All Naturally

Derived Ingredients

Ethanol: Fermented unrefined sugar, such as sugarcane
Xanthan gum: Corn
Citric acid: Sweet potato
Citric acid Na: Sweet potato
Glycerin: Palm
Cocoyl arginine ethyl PCA: Palm and fermented unrefined sugar
Hydroxide K: Mineral
Hydrogenated lecithin: Soy
Squalane: Olive
Sodium stearoyl lactate: Palm
Tocopherol: Soy, rape seed
Ferulic acid: Rice bran
Propanediol: Corn
Behenyl alcohol: Rape seed
Pentasulfide Allyn polyglyceryl 10: Palm
Poly-ɛ-lysine: Corn
Monomyristate polyglyceryl: Palm
Lauric acid polyglyceryl 10: Palm
Lanolin: Emollient containing wool fat

Main Ingredients

Luffa cylindrica
For adding more moisture to your skin
Cucurbitaceae family
Japanese Beauty water.
The secret of fresh, young, smooth and fine skin is moist.
The cluster size of Luffa water is smaller than water and stably uniform. That is why skin absorbs it very well and gets hydrated.
The main ingredients of Luffa water is Saponin with anti-inflammatory action and Pectin which gives nutrition and moisture enhance and improves rough skin. Luffa water promotes reproduction of skin cell and conditions your skin texture amazingly.

Calendula officinalis
For adding more moisture to your skin
Asteraceae family
Rapid recovery! Soothes, and Softens skin.
It contains carotenoid, saponin, and flavonoid which are superb in antiphlogistic and cleaning action. It also has an excellent moisturing effect to prevent dryness and make your skin smooth.

Echinacea purpurea
For protecting your skin from becoming rough
Asteraceae family
Effective in improving skin hydration and reducing wrinkle
Polysaccharide in Echinacea adds moisture to your skin and removes darkness of skin.
Echinacea resolves and prevents acnes and spots as it has anti-inflammatory action and enhances immunity.

For adding more moisture to your skin
Minerals from sea. soften and moisturize skin.
Agaropectin, a naturally-derived healthy ingredients is contained only in Agar has Skin-beautifying effect.
It reduces wrinkles and inhabits destruction of the collagen due to ultraviolet rays that cause wrinkles and wrinkles and flabbiness of the skin.
Seaweed of red algae, polysaccharide, being extracted from tengusa seaweed.
It contains high water retention mineral and gives moisture to your skin with its moisturizing effect.

Camellia Japonica
For adding more moisture to your skin
Theaceae family
Secret of Japanese beauty. Plump, Smooth, Line-free skin!
A fatty acid and oleic acid which are close to sebum activate your skin. Its high moisturizing capacity leads beautiful skin. It also has plenty of saponin having antioxidative effect, antiseptic effect and blood circulation-promoting effect.

Rice bran
For adding more moisture to your skin
Secret of Japanese beauty. Plump, Smooth, Line-free skin!
Deeply penetrate into skin’s layers, nourishing it from within, making your skin very soft and velvety
It is rich in orizanol which absorbs ultraviolet rays and protects your skin, ceramide which retains water in your skin and vitamin B2, B6 and niacin which activate metabolism.

Sasa veitchii
For protecting your skin from becoming rough
Poaceae family
For youthful skin
It regulates balance of water and sebum and improves rough skin and dryness. It has high antibacterial action and anti-inflammatory action. It also has plenty of amino acid which is called a rejuvenation ingredient.

For healthy skin
Apiaceae family
Βcarotenoid which is an antioxidative component activates fibroblast and generates collagen. It also has an effect of inhibiting pigmentation from sunburn.

Urtica urens
For healthy skin
Urticaceae family.
Rich in vitamin A & C, Iron, potassium and silica.
It is effective in improving blood circulation

Ginkgo biloba
For healthy skin
Ginkgoaceae family
Ginkgo billoba extract is reknown for antioxidative effects and bloodstream improvement

For adding more moisture to your skin
Oleaceae family
Antioxidative components such as vitamin E and polyphenol and oleic acid which is close to sebum and has high penetration power bring your skin with moisture.

Artemisia capillaris
For protecting your skin from becoming rough
Asteraceae family
Flavonoid and tannin, antimicrobial agents, soothe rough skin and keeps the skin clean.
It also contains cellular repair and antiallergic action in addition to antiseptic effects.

For protecting your skin from becoming rough
It promotes improvements of rough skin and skin aging. It has not only moisturing effects but also releasing stress and giving refreshed feeling.

Hypericum perforatum
For healthy skin
It clears and inhibits reactive oxygen by flavonoid and rutin which have antioxidative effect. It also contains vitamin C which regulates skin’s turnover.

For healthy skin
Geraniaceae family
It adjusts a sebum balance, provides a skin astringent, and promotes collagen formation. It is also good for irregular menstruation or menopause as it adjust hormone.

For antiseptic effect
Lamiaceae family
It contains thymol which has antiseptic effect, cineole which has anti-inflammatory action, flavonoid and biphenyl which have antioxidative effect.

Hamamelis viginiana
For protecting your skin from becoming rough
Hamamelidaceae family
It contains saponin and flavonoid which have astringent and antiphlogistic effects. It also has antioxidative inhibiting effect to prevent discoloration and wrinkles.

For protecting your skin from becoming rough
Rutaceae family
It has high sedative effects and antibacterial effects. It also relieves inflammation of acne or spots and has deodorant effects. The aroma relieved tension and anxiety.

For protecting your skin from becoming rough
Lamiaceae family
It promotes circulation, heals over and has antibacterial effect. It improves fine wrinkles, dark rings under the eyes, and dullness of skin. It also has recovery of scars.

Bees wax
For adding more moisture to your skin.
It plays a role of emulsifier. It has a high antibacterial effect and moisturing effect. It makes skin soften.

For protecting your skin from becoming rough
Lamiaceae family
It relieves inflammation of acne or spots. It gives wonderful effects on freckles as it activates skin cell. It also gives sedative effect.

Lemon grass
For tightening skin
Poaceae family
It has a high astringent action and good effects on pore-tightening. It adjusts sebum balance and gives smooth flow of lymph. It contains citral which is known as insect removal effect and antibacterial effect.

Rosmarinus officinalis
For tightening skin
Lamiaceae family
It has high skin tightening effect and antioxidant effect. It fixes up skin texture and improves softness of skin. It improves wrinkles and flabbiness of the skin.