vaccination yet this committed book completely avoids polemic …. is it the author’s Asian background or her grounded objectivity, knowledge and experience that enable her to present the material in such a sober way? Presumably all of these factors play a role. Yes, this is indeed a special book, a real gem in the chaotic overload of information.
The focus is on clarifying the connections between the current state of human disease, genetics, vaccination, and sudden infant death.
A book that really got to me like no other in recent years: although for us homeopaths vaccination is an alien concept – or at least it should be – it repeatedly shakes you up to read things that we should all know presented in such an incisive way: whether it is the mistaken belief in immunity conferred by antibodies, the memory of the substances in the vaccine serum, the connection with sudden infant death or the increasing frequency of major disease in early childhood, or attention deficit disorder (ADD) … and above all homeopathy has an unbelievable arsenal ready for this situation!

One thing is a pity:
This book – I fear – will share the fate of many anti-vaccination works: those really affected will not read it … and those who do read it will already share the author’s opinion. Why? The brainwashing of conventional medicine in training and the propaganda of prevention can be best seen at work here: just don’t read anything that might broaden your own horizons or change your opinion: it will get you thrown out and you will no longer “belong” (but what to?!).
I myself experience it on a daily basis, how genuine education creates even more anxiety than before. This book should be published by Haug, which proclaims to be so scientific … That it is being published by Narayana is logical and not even brave …

But maybe, just maybe!
– I’m deceiving myself: let’s hope it gets a better reception than all the books so far since it comes from faraway Japan … and the German reader has always been more impressed by foreign studies than similar information from within their own ranks, such as the works of the German vaccination critic Buchwald …
Moreover it’s once again high time to make it known that homeopathy is available around the globe and we should maybe ask ourselves why there should be such problems in Germany of all places … the country where it originated! The Japanese colleague and author of the book was enthusiastic to help others with homeopathic treatment – only to realise that the patients do not initially respond to the indicated remedies despite all being very ill. She comes to the logical conclusion that compulsory vaccination, common into the 1990s in Japan, caused this state of affairs: and then she starts to target her treatment by using homeopathic remedies that are tried-and-tested for the effects of vaccination. Finally she see reactions, healing, and the positive effects of the homeopathic remedies. The vaccinations themselves were therefore the factor that led to these people becoming chronically ill … This is the book’s main message.
What we now need is a similar work from the US, where a powerful regime of vaccination exists to this day.

Dr Annette Prollius, Detmold, Germany

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