The ZEN Homoeopathy in Germany

The ZEN Homoeopathy in Germany

Sat 21 and Sun 22 October 2017

Dr. Torako Yui was invited as a main speaker for ‘SPIRIT NATURE HEALING’ symposium hosted by Verein fur medialitat und heilkunst in Niefern, Germany.



Saturday 21 October 2017

Presentation theme: Karma – Karmas from past life and ancestors affects

First of all, Dr. Rosina Sonnenschmidt introduced Dr. Torako to participants.

‘Torako is a person who is outstanding not only in homoeopathy but also in the way in which she views spirituality.
I learnt a lot from Torako in Japan.’

When Dr. Torako said ‘I felt as if I returned home. I feel spirits in Germany and Japan are similar.’
German homoeopaths greeted her with big applause.

As Dr. Torako said ‘German people understand the existence of the soul on spiritual level.’
it was impressive to see that they listened to her spiritual talk with deep interest.’

Treatment by the ZEN Homoeopathy includes homoeopathic skill, food issue, healing inner child, increasing spirituality, etc. It leads people to be treated in soul, mind and body in the trinity.
It was a very wonderful opportunity to introduce the ZEN Homoeopaty in Japan to Germany where homoeopathy was originated in. It also seemed quite exciting for German homoeopaths to get stimulated.

Dr. Torako began with explaining why people develop disease, what is important to get healthy as an explanation of the ZEN Homoeopathy.
She also talked about importance for patients to heal their inner child, review their way of living and thinking why they developed the disease, and change their way of living that will not cause a disease in order to be treated their soul, mind and body in the trinity.

It seemed that they were struck by Dr. Torako’s view on humans, real health and her new miasm theory that miasms are pragmatized inner child.

She also presented various cases that intractable diseases were treated by the ZEN homoeopathy.
Her patients changed dramatically under her prescriptions and advice in consideration of karmic and spiritual influences. They leaned forward to watch the cases and praised the cured cases.

< Feedback from German participants >
● I very much enjoyed your lecture – and as for organisational issues : it was very moving to have the translation into German the way it was. Regarding the Zen Homoeopathy, I feel you have moved Hahnemann’s teaching to a high level, integrating the inner Child psychotherapy. I had tried to study at home, but to hear you in person was much more different in making me to understand. Thank you! Domo Arigato ozaimashtia.

● It was very interesting to learn what the Zen Homoeopathy was Especially ‘the Inner Child’ therapy is very important. Giving up to 3 remedies per day was new for me and worth thinking about it. Cases made everything more lively. Thank you!

● It was very inspired by your cases. I think, it was not only a homoeopathy but also a psychological therapy.

● A Fantastic lecture, which we enjoyed very much! Thank you for allowing us to share your wonderful, very interesting theories.

● The inner child healing is also part of my work which human beings as pscyho-therapist. It’s nice to hear about it from the other area of the world! Thank you again.

● Thank you so much for sharing all your experiences with us. Blessed.

● Are there any books where I can read afterwords what you give the patients? Are the explanations of the homoeopathic globulice like you explained them in the video?

● It was a very good. The god in me translate to the god in you.

● Very good and logic of homoeopathy and inner child. Make excited to know more about it. Would be interesting especially to know more about ‘Inner Child’ Work.

● The lecture was very impressive and very informative, many many new inputs and a different approach that shows what is possible. Thank you very much for this.

● Thank you for this inspiring lecture. There is nothing to make it better than this. The translation of German was good!

● I learned a lot of new things! It was a pleasure to be here and heard your speech.

● Thank you for all you said and all you believe. Zen homoeopathy can definitely bring us for want to change, find inner harmony and peace. On by then will I be about to share universal love! Thank you for sharing experience with us.

● ZEN homoeopathy it is wonderful!

● It was great and very interesting.Thank you so much.

● It was a very inpressive evening.

● I like the lecture and the Zen homoeopathy is very interesting.

● I enjoyed it so mach. To understand and reason it is very good.

● Danke!

● I have interesting presentations. A lot of sicks connects usual life. I know name of disease in detail. I try hard to study. Thank you.


Sunday 22 October 2017

Presentation theme: Relation between Inner Child and Cardiac Diseases

She introduced various cardiac diseases, explaining about spiritual views on cardiac problems and the ZEN Homoeopathy approach to mothers’ inner child that is related to children’s cardiac diseases.

Many of Dr. Torako’s patients who suffered from intractable diseases such as Atrial septal defect, Fallot’s tetralogy, and had tremendous lives in common.

One of the cases showed how Dr. Torako stayed present to the pain of patient’s inner child from her soul that touched participants’ heart. They kept a very close watch on the case with tears.

It was very meaningful to be shared the miracle case take by Dr. Torako who faces the patient, got to the core of family dynamics and heal the heart in Germany.

Patients will be led to the real cure by healing their inner child.
In order to lead patients, homoeopaths need to focus on their own mind, grow their spirituality, forgive, accept and love themselves even they are not excellent.

It was very precious time to share the depth of the ZEN Homoeopathy and its universal love between Germany and Japan.

< Feedback from German participants >
● Very instructive and interesting. I enjoyed lively presentation with video. Very impressed by the many activities of Ms. Torako Yui,Her sense of humor. She is authentic for me incredible what she created in Japan (agriculture, cosmetics, remedies.) I wish her all the best and lot of success in further development.

● Your presentation has shown the practical of homoeopathy for the next step in the healing of mankind。 I wish god bless you!

● Very interesting lecture! Especially about food! What a great idea! We can learn a lot for us, here in Germany Fast-food in consumed by a lot of people. Although biological food is the normal way of life, it was become the exception. phone. Thank you for inspiring us!

● Very impressive. Touching my heart.

● As I was not here on Sunday morning, I had wished to hear more about your work on Saturday evening… but that’s my problem. It was very impressed to meet you and your group, May God bless you!

● Thank you for all!

● Learned so much from you about I did. Thank you please come again and bring you wonderful doing. Thank you and Homoepathy & Farming.

● It was very interesting. Specialy the story from the mother with her child, their problems from 8th generation back to her child. Unbelievable! Thank you very much!

● Thank you very much.

● The lecture was so interesting and hopeful. She will wake may work better and more creative. Thank you!

● Super!!

● Danke!

● I have learned a lot! Thank you! I feel honored to have heard and soon you, I am a homoeopathy student. I am deeply impressed on how you combine a holistic view with homoeopaty and that it is important to honor live.