Beauties of our Skin care products

New Skin Care – Awaken Inner Beauty

For you, wishing to bring delight to your spirit.

100% naturally derived skin care products made from Organic herbs and vegetables as the main ingredients from our own natural farm.

The developer of ‘SHO・SO・KA*’ brand, Torako Yui Ph.D.Hom is a leading homoeopathic doctor in Japan, completed the study of homoeopathic medicine in the U.K. and introduced homoeopathy to Japan in full-scale since 1995.
She noticed there are so many people who are suffering from skin problems since she started to see patients as a homoeopath. They said to her ‘There are no skincare products which I can trust its safety to put on my skin.’
This was the trigger for her to create this skincare range that main ingredients are grown at her farm, TOYOUKE Natural Farming and other ingredients are also strictly 100% naturally derived so that she can provide them with confidence, wishing their skin enable to regain vitality by their own healing power.

We, Nippon TOYOUKE Natural Farming Co Ltd, are practicing natural farming, introducing homoeopathy and being based on our ethics ‘chemical-free, fertilizer-free, home-raising seeds’.

We are using homoeopathic tools, called ‘Active Plant’ which is a fermented solution of 75 kinds of plant, herbal mother tinctures, homoeopathic tissue salt remedies made from essential trace elements which are essential for many physiological and biochemical processes and other useful homoeopathic remedies for making healthy soil. Thanks to these items for activating soil to grow vegetables and plants and crops themselves, we have succeeded in harvesting vegetables and herbs with full of vitality. We have produced our natural cosmetics by making use of the power of these plants, which are gentle to our bodies.

We, of course, do not use any genetically modified farm crops or the first filial generation (F1) which are artificially manipulated with weak vitality. We cultivate pure bred varieties and native species which are powerful enough to have survived through the climate of Japan and gather the seeds from them to grow. 

We are pleased to offer this New Skincare range that farmers in TOYOUKE carefully selected seeds to grow and use the farm crops as the main ingredients and all ingredients are strictly 100% naturally derived.


They are for you to awaken your inner healing ability and regain brightness of healthy natural skin you originally possessed.

Just keep adding will not awaken your skin’s own power and natural beauty.

This simple care supports your skin to enhance your skin tone and suppleness, using the skin’s own power.

Please experience of regaining your own power with this new approach.

SHO・SO・KA skincare series were born from TOYOUKE Natural Farming that brings out all benefits of vegetables and herbs at the maximum. The more you use them, the more lively natural healthy skin you will regain.

We are wishing you to shine with your own beauty and enjoy your life with comfort.

SHO・SO・KA skincare series from TOYOUKE Natural Farming can make this possible.

* SHO・SO・KA means ‘Living, Plants and Flowers’