The Practice of Healing the Inner Child 4 – A Way of Living in comfort – (DVD)


Author: Torako Yui

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I enjoyed the new DVD “The Practise of Healing – The Inner Child 4” of Dr. Torako Yui.

The spiritual approach of this senior Homoeopath is brilliant and exemplary for every Homoeopath to extend the view of mankind and healing power.

Whatever Dr. Yui explains about the disease of a suffering soul, whatever help she stretches out as a healing hand is said in simple words, nearly “cool” like an understatement.

But her heart is speaking the wonderful language of “kokoro” of Japanese mind. She needs no airs and graces and gives hope not only to patients but also to therapists who are imprisoned in daily routine. Once she said: A patient is half a physical, half a spiritual being. In her DVD she proves this statement. We in Germany take the inner child far to narrow in mind. Dr. Yui teaches us, the immaculate inner child is the soul which suffers and longs for a life in comfort. Her healings aspects show how it is possible.

The DVD should be a “must” for any therapist, healer and, of course, homoeopath.

Best wishes,

Dr. Rosina Sonnenschmidt, German Homoeopath


< About this DVD >

Torako’s lecture DVD “The Practice of Healing the Inner Child 4” was recorded at a seminar in Tokyo on 20th December 2015.

In this seminar, she has explained “Why does a suffering occur?” by using illustrations and demonstrated “Three tips of how to be happy” and “How to heal your inner child”.

Torako’s message “Suffering is not a bad thing, suffering will lead you to true happiness” will be convinced as the truth by listening to her own transformative experience through her sufferings and clients’ new perspective of happiness from their hopeless and painful experiences.

Torako’s ‘The Practice of Healing the Inner Child 4″ gives a courage to live, a lot of awareness to spend your life happily and inspires people who can not find a way out in the middle of suffering.

  • Format: PAL
  • Language: Japanese
  • Subtitile: English
  • Region: All region
  • Number of discs: 1
  • DVD Release Date: 2 July 2016
  • Run Time: 135 minutes
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