Spagyric Toothpaste



Very popular additive free toothpaste
The ideal toothpaste to care teeth, the gums, and oral environment.
No! Foaming agent, surfactant, emulsifier, stabilizer, sweetening agent, artificial colour, synthetic perfume, preservative, paraben, fluorine compound, aluminium compounds

It contains herbal extracts of calendula and plantago.
Mint-free formulation, good for users of homoeopathy

How to use
Brush teeth and gums with 2cm of Spagyric toothpaste.

Full ingredients
Calcium carbonate:cleaning agent, Glycerol:moisture agent, Water, Xanthan gum:caking agent, Fragrance:fennel, Calendula extract: moisture agent, Plantage extract: moisture agent, Citric acid Na: adjusting pH agent, Ethanol

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